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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Posted by: LadyKorihor ( )
Date: August 15, 2017 12:27PM

As a Mormon I saw the church leaders as wrong about LGBT people but still believed.

I knew an adult TBM who was pro-gay marriage until prop 8 came about and that made me very angry at the church and TBMs who I thought I could look up to for being sheep rather than standing up for what was right.

I don't think God would let such toxic things (such as their anti-lgbt stances or the racism, sexism like with Brigham Young and the underage wives of the con-man Joseph Smith) into the leadership of the one true church.

I didn't yet know these things but once I was then taught about the evils of antimormon literature I was on my journey out of the church for good. They told us to not even look at such literature but I thought that's horseshit.

Why? Well if the church is true then I can debunk every piece of anti-Mormon literature there was so I read up on it, listened to exmormons about why they left, read about the disaster that is Mormon apologetics but it all ended up converting me into an exmormon.

I didn't like other things about being Mormon like the divisions of heaven, the temple ceremonies, the church's and their leader's stances on past issues, silly rules like no swearing, shaming us for masturbating which is perfectly normal and healthy not sinful, no coffee, no tea, no caffeine I saw no sense in that.

With leaders saying things like doubt your doubts, the church is all 100% true or 100% false made it easy because to me it's not 100% right.

I also dislike how every temple name is given to all the same people on the same day. If you tell me the day you first went to the temple prior to your mission and the day you married your wife then I can tell you your true names but that's supposed to be between you and god but apparently it's available to anyone who knows the dates, the temple location and has an Internet connection.

I felt hurt for being deceived by the church and how they deceived my family and guilt them into paying tithing so they can get to the highest tier of the three in the celestial kingdom and become gods. Thankfully I never paid much into tithing at all as I thought God doesn't need my money to build things. For the love of God, God is supposed to be omnipotent. So I lied to the bishop about not having any income and also about not masturbating and you know how the bishop is supposed to have the power of discernment and know when you're lying? Well that was obviously bullshit just like the rest of the One and Only "True" Church.

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