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Only @ YBU...and Facebook. Any of you guilty of doing this? mollymormonfaker09/20/2010 01:02PM
follow-up New UT grad student09/20/2010 01:02AM
My son only has five months left of his mission. 12 Stunted09/19/2010 01:34PM
YouTuber asks Mormons to help him fight the CPS... (link) knotheadusc09/18/2010 04:32PM
Inducing phobias and gaining control over people derrida09/19/2010 10:59PM
Idaho Farmers grow barley for beer (link) puck09/19/2010 11:59PM
Any pictures of Joseph's wives? fancypants09/20/2010 12:08PM
More things that challenge what I used to believe eddie09/20/2010 06:05AM
Mormonism's other genetic blunder eddie09/18/2010 02:21PM
Homeschool reqs. vs Crazy TBM (Semi-O/T) allen09/20/2010 04:34AM
Disaffiliation and expulsion from BYU 18 mateo09/19/2010 01:07PM
Without correlation what would happen to TSCC eddie09/20/2010 07:41AM
Inhabitants on the moon . . . Hugh Geoffens-Kaamm09/17/2010 12:19AM
"learning through life's trials" BS Nick Humphrey09/20/2010 05:45AM
Pope Benedict XVI's Controversial Visit to Britain (link and on topic) 13 blindguy09/18/2010 10:39PM
Question about segregated meetings 15 Rebecca09/16/2010 08:16PM
Sad story about suicide of Mormon girl who refused to participate in torture in Iraq and was questioning her faith. 11 helemon09/18/2010 02:07AM
very sad.. big evacuation going on in Herriman, UT dawn09/19/2010 11:57PM
Continued: LDS Families asked to house missionaries silhouette09/18/2010 02:34PM
The new, true religion (Humor) Skunk Puppet09/19/2010 08:27PM
Doctrine and Covenants with Adamic Language Names? chipsnsalsa09/19/2010 11:09PM
The early saints were incredibly gullible 16 eddie09/19/2010 11:29AM
Mormonism and the bandwagon fallacy eddie09/19/2010 08:29PM
Dallin Oaks spoke yesterday 12 Michaelm09/18/2010 09:18AM
Matt met the Mormons and gave 'em what for! 14 matt09/19/2010 07:58AM
"...critical thinking [is] dangerous... eddie09/19/2010 07:48PM
Evolving missionary dress code. 16 Stray Mutt09/18/2010 11:29AM
Hey OH!!!! Primus09/19/2010 06:08PM
Will we ever get tired of this? 17 Ihidmyself09/19/2010 10:47AM
This is what I do with those Facebook "and I'm a Mormon" ads Peter09/19/2010 03:42PM
UK church distribution centre in Birmingham closing down..... copolt09/19/2010 01:31PM
Who was this passage written about? helemon09/19/2010 03:23PM
Oh my, Trib article: "Is the Book of Mormon anti-war at its core?" MJ09/19/2010 10:06AM
Dallin Oaks describes LDS as "small, unpopular with excess of ugliness and contentiousness" 11 cricket09/18/2010 10:50AM
I've found some of the financial details of the LDS church!!! 10 Nona09/17/2010 05:54AM
Any advice on how to deal with family dynamics at a temple wedding? A moromon's sister09/19/2010 02:18AM
Need advice get her done09/19/2010 10:46AM
Live in or around Salt Lake and looking for something dirty to do this coming weekend? MJ09/19/2010 07:34AM
I need words of encouragement! 25 rallychild09/17/2010 02:33PM
300 miles or less 11 Southern Redneck09/17/2010 12:17AM
About Josh the skateboarding Mormon... BestBBQ09/18/2010 03:51PM
Is Mormonism good 4 someone with mental illness? Katrina09/19/2010 09:39AM
The Exmormon Forum is blocked in China 13 tapirbackrider09/18/2010 05:26PM
Demanding without giving respect eddie09/19/2010 11:38AM
Utah family values 17 charles, buddhist punk09/18/2010 06:37AM
Danny's at it again..."Of course we believe in the Trinity"... Steven09/18/2010 03:10PM
Since leaving, have you been abandoned by TBM family? 16 eloher09/17/2010 11:09PM
I'm afraid my anger has caught up with me smeagol09/19/2010 10:04AM
More weirdness from the prop 8 "defendants". MJ09/18/2010 06:22PM
How Patriarchs operate eddie09/18/2010 01:32AM
Thou Shalt Get Married! Troy09/17/2010 02:49AM
Question regarding minor children... JoesHoNoMo09/18/2010 11:24PM
Prayer as trance, or My Tumbleweed Post at derrida09/17/2010 07:15PM
You know what? If according to Mormons I could ever be God, (major swearage) Peter09/19/2010 03:26AM
Criticism of the new board over on PostMo (link) 22 en passant09/17/2010 07:01PM