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Prop 8 Arguments on CSPAN this morning 12 sophia12/06/2010 11:37AM
The Day Our Japanese Sensei at the LTM (Language Training Mission) Was Raptured . . . steve benson12/04/2010 05:37PM
Did any of you have difficulty socializing amongst Mormons? 28 poster12/06/2010 06:02AM
What Poignant Revelation That Count Chocula Pronounces Would Make Fence-Sitting Morgbots Leave In Droves... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/06/2010 01:03PM
Separate Financial Entities? 16 Major Bidamon12/06/2010 10:57AM
Wiccan is mental illness but Mormonism isn't? anagrammy12/06/2010 02:27PM
One explanation for polygamy H.12/04/2010 03:08PM
So, Mormon Monson did the devil dance with East Berlin's diabolical dictator Erich Honecker. It was nothing but a continuation in a long and immoral tradition of organized religion making music with mass murderers . . . steve benson12/04/2010 04:16PM
Elna Baker has "lost her faith" mrtranquility12/06/2010 01:32PM
Mitchell/Smart HooHah 12 spooge12/03/2010 04:02PM
Live Coverage CA Prop-8 Appeal (link inside) EverAndAnon12/06/2010 12:52PM
EFY... As a apostate youth still stuck in a TBM family, is it worth going just to see? 18 georgedubya12/03/2010 06:19PM
No memory 28 Stray Mutt12/03/2010 08:27AM
Funny! What was the point of even taking this photo? . . . 25 steve benson12/04/2010 02:04PM
More magical thinking 16 Stray Mutt12/03/2010 12:42PM
Send this to Mormon family & friends! (Quote) 17 corinnebot12/02/2010 12:01PM
Are the GA's deluded religious fanatics OR manipulating conmen? 37 6 iron12/02/2010 09:28AM
Cashing in on the LDS audience gemini12/04/2010 11:14AM
TEA. . . . tee hee :D! 16 Mormon Observer12/04/2010 12:01PM
****BOARD NOW Back **** Susan I/S12/04/2010 06:04PM
o/t The Florin Street Band Christmas song is up for International release matt12/04/2010 08:18AM
O/T I know this is late, but I hope you enjoy it, anyway! matt12/04/2010 09:19PM
Would the bishop modify their interview with a child if the parent were present? (n/t) vhainya12/04/2010 02:40PM
my research so far about lds claims, past and present about native americans as lamanites Nick Humphrey12/04/2010 04:46PM
Is the board down yet? (n/t) wine country girl12/04/2010 07:34PM
Homeopathic HCG drops--a company in Murray, Utah 28 Provo Girl12/04/2010 02:05AM
Some progress--one volume of church handbook made available to the public 12 cludgie12/04/2010 01:08AM
Saw a missionary with a red fleece pullover today. lulu12/03/2010 10:06PM
Bishops interviewing children: "It wouldn't bother you if ..." 16 CA girl12/04/2010 09:11AM
Admins... Are you taking your monthly break this weekend? Stay warm! :-) (n/t) Sandie12/04/2010 04:24PM
Article by Robert J. McCue in 1976 Ensign Anon in UT12/04/2010 04:11PM
Premeditated murder washed clean by baptism? 35 Cristina12/02/2010 11:49PM
No more "sleep overs" for children? 22 Red Puppy12/03/2010 02:11PM
Name withdrawal, the Wussy way to get out of the church 29 Cactus Jim12/03/2010 06:59PM
Caffeine: Hot, bad. Cold, good. What gives? How do they explain this? 12 Jenny12/04/2010 11:11AM
Ward 5 CateS12/04/2010 03:17PM
At last! Book of Mormon evidence!! JoD3:36012/04/2010 05:01AM
Anybody else get this message? Twinker12/04/2010 03:03PM
Not invited continued: So all the cool people got left off?? matt12/04/2010 12:19PM
Caffeine, out? 22 fallenangelblue12/03/2010 06:35PM
How the Mormon Corporation screws musicians 3 ways simultaneously and expects them to like it: 13 benjimanluther12/02/2010 11:18PM
OT What would you do? I feel socially impaired. 10 ipo12/01/2010 11:02PM
Mortified 21 dimmesdale12/01/2010 06:00PM
The Motrix Taught to Lie?12/04/2010 12:19PM
I'm not invited to my extended family's Christmas party this year. This is the last straw. 42 motherwhoknows12/03/2010 06:11PM
I lied to the bishop to get into the temple as a teenager. 13 Drew9012/04/2010 02:26AM
MA&D Has Been Off-Line for a Few Days... 11 SL Cabbie12/03/2010 02:43PM
Holy polygs! Look at the Deseret News headline on my E-mail! cludgie12/03/2010 06:37PM
Mark Momford on talking trash to Almighty *** - er - Heavenly Father.. Brother Of Jerry12/03/2010 03:53PM
Snapshot of Cross On Rome Temple Doors (Pic Link) 10 JMoney12/03/2010 04:11PM
Lurking over at Baby Center I had to laugh at this 21 Never Mo Wife and Mom12/03/2010 11:28AM
Coffee and Suicide H.12/03/2010 10:50PM
Speaking of many people here lost their testimony trying to strengthen it by using FARMS and FAIR? 12 Primus12/03/2010 02:48PM
Tithing more important than child support 13 JF12/02/2010 10:17PM
Another Apologetic Argument in Jeopardy 14 Cr@ig P@xton12/03/2010 05:35PM