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The Geezer who has been an apostle the longest, what a stupid way to pick a leader- 18 WhatMeWorrry12/31/2010 04:16PM
HISTORY CHANNEL article on Brigham Young's rebellious wife Ann Eliza Young bograde@yahoo.com01/01/2011 01:39AM
To 'Confused' re New Yr's Day Baptism - I got baptised to please others. I wouldn't recommend it. Nightingale12/31/2010 09:16PM
Happy New Year, on your terms! (n/t) steve benson01/01/2011 02:30AM
Great 1-01-11 Comic idahonomo01/01/2011 10:40AM
Missionaries dropped by tonight. 34 Raptor Jesus12/30/2010 03:35AM
BYU parody video censored by LDS Inc.? bender12/31/2010 02:01PM
A Matter of Trust. --Where has it led you and how about your character? 11 Just Browsing12/31/2010 06:06PM
Getting There 18 vor12/31/2010 01:44AM
Is Monson's call for more missionaries going to eventually add lots of new converts? 13 wellsville12/29/2010 07:45AM
Question for former bishops - Were you surprised to not be instantly blessed with psychic powers? 12 Kristen12/29/2010 04:51PM
Please remind me how to pay tithing directly to Salt Lake & I'll tell you a story CA girl12/31/2010 10:51PM
New Years Goal swearing 16 rambo12/30/2010 02:28AM
Posthumous Excommunication rogermartim12/30/2010 09:41AM
Has the Mormon "KING JAMES BIBLE" been altered for LDS doctrine? bograde@yahoo.com12/30/2010 03:23PM
The adventures of Joseph Smith Nutcracker 10 CA girl12/29/2010 08:32PM
GB Hinckley's LIES to the media regarding Mormon doctrine fit perfectly within this point on a cult checklist.... ozpoof12/29/2010 05:29PM
PROOF that this is the Only True Website on the WWW! 17 Tahoe Girl12/30/2010 03:38PM
Morgbots claim no tithing was used to pay for City Creek mall and condos. If so, isn't that $billions of undeclared earnings of a supposed religious organization? ozpoof12/31/2010 10:47PM
Merry Christmas from Boyd K Packer and Chris Buttars ozpoof12/31/2010 05:14PM
Hey world.. look at us Mormons, were are mainstream Christian anon12/31/2010 10:46PM
You know what? I hope the CULT doesn't cave with their attitude to gays, and I hop BKKKPacker lives to be 110 ozpoof12/31/2010 05:09PM
Old patriarchal blessings GQ Cannonball12/31/2010 12:54AM
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! MikeyA12/31/2010 08:47AM
HAPPY NEW YEAR BRITISH EXMOS! (n/t) wine country girl12/31/2010 07:01PM
Looks like Benson didn't Kill Klaus after all (or Merry Christmas Charlie Brown) Nightingale12/31/2010 08:27PM
Have a Happy New Year! Nina12/31/2010 02:53PM
This woman is in my moms ward...(link) Pil-Latté12/30/2010 11:31AM
Things I would have done different in the MTC! Chonerhead12/30/2010 11:28PM
After Leaving Mormonism: This is my position that creates my New World View: Eccentric Eclectic 21 SusieQ#112/28/2010 03:53PM
Crazy Horses: Am I the only one who thinks it's not too bad 28 Holy the Ghost12/31/2010 03:35AM
New Boyd KKK Packer Soundboard Gadianton Robber12/31/2010 07:06PM
Whatever the past year has been for you, may the new one be better. Stray Mutt12/31/2010 08:58PM
Under the Banner of Heaven 17 rockfish12/31/2010 12:03PM
Bishop chastises my wife at tithing settlement. 32 Mormon Traitor12/31/2010 01:08PM
Last one of the year, A Temple Name shout out 37 foundoubt12/29/2010 10:29PM
What's your 2010 favorite MO related story ? Mo Larkey12/31/2010 05:49PM
For DangerZone: Can you contact me off-line? cludgie12/31/2010 02:32AM
On this last day of the year post the first thing that comes to mind when you read my question. 13 Jerry the Aspousetate12/31/2010 10:55AM
My testimony cannot be trusted on spiritual matters (there will be casual swearing). 12 Raptor Jesus12/30/2010 10:29PM
Tell Them Like It Is! What Would You Say? 21 melissa383912/30/2010 09:49PM
a call to all Calgarians lynn12/31/2010 01:13PM
Sent my resignation in the week after Oct conference (pg-13 language) vhainya12/31/2010 02:01PM
continue thread - please post your favorite religious jokes think4u12/31/2010 02:46PM
Did you pay tithing on net or gross income? 14 smeagol12/31/2010 09:31AM
Quotable Quote by a GA 10 ExmoDad12/30/2010 12:39PM
Recovery of wrongly paid tithing (and some background) 24 Anonymous User12/30/2010 12:02PM
AZ EX MOs Un Testimony Meeting Sunday! tombs112/31/2010 02:21PM
poem on today's Radio 4 'woman's hour'..... O/T and *very slightly* rude EssexExMo12/31/2010 01:43PM
Here's a shout out to SLCabbie! Happy New Year's Driving! 10 Adult of god12/30/2010 08:18PM
Let's hear your favorite religious joke! Here is mine 43 think4u12/30/2010 05:32PM
hey LOSTGIRL! your thread was closed... puck12/30/2010 11:56PM
This early classic video always makes me smile Marco Torres12/30/2010 10:22PM
Yesterday, my 60th B-Day, was the best I have ever had!!! 23 think4u12/29/2010 03:15PM
Quote by my other favorite William, William Marks, SP at the time of JS death. True or not? 14 think4u12/30/2010 11:53PM