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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Posted by: luckylucas ( )
Date: September 30, 2017 11:26PM

Well it all started one hot saturday afternoon of February,2015 (In Argentina, in february it's summer) when two missionaries from the US came to my house searching my mother, but as she was working, they invited me to church for the following day and I accepted and told them to pass for me as I didn't knew where the chapel was.
The funny thing about this day is that I was an atheist at that time but I was so angry with some friends, specially one of them who always got drunk and thought that he was a sort of Rocky Balboa, so I always had to be sort of his babysitter and I was thinking that there were people that I had given too much chances. So when they invited me I thought this people (let's called them "Pipo" and "Cacho") came to my house from a far place in this very hot day to invited me to go to their church, they seemed so nice and kind, so I thought I will give them "one" chance.
So the following day they came to my house and we walked all the way to the chapel. That day I feel very confortable there and I accepted the lessons and three weeks after that saturday I was baptized by "Pipo".
My first three months as a mormon were great, I read the scriptures a lot (BoM in four languages and the bible regularly) and started to do proselytism with "Pipo" and "Cacho", the people from my ward were very happy with me and mormonism seemed to be taylor made for me.
"Cacho" was transferred three weeks after my baptism and "Pipo" three months after it, I really missed the last one as we became very good friends.
Then before my year of membership I was called to be a counselor for the Young Men's President (before of that I was called as teacher in Elder's Quorum [third sunday classes]), which I accepted.
It was more or less well, but then the Young Men's President moved and was no longer in my ward, so I became the YM's President, that was in mid February 2016. The first problem was that the only active YM was the YM's president's son, so I have to start from zero which was difficult because attendance had dropped to less than 30 people. So apart from working to resurrect the YM association, I had to work hard in proselytism and as I was also preparing myself to serve as a full-time missionary things got very difficult.
After that when I decided to do all the exams to fill the papers to go to the mission, my grandma became very ill and then died (I still missed her).
So,step by step I finished the papers and delivered them personally to my stake president.
Then the next five months I had been waiting for my calling when a my bishop received a message from the Stake President telling him that the papers where in an old form that I have to fill the new papers and also that he had told me that (which was a lie). Despite this I stayed humble and I did the tests that the old form papers didn't include.
While I was doing those tests I did the introductory course for history to find out how it was (In Argentina, public education is free in all levels, so I didn't lose anything with trying).
One day when I was going home after college, I stopped at the semaphore and the words "I can't go away now" just escaped from my mouth. So when I arrived home I told this to my mom (TBM at the time and baptized by me), and she supported me with my decision of not going to the mission.
But some TBM's didn't think about it and treat me like my mother did, because of that I decided to talk to bishop and if I didn't hear something different I would leave the church.
Despite thinking that my bishop will be different as we were good friends, that didn't happen, what's more he called me a softie, a coward, who is deceived by satan.
But in spite of his treatment in that meeting I promised him that I would investigate if the church was true and if it was I was going to apologize to eveyone.
So, three months after the meeting I started my research and my eyes were opened, not only the church wasn't true, it is an evil cult.
At first I was deeply dissapointed with what I had found and angry with me for believe that I was in the one and true church.
Specially Polygamy in general, The life of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, Mountain Meadows Massacre, The temple endowment ceremony and the brainwashing techniques used by the so-called church were the things that made me realize how evil was mormonism.
But at the same time that helped me to understand that I had health problems during 2016 because of the anxiety and the stress that mormonism had caused and not because I was a weak person.
And now I'm happy studying history, I have new friends and step by step I'm recovering from that evil cult called mormonism.

Truth will make you free.


PS: "Cacho" is now an exmo and "Pipo" is still TBM, but he's still my friend despite knowing that I'm not a mormon anymore.

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