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just finished reading: "A insiders view of Mormon origins" by, Grant Palmer 15 Paul Davidson11/05/2010 11:09PM
Now that the stone in the hat thing is more widely known by freedomissweet11/06/2010 01:10PM
lets assume that YHWH exists, why wouldnt he allow himself... Nick Humphrey11/06/2010 03:31PM
i just realized how much i love *2* free days in a weekend now as an exmo =) (n/t) Nick Humphrey11/06/2010 02:50PM
Photo of Joseph's "Seer Stone" Nina11/06/2010 03:13PM
PTSD non for this11/06/2010 12:28PM
So, do you guys have any different opinion of the masons now? n/t (n/t) djb11/06/2010 03:01PM
Should we share our "testimonies" tomorrow? 15 ExMorgbot11/05/2010 05:06PM
Asking Atheists for a Viable Alternative to Not Believing in Jesus is Like Asking How One Can Live a Good Life Without Accepting Santa as Your Savior . . . 16 steve benson11/05/2010 07:16AM
Penthouse Forums (adultish) 11 mick11/05/2010 10:04PM
White Jesus pictures amos11/06/2010 12:55PM
The Real Purpose of Having Large Families wonderer11/06/2010 11:47AM
Nervous Breakdown? Anon for this one11/06/2010 03:09AM
Did Any of You Keep Believing AFTER Reading Critical Books on Mormonism? 14 Ex-CultMember11/06/2010 01:10AM
The Transformation Power of Forgiveness. LINK SusieQ#111/05/2010 12:34PM
Hiding in plain sight BGDNE11/06/2010 11:20AM
So the testimonkeys begin... on facebook... uggg.. LOL dawn11/06/2010 11:47AM
just wanted to share a little! 16 ivy11/04/2010 09:28PM
"blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed" Nick Humphrey11/06/2010 08:50AM
If they smoke, they poke (At least in Utah) Kind of adult DNA11/06/2010 10:20AM
The Real Purpose of the Mission anybody11/05/2010 11:04PM
Brother Beck's bishop needs to have a talk with him. helamonster11/05/2010 05:28PM
Two "Elders" from the COJCOLDS came by last night... 18 AnonExmo11/05/2010 11:07AM
ITS FRIDAY! Time For a Temple Name Shout Out... 32 tombs111/05/2010 11:08AM
Speaking of songs- What are you listening to right now? 22 GayLayAle11/05/2010 04:36PM
Single young mormon girls are very calculating. Beware. Anon11/06/2010 02:37AM finally happened, huge fight last night... 26 Anon11/05/2010 09:33AM
Continued: What is your Exmo anthem. silhouette11/06/2010 02:02AM
"Jesus Loves Me" song about Eloheim's anger management issues Blashoodaloom11/06/2010 02:53AM
Woman Faces Down Missionaries, swearing OnceMore11/05/2010 06:52PM
o/t Where I hope to be on December 15 matt11/05/2010 11:15PM
Totally Totally OT: Any WoWers here? 20 Rebecca10/31/2010 08:08PM
To the bottom!!! (n/t) Raptor Jesus11/06/2010 12:25AM
Only a little O/T - Mom encourages son's individuality despite societal "norms" Tiff11/06/2010 12:31AM
Normal sexuality is not ok with mormonism? (adult topic) 20 dr511/04/2010 04:31PM
I made a suggestion to a facebook stranger. Twinker11/05/2010 11:41PM
Nicaragua Managua Mission Boughxb11/05/2010 11:51PM
Damn.... Daisy Duke is lookin good tonight (M Word implied) Mormonista11/05/2010 11:45PM
God Is Ineffable 11 Human11/05/2010 12:24PM
Who had the blond moment at the dentist? BestBBQ11/04/2010 10:54PM
What was your last day of your mission like? 35 flash11/04/2010 07:15PM
o/t Prepare to be amazed! Largest model railway in the world matt11/04/2010 10:06PM
The Gold Plates: What REALLY happened to them! (satire) matt11/05/2010 02:09PM
for those that enjoy a good troll piscespirate11/05/2010 07:57PM
Why are Jews so smart? Are they actually God's chosen people? 46 Duck Girl11/04/2010 08:10PM
This was posted at postmormon under “Science Saved My Soul”. AmIDarkNow?11/05/2010 07:51PM
same sex marriage -- three Iowa Supreme Court Justices dismissed 22 SaviorSelf11/03/2010 05:03PM
Advice about my marriage 20 whathaveidone11/05/2010 01:40AM
The Valley of Taboos sisterexmo11/05/2010 05:22PM
NewsFlash!!! JS Was Dead-Wrong In Determining The Meaning Of "Mormon" To Be Translated As "More-Good" According To New Info... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/05/2010 07:11PM
the first day after my mission Duder11/05/2010 01:08PM
My story and my dilemma (just venting) *some swearing* 24 DMK11/05/2010 03:32AM
Is it hypocritical of the church to use mixed race (negro) marriages for pr purposes? poster11/05/2010 07:51AM
A Meeting of the Minds: A BBC discussion about Kolob (link) 10 wittyname11/05/2010 02:07PM
Guy Fawkes and Nehor; between heaven and earth anathema11/05/2010 04:49PM