Letters to this site by Mormons

The following are from letters from Mormons who felt a need to defend their faith - part 3. This is interesting reading for those who want to try to understand the mind set of one who is in an authoritarian organization. All comments in italics or bold are mine. Again, these are just samples from the many letters I have received. The most recent are on top.
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He says I am a dead person

Dear erik:

I am sorry that you are so against the teachings of the L.D.S. church, but i need you to realize that all of the stuff that you are telling people at this sight is untrue and you are leading people astray, i hope and pray that the people that read this garbage will realize that you are a very decieving person.

Also erik, there are still alot of people that believe in these teachings and are happy to believe in or church and its teachings, you once were a member of this great church and you also held these things sacred i am offended and appalled that you would put this kind of nonsense on a web-site, the only time you are going to realize how wrong you are is when you die and return to the God that created you and recieve your due reward, i pray for you and hope you realize your mistakes.

If you dare i would love a response to this letter if not i know that you are a dead person in the sight of God!!!!!!!


Another testimony

Hi! My friend and I decided to look at some of the things that people think about Mormons, our religion. We read one of the stories of an "ex-Mormon" and we were totally appalled of the things said! Most of what was said( about our beliefs and principles ) was true, but it was stated that in simpler terms, Mormons lie. The author of the story said that most Mormon missionaries only believe but do not know that the church is true. That is a lie! I'm sure that if you were to take a survey that most return missionaries would agree right away that they KNOW that the church is true!!! God works in his own mysterious ways, and just because one missionary only believes, that doesn't mean that every other Mormon doesn't know. WE KNOW THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IS TRUE, AND WE WILL STAND FOR OUR BELIEFS FOREVER!!!!

A nice letter - really

Dear Eric,

I am a 21 year old Mormon. I actually married a non-mormon who later converted and re-activated me. We are both quite happy and believe the doctrine (that is obvious since we are active).

The reason for my writing is to say thank you. I read several of the letters on your site and was deeply moved by many of them. I wish that I could undo the bad and wrong things that people inside of the mormon church have done, but I can't. I can do nothing about the way others have been treated, only try to improve my actions. I was especially moved by the story of the young woman who lost her husband and was then ostracized by other mormons. I hope that if such a thing ever happens to me, people will be more kind to my wife.

It is my personal feeling that the doctrine of the mormon faith is true. It is also my belief that mormonism is what I need right now. I could very well be wrong. I admit that readily. There is no proof that God exists, much less that mormononism is true and right. I do know for a fact that having faith in something has kept me from ending my life in the past. For that I am thankfull. I am still offended, however, by those mormons who are hipocritical, unethical, and morally reprehensible. I think your site is a good demonstration of how many mormons get onto higher moral ground when they don't belong there. The stories I read made me look at the way I treat others and I hope I will be a better person for it.

I hope that you and all of the other people who have had similar experiences will not hold it against all of the mormons out there. I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your life, and hope you are happy.



He writes, "You have a problem don't you"

Have you been a mormon. You will be punished for creating such a webpage. it is a joke. It is based on those breaking the law of god and rebelling agaisnt him. they write these things because they are scared. Exmormons are excommunicated mormons. As in they broke a severe law of god. They write these stories so they can make themselves think it is not true, when they actually are true. E-mail me if you dare. P.S. you will probably be sued or tried for racism against mormons.

From: Jeffrey Potts e-mail:family8@wtco.net

He is sorry I decided to use my brain

Hey man, I'm sorry you decided to use your brain instead of your heart. Us as humans make too many mistakes. How can you rely on your reasoning to justify the feelings of wanting to leave the church. Or maby if you don't understand, what I'm trying to say is that you always had the desire to leave the church. And so the easiest way is to look for faults and errors to justify your actions that you and your family has taken. You would make a great JW. All they do is publicise anti-mormon literature. Read James 1:5 and ask God for yourself. I guess you havn't done that yet or you would have a firm testimony of the church. Don't go on-line bashing the church, or what you would call "why I left mormonism". Just remember that through small and simple things God confounds the wise. Don't let human technical errors mislead you. alright look, I too was a missionary for the church and converted many people. One of my greatest joys was to see the turn-around in their lives for living the gospel principals. That's what the church boils down too. Living the gospel principals. you can't argue that We as "mormons" live the gospel as a church in general better than any other. As a missionary you get to see how other churches don't practice what they preach. Please there are many young viewers on-line. Many with an unstable opinion of the church. Many that don't understand that you need to listen to your heart instead of think things out a lot of times. There are many that don't know what they want. Many eventually, if not too late end up in bad situations. Drugs, alcohol, teenage mothers/fathers, etc.. You know as well as I do that our children of today need the moral standards to keep themselves out of trouble and strait. I'm not a perfect man in no sense, although it has taken many years to gain a testimony of the church. Even though that I often struggle at times to keep my head above water, still I'll never deny that the church isn't true. I know That the Churh is true and that today more than ever we need to be part of it. Remember that there's only two sides, building or destroying the churh. there is no middle. It upsets me that you never had enough sense to Ask God yourself, and if you have, to deny the manifestations of the holy ghost.Please, I would ask you to re-think what you have done by putting a document like this over the internet. Don't go destroying other's beliefs just because you found fault in it yourself. You make yourself a "know it all" by trying to convert your thoughts to those that read your document. Only God know's it all.

From: Slick ride e-mail: Slickride@aol.com

Subject: Another letter from a Latter-day Saint

You know, I could sit here and yell at you because of what you have up on the internet. I could tell you you are stupid. I could say what most other people (anginst you) say to you. But you know what. I won't. If you want to have that stuff up, go for it. It is a free country (religion/speech/etc.) I figure you must be pretty set in what you think and no one will talk you out of it. After all, you are spending $50 per year on the domain name registration and most likely countless hours maintaining the site. Please realize though that a lot of what you and other ex-members have written are extremely biased and based on experiences with people. Yes, people. I'll tell you even history (of the U.S.) has been manipulated. What I learned in seventh grade was different from what I learned in college (and no, I would NEVER go to BYU). The church is true (I believe this with all my heart; even though you don't that's fine) and the doctrines are perfect. The people (living and dead) are not perfect as, after all, only Jesus Christ was perfect. The funniest thing about your web site is while it does make me question and ponder my beliefs, the answer I always come up with is that the Church is true and that's that. Your web site has strengthened my testimony in the truthfulness of the gospel. Thanks!

He claims we are ignorant

I have read enough of your page, to discover that your claims are based on ignorance. I read many of the ex-member's stories, and noticed that none of them claimed to have a solid testimony of the gospel. In fact, many came right out and said that their testimony was weak. As a result of their failure to persist in faithfulness, they fell away from the Church. This is very unfortunate. I, personally know for a fact that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the restored gospel of the Saviour. There is no doubt in my mind, eventhough there was at one point. I am a convert to the Church, so of course, I had my doubts in the beginning. But I didnt just quit, and lose all faith, as many of the people have said on this page. There are some aspects of the gospel that require a great depth of spirituality to fully understand. And until that level can be reached, one has to depend on faith and their testimony. I have come to a firm knowledge that this work is true. And I am very thankful that I was persistent in following the promptings of the spirit, which brought me to the testimony that I have today. I have to ask myself, why would a former member of the Church put a page like yours on the world wide web...It has become clear to me that the answer is, insecurity. I hope that you will think about your actions more clearly, and come to a realization that and understanding comes from faith and prayer. Always remember...there is a living prophet on the earth today. That is a great blessing, and we should all be thankful, and listen to his words.

He thinks Satan is working against the church

I was just curious as to why you would allow so many false doctrines, lies, and individual occurences to be portrayed as scientific truth? Do you inted to help others find happiness or even a sense of peace in you endeavors? I simply cannot find a reason why "ex-mormons" must continue to attack the church for a while after losing faith. Does this happen or is Satan have a special desire to see our church not go forth as prophesied? Now why would he want a crazy thing like that? Hmmm.

"Our missionaries are going forth to different nations, ...the Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done." (History of the Church, Vol.4, Ch.31, P.540)

He does not rely on so called evidences

To whom it may concern,

I find it very disturbing that this kind of garbage can be found on the internet. I suppose that you will laugh at this e-mail and pass it off as another ignorant mormon trying to deny what you term as "truth and evidence." Fortunately, I do not rely wholy upon things that can be proved or disproved by your so called evidences. One of the things that I find particularly interesting is the fact that out of all the letters that I read, not one offers any source information to which these so called "obvious" evidences against mormonism can be found. They make several claims, but do not back them up with hard evidence, such as references, or even direct quotes from actual sources. What quotes there are, are never told where they come from. I find this a very uneducated approach to your investigation.

Eric's comment: He did not look far. Be sure to visit https://www.exmormon.org/goodsite.htm for the documentation.

I have also learned that for the most part, ex-mormons become that way due to transgression. Ed Decker got the way he did because he was excommunicted for adultry and he didn't like it. And the more that I run into people of that callibre, I find that they have left for similer reasons. I know that this is the first part of where you go wrong. The second part is that you allow yourselves to get caught up in the academic search for proof. It doesn't suprise me that you come up with things that disturb you. If I were to look at any religion and try to find things that contradict what that religion teaches, I will find something if that is all that I am looking for. If all you expect to find is fault, you will find it. If you want truth on the other hand, you will find that also. You must rely on faith and prayer. If you believe in a God that answers prayers, then surely you petitioned the Lord for an answer to this challange that you have. That is all that we ask, if you want to know the truth, don't look at man and his works for an answer, look to God who cannot lie. If you believe in a loving God, then surely you believe that He will answer your prayer. If you go to the Lord with an open mind, instead of going to him and saying, "I have found out that this is all I wrong, I know that it is wrong, what is the answer?", then He will not try to affect your mind in any way if your mind is already made up. You must go to Him as a child, ready to be taught, not ready to teach Him. Look into your heart beyond all the garbage that you have allowed to enter and pile on top of it. I feel that if you are honest in heart and really want to learn, then the answer will come, and you will find that you have been wrong in promoting these lies on the internet.

I suppose once again that you will look at this and think that I am just ignorant and just refuse to look at the facts. Believe me, after serving a mission in Utah, I have been hit with every kind of anti-mormon idea. I have questioned my faith. I have questioned if I was following the right path. I have been scared to find the truth, but I have always relyed on the one constant: prayer to my Heavenly Father! For I know that He will not lead me astray.

Don Puhlman Jr.

A letter from current Mormon missionaries in England

Eric's note: This letter shows clearly what missionaries, official representatives of the LDS church, actually feel. Notice their reference to all churches other than the Mormon church in point 4 of their letter. Mormons want to claim to be Christians on the outside, but internally they think of all other churches as the whore of Babylon. What Mormons think versus their public relations campaigns are quite different. These are actual missionaries. We faxed their mission president in England and verified the validity of this letter.

From: N R...
Subject: Anti-LDS rebuttal

Hello, as you can see, my name is N... R.... I am a missionary for the church currently serving with Elder Ballard in the England London South mission. There are a few questions I would like to ask first. Then I'll show you how stupid you really are.

1. Do you live the law of Chastity?
If not, how do you claim to get knowledge from God.
2. Do you live the word of wisdom?
If not, you're just a lazy bastard who can't control yourself.
3. Do you study the scriptures?
Did you know you're gullable.
4. Do you attend a church now.
Tell me, how is the great and abominable whore doing?
5. Do you have a problem with honesty?
6. How far in debt are you?
7. Are you still lonely, you loner!

Ok, enough of that.

Ok, when exactly did this rumor surface about the copper plates? Umm, 1950's or later? Took it what, 80 years to think that one up. About Joseph Smiths Visitation. He told his father right after the event happened. One witness is not enough to go by. Joseph Smith Sr., Joseph Smith Jr., and others. 2 Corinthians 13:1 In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

You're gullable, you heard too many stories, and Believed them! And you even served a mission learning so much more than regular church members. Even we hear tons of anti stuff, but you gotta take most of it with a grain of salt.

Where did you get your archealogical research, the cracker jack box? Go take another look at history and the ancient cities. Metal plates, foundry equipment, etc., didn't you take world history. Cortez and all those wicked men kinda removed ALL prescious metals, Gold, Silver, Bronze, EVERYTHING! He was a ruthless guy. The animals. You're right about the elephants. They were broght over by the Jaredites. Would have been easy to bring the over when they were young, take a look at Noah!

History lesson #1.
The great flood. Noah, commanded to gather every animal and thing(you know the story). Everything died, but them. Water filled the earth. Water left. Noah landed on Mount Ararat(please excuse the spelling). Animals left and dispersed from there. How did animals get to the Americas. There was no land mass from asia to alaska at this time, hello it's the early 4000BC by now. I don't think elephants can swim across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, but maybe, you never can tell with those buggers.

He what, charged for people to see it, oh no(said very condecendingly) what a terrible man. I would have paid to see them. Look back at history. When all the Pharoes were put on display they weren't put there for free! Joseph Smith translated them by the inspiration of the ALMIGHTY GOD! End of statement, DUH! The so called papyrus that were found later were obviously not the same. Once again, you're gullable.

Just like every other part of the gospel part of it was still on the earth, but BASTARDIZED by people like yourself. Who thought they knew the truth, but still wanted to get their own bit in there. So, when the TRUE gospel was restored Joseph Smith was given the truth; the FULLNESS of each practice, ceremony, belief, doctrine, ritual, and understanding.

Take a good look at yourself. You think you're on neutral ground. There is not neutral ground. Once you leave the church you fall into Satans power, you learned that at the Temple. It's because of him that you left the church. The time is past when we can merely believe in this gospel; we must be passionate in our belief in our commitment to Jesus Christ, find out what your really doing.

We still love you, but not what you're doing. It's hard for us to think that someone that's served a mission can do so much damage. We know that Jesus Christ loves each and every one of us. He shed his blood so that we may overcome sin and death and return to live with God. We know this is the true church. We remember that every time we see a new person accept the gospel, and feel the influence of the Holy Ghost as they prey to know that this is the true church. We hope you can still remember how you felt when you first prayed to know if this was true. We hope you haven't shut those feelings away as you've shut off the Gospel of Christ. We heard as much dodgy literature as you have, but our faith is strong. No other prophet/missionary has put this into better words that Nephi. Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. (3 Nephi 5:13) Remember the feelings you had when you first prayed to know if this was true, back before you were baptised. Do you have those feelings now? We love you and hope the best for you.

N... R...
... Ballard

I am simple minded - from Kirk a Mormon

I did read the page, but it was not the page you refered me to. This page dealt with your week attempt to explain your simple minded attitude toward unconditional love. Bottom line Eric, your a small town Utah boy who moved to the real world and found out that life is more than you could handle. Satan set you up and through you down hard cause you couldn't hack it in the REAL world. To me it sounds like you are the one with the little cultest brain. Don't try your uneducated attempts at rationalizing your ignorance with me. I've been raised in the world and do have a testimony from many years of study and prayer, unlike your obvious pattern of following what others believe and say. I believe the best example in the scriptures of your type of thinking is "swayed by every wind of doctrine....". Get a life and try and find out what the word Christian is all about. It has nothing to do with the way you attack others beliefs.

Eric's note: I am from Detroit originally and now live in Tennessee. I have no idea what "simple minded attitude toward unconditional love" is :).

Another teen - It is sad to see this mind control

You apparently do not understand how trivial things like doctorates and so forth are in the eyes of the Lord. When the day arrives that we are all to be judged, at no time will you be asked how much schooling you had, or how much money you made. In all likeliness we will be asked if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and if we have kept the commandments. I also expect we will be asked if we did all we could to bring these things to all people, and sir I pray that you will be able to truthfully answer these questions with a yes. I will say to you though, that if you continue in your false teachings against the true restored church, then you will be unable to do so. I also hope that at no time did you receive a testimony of the truthfulness of these so-called "hoaxes", for if you have than your eternal fate could be quite dim. What you refer to as blind acceptance of teachings without basis on scientific or archeological facts is in all actuality the enlightenmment received through the Holy Ghost that allows any who are willing to listen the ability to know and discern truth from error, and righteousness from wickedness. I am by no means a "seasoned veteran" of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, but I do know that it is not neccesary for a lengthy explanation of Church Doctrine in order for it to be true. Perhaps during your membership in the church you at no time fully understood what a testimony is and how to recieve one. A testimony is the ability to know of a surety that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that He and Heavenly Father both live today, that they did appear to Joseph Smith, that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God, that there is a Prophet on the earth today by the name of Gordon B. Hinckley, that the Bible and the Book of Mormon ,as well as the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price are Holy Scripture, and that through obedience to the ordinances and principles that God has set forth, as well as obedience to His commandments, we can all return to live with him someday. You will probably dismiss my testimony as merely the church's teachings being shoved down my throat, but rest assured that is not the case. I have acquired this knowledge not through constant scrutiny of the church and it's teachings, but through placing my faith in God to make these things known unto me. In closing I will testify to you once again that I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord's true church restored on the last days, and also that you and all men, women, and children can know these things too through the power of prayer.



P.S. Despite being a member of the church since my birth nineteen years ago, I have only recently gained a testimony, so it's never to late.

Another Loving Letter - It sure makes me want to go back :)

Eric's note: This individual lives in the heart of Utah. I removed his e-mail address by his request This kind of arrogance is quite common among Mormon teens.

Subject: Dear Eric

Eric you SUCK!!!!

I am an Elder in the Church. I am going to go on a mission for the church and I hope that I end up on your doorstep so that I may take the opportunity to kick you in the Butt. You are a backstabbing slimy son of perdition. May you and all your followers rot in HELL (particularly in perdition's FLAME). The trouble with you is that you have to high of an opinion of your own mind. You know absolutely nothing. Do you seriously beleve that even SATAN would waist his precious time trying to capture your worthless soul? You are the epitomy of stupidity. You might try trying to back up some of your claims with fact. Or you might try backing up over your self!!!

I seriously hope that you never acctually had a testimony of the church. Because if you ever acctually knew that it was true you will be cast into outer darkness with the other sons of perdition.

I sign off wishing you early transmission failure on the express way at abour 4:30 P.M. Also may the flees of a thousand camels infest your armpits!!

YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have the balls to post this message kindly omit the e-mail address. But please send back saying you posted it.
Thank you for your time
Good evening.

This Mormon says I am officially the anti-Christ

You are officially the anti Christ, I wonder how you feel fulfilling prophecy in the last days. Uh, Ya you would probably volley thats easy to say most religions say that the elect would fall.

I see I have not made your hate mail list....

Here is to making it

oh by the way I did see that you used to have an WWW address that was like Chattanooga/...../Eric or something and you actually had to pay to change it to exmormon still dont think your obsessing at all?


Ps. you have been warned by an elder of Israel

A Jehovah's Witness writes

I hope that you have found your truth, and are happy. It is important that you find peace within yourself. I have also searched, and could argue with you about your belief's from the bible's point-of-view, and some of the premise's that you have discussed regarding jw. Whatever faith we are, one thing is sure, at some time within the future, mankind will all be judged for our actions in this system. If we are using the bible as God's holy word, if there is only one thing we must do is as Jesus said "To love Jehovah, and love you neighbor as yourself."

Have I gone over the line?

I was always wondering why people like you leave nothing sacred. You did the right thing when you got baptized in the CHURCH. That was the right thing to do. You did the right thing to go on a mission. You have been to the temple and got married there. You also made promises in the temple not to reveal these sacred ordinences. Even if you don't believe it anymore, you should remove them from your web site if you are a man of integrety. If you don't it proves that you are a liar. After all you broke promises whether you like it or not. I hope you haven't stepped over the line from where there is no return. Please come back if you can. If you don't like the CHURCH why don't you just leave it without revealing everything that is sacred for the faithfull members!!! That would be the honorable thing to do. With your action you are fullfilling prophesies that state that people that knew the truth sometimes become the worst enemies of it. Your support group cannot help you forget, and you know deep inside that what you are doing is wrong. The only thing that can help you feel better about yourself is repentance!!!!!! I am not trying to pick up a fight with you and in fact I don't really want you to email me back with arguments. I hope I see you in The only true and living Church upon the whole Earth!!!

Another letter from a teenager.

I am 18 years old and I just wanted you to know that I would hate to be you because to deny the preisthood is the worst thing you could ever do. But hey it must scare you to know the truth so instead you try to hide that you can't believe the only true church.Denial......real mature. I am leaving to college in Utah and people like you well there really isn't a future. We don't bash religions, so why waste your time bashing ours.Who do you think you are preaching false doctrine about us or anyone.....I guess we should just call you David Koresh, or even better Benny Henn!

Good luck in your future........hell, and if you think we sacrifice, it should be you that we do !I think your jealous and upset because you couldn't keep your morals or word of wisdom straight.GROW UP

He says, "There has to be more than all that logical junk"

The fact that you went to the trouble of making this website makes me sick. You probably get a lot of email good and bad but please read this anyways. Most people leave the Church because they have sin in their lives and have hard times repenting. Were you ever really Mormon you might have known the joy, love and happiness that comes from within. If you want to by cynical and skeptical go and join the polititians (haha). But I'll play in your ballpark. If you want to be technical you can't prove or disprove anything. You can't prove that God does or does not exsist. It is impossible. Ever heard of a word called "faith". WOw! What a totally new concept! To believe in something that you can't see??? NO WAY!!!! hehehe Severe trials in peoples lives can be harsh and can sometimes cause them to leave the church. But to "think your way out" is pretty pathetic. Do you think you can think better than the being that created this earth and you. Are you smarter than him. Do you think that it is president Hinkley that leads this church(or kimball for that matter). If you do you are sevrely mistaken. The Savior leads this church. He has given authority to mortal men to lead his church until his return.

You talk about deception. What the heck????? My family and I are happy(as well as so many others). The bleesings that we have recieved are enormous. If you call this a deception then its the best (most happiest) decption there is. Personally I can't believe that you were ever mormon. I doubt you were.

Just one question for you. Have you ever felt the Spirit???

If you ever have how could you deny THAT? If you call this a recovery its a pretty sorry one. I'd like to meet you someday. What made you leave. There has to be more than all that logical junk.

He says there is no where to go after Mormonism

Hello there,

Your site has stories of people who have left mormonism. I feel sorry for that. What or where else would they go. What it is the alternative...the answer is NONE!!!!The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is TRUE!!! I testify to that! If there be errors in it, they are but errors of MEN and does not change the truth about GOD. I have been a member of this church for a long time now and I have found true happiness in it. TRUE happiness that no other church or belief can offer.

A brother from the Philippines.

May 5, 1997

He says, "I hope God is merciful with you"

What a sorry life you must lead, it's even more interesting to think you don't know how miserable you are. You are so deceived by the teachings of the world! I pity the you and your family, whom you have lead from the light of christ, on judgement day. You had the truth of Heavenly Father in your hands and left it by the wayside.

Just so you know, any religion that believes in Christ is a part of Christianity. Christian - Christ (do you understand?) I hope that it is true that our God is a merciful God, because you're going to need it.

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