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What does the new CHI say about tithing? (n/t) vhainya11/17/2010 02:48PM
"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do." ipo11/17/2010 05:31PM
Mormon doctrines and practices feed an individual's ego, while simultaneously slapping down a person's self-esteem. (language) helamonster11/17/2010 04:31PM
Okay, if mormons are supposed to avoid "rote prayers" and "vain repitition"... helamonster11/17/2010 02:07PM
Why didn't I read about this in the Book of Mormon Richard the Bad11/17/2010 03:36PM
How many untruths does it take to prove Mormonism isn't true? 19 Gwylym11/17/2010 01:04PM
Here's the full text of the Nauvoo Expositor that got Joe and Hyrum killed 12 JoD3:36011/17/2010 10:01AM
Gays and Mormons 16 flackerman11/16/2010 12:36PM
New Slamtoons starring Packer - Tombstone epataphs cricket11/17/2010 12:28PM
Can U Recount Any Instance In Your Real Life Where Your "Faith" Trumped The Facts 4 A Positive Outcome? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/17/2010 01:27PM
Whatever happened to Ward Correlation Meeting? Jon11/17/2010 10:39AM
A Question for Exmo Filmmakers oddcouplet11/17/2010 02:33PM
Where are "Courts of Love' minutes kept and who can see them? 14 Top Secret11/16/2010 06:41PM
Church revise gay policy in Gen. Handbook.. 12 rudi11/17/2010 03:29AM
Automatic name removal rt11/17/2010 01:45PM
National hug a mormon day??? loveskids11/17/2010 12:34PM
How much longer do you think the LDS Church will last? 36 Rubicon11/17/2010 02:13AM
I Never Really Understood the Problem With Tithing... 34 Dr.Tee11/14/2010 06:42PM
Pets ExMormonRon11/17/2010 10:51AM
Mormons misconstrue the idea of respecting their buildings. Cheryl11/17/2010 06:31AM
Wow, I have missed you folks 10 wendell11/15/2010 04:42PM
Respecting the Chapel 19 Space Toaster11/16/2010 07:19PM
For your enjoyment - exmormon comedian video Abigail11/17/2010 10:16AM
GBH: "I hope you will never look to the public press as the authority on the doctrines of the Church." 12 Nick Humphrey11/17/2010 06:39AM
A visit from the bishop... 23 milamber11/16/2010 03:29PM
The price of Jesus Jammies just went Mo Larkey11/17/2010 10:00AM
Torn between the woman I love and the Church I have grown to distrust 20 LonelyHusband11/15/2010 09:12PM
What to do with Garments? 20 ex missionary11/15/2010 11:22PM
Mormon family who owns local health food stores being boycotted for their contributions to pass Prop 8. 20 helamonster11/16/2010 04:41PM
OT: Are our Brit exmos chuffed at the news of the royal engagement? (n/t) Hervey Willets11/17/2010 09:36AM
Mitchell, Elizabeth Smarts Kidnapper played Satan in the Temple. Ironic? 12 DNA11/16/2010 04:41PM
This just in: How to Tell the Difference Between Mormons and Zombies mrtranquility11/16/2010 05:27PM
I have a problem with Religion & Money Jon11/17/2010 09:25AM
COB Dragging Their Feet on Name Removal for My Family (some swearing) exBP11/16/2010 08:25PM
Best Brigham Young Bio? balaamsass11/17/2010 06:35AM
Saturday's Voyeur? another guy11/16/2010 09:16PM
In defense of atheism (video link) vhainya11/17/2010 12:18AM
Thomas S. Monson verses the strip club bouncer-anyone remember hearing this? JBryan11/17/2010 04:03AM
Should I be worried for my TBM friends? readthissomewhere11/16/2010 05:46PM
Today is National Unfriend Day. I'm in the mood to do some reverse-shunning! motherwhoknows11/17/2010 02:59AM
Speaking of Tightly-Controlled and -Scripted Mormon Funerals, When My Grandfather Died . . . 12 steve benson11/16/2010 04:59PM
Escape, by Carolyn Jessop (re Mormon fundamentalist polygamy) Nightingale11/16/2010 10:37PM
Cause: Mormons are Christians. 28 Makurosu11/15/2010 09:48PM
"Rape" Lesson brought up questions 36 NoNameForThis11/15/2010 10:31PM
Interesting Conceptual Query From The MAD-Board..."How hard would it be to start a Secular Student Alliance affiliate at BYU?"... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/16/2010 11:18PM
Loud laughter and other funny memories of childhood... The exmo formerly known as Br. Vreeland11/16/2010 10:36PM
Milamber made me think of an incident from my mission involving less-actives Primus11/16/2010 04:09PM
This is Laughable melissa383911/16/2010 08:31AM
Eternal Doctrine in a Changeable Church or Why Ain't We Saints No More? Nightingale11/16/2010 07:09PM
TBM friend Drama Queen11/16/2010 05:29PM
Always the victim...Morg says they were "unfairly targeted" abt Prop 8 21 jw the inquizzinator11/15/2010 06:13PM
Changes to CHI on Funerals show MONSON DOESN'T RUN THE CHURCH (swear) Primus11/16/2010 01:49PM
Selling teeth for the temple.... Hillbilly Heathen11/16/2010 08:30PM
Church's claims of truth prove it false JoD3:36011/13/2010 12:38AM
Survey Questions Boughxb11/16/2010 06:35PM