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The Morg was our "Utopia"? Why did we all put up with the abuse? FreeRose10/12/2010 07:40AM
Tried posting this on BKKKP's fan page, personal gem Joe's Buried Treasure10/12/2010 02:26AM
temple divorce dr510/11/2010 07:31PM
What I find particularly offensive about Packer’s talk is that children had to hear it. 10 atheist&happy:-)10/08/2010 04:59PM
Found a link to a lot of great pics from the protest: (link) 11 MJ10/08/2010 04:51AM
Refuting the argument that one can overcome the temptation to be gay AmIWhiteYet?10/11/2010 04:14PM
To all the little Mitt Romneys out there keep sweet10/12/2010 01:41AM
at a strip club with some lost boys Duder10/11/2010 03:44PM
Eve is Hot...My Temple Admission 11 wonderer10/10/2010 10:35AM
OT. Happy Thanksgiving Day to me and to all the Canadian exmos 6 iron10/11/2010 07:42PM
Has anyone had to write a letter to someone's bishop about abuse, and does anyone have any advice on what to write atheist&happy:-)10/11/2010 09:50PM
What's the biggest public drama you ever witnessed in church? 38 GayLayAle10/11/2010 03:56PM
I live in springville ut Anthony M10/10/2010 05:39AM
Man sues church after they ordain his sons, against his wishes... justbnme10/11/2010 09:37PM
Do GAs know it is false? (coninued thread) 13 orsonsplatt10/09/2010 08:19PM
Just had "the talk" with the wife 17 Major Bidamon10/11/2010 01:40AM
$12 Billion a year 11 On the Fence10/11/2010 01:03PM
God in American Three Night PBS Special **Starting Tonight!** soutskeptic10/11/2010 12:57PM
A comedian comments on religion, gays, and what’s natural - great insight contrary to BKKKP. atheist&happy:-)10/07/2010 07:45PM
BYU Football and the Mormon Inferiority Complex wonderer10/11/2010 03:10PM
polygamy anon10/11/2010 06:42PM
How much are the church leaders paid? dr510/11/2010 12:47PM
False Pretenses mick10/11/2010 07:15PM
To Susan I/S. Now that emails don't show anymore ... Staring you down10/11/2010 05:45PM
tscc still discourages interracial marriage? 32 archytas10/10/2010 11:49AM
question about journals kgigeque10/11/2010 06:29PM
Advertisement for mishy chat: "Chat live with a Mormon today All of your questions answered." Really? "All of" them? :-) nt (n/t) Pixie Dust10/11/2010 06:12PM
Mormons were perfectly willing to "redefine" marriage, not once, but twice in the 1990s. What this says about same-sex marriage debate. Brother Of Jerry10/11/2010 11:30AM
This is some of my process. Did you ever love the gospel, love being LDS, etc? 32 SusieQ#109/20/2010 01:24PM
Brain Fart - Anti-Gay Marriage Organization angsty10/09/2010 08:00PM
Looking for a reference in Mormon writings openeyes10/10/2010 06:14PM
Ongoing Facebook discussion RE: BKP's Conference talk (very long post) Mnemonic10/10/2010 03:18AM
Finally stood up to coworkers utlaura10/11/2010 03:46PM
Think this'll end up on the "I'm a Mormon" ads? 14 Rebeckah10/08/2010 10:39PM
I "de-friended" ALL my old LDS friends. Sick and tired of the BKP $hit! (n/t) adamisfree200610/11/2010 03:56PM
Joseph Smith's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy 11 Nalicea10/10/2010 05:10PM
Mo Mobiles ExMormonRon10/11/2010 11:48AM
Title of new facebook page: WE LOVE YOU President Boyd K Packer Never Mo Wife and Mom10/11/2010 03:25PM
50% of Americans Think Life Would be Better if More Lived as 20 jw the inquizzinator10/10/2010 02:35PM
Feel like I'm losing my son. 18 wifemormonimnot10/10/2010 03:53PM
Mountain Meadows Massacre – Kenneth Rorie...and wagon making jw the inquizzinator10/10/2010 10:34PM
Question Regarding Gay Suicide Rates ed10/11/2010 10:27AM
I want to leave but.... 30 Distressed10/11/2010 01:35AM
Would you house a teenager having problems with church? 23 olive10/10/2010 03:47PM
Did Packer make the changes to his GC talk on his own— badseed10/11/2010 12:03PM
I know, we love to trivialize "Being Offended" reason but it is a valid fact. quinlansolo10/11/2010 11:24AM
For those in Provo.... benben10/11/2010 09:45AM
Does the LDS Church interpret the level of members leaving a reference to the scripture of the Parable of the Wheat and Tares? SusieQ#110/10/2010 08:30PM
Question about what drives members from the morg. 28 Cheryl10/05/2010 01:01PM
Is radio dude Lonsberry a Church PR problem? Verdacht10/11/2010 11:52AM
Mishies playing football on sunday with my son (little swear) nomomomo10/11/2010 10:59AM
Utah women choose marriage over education.. . duhhh Mo Larkey10/11/2010 10:42AM
Donald Duck vs Glen Beck maria10/11/2010 11:10AM
What Mormons really have to worry about Boilermaker10/11/2010 08:07AM