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Future of the mormon church, by the profit, get her done, get her done10/25/2010 04:08PM
An interesting quote from Bigham Young defending "untraditional" marriage Peter10/25/2010 04:31PM
Hustling the congregation for money thedesertrat110/25/2010 02:13PM
"Nonsense on Stilts" Stray Mutt10/25/2010 02:43PM
Top 10 Subject Titles I wanted to write about and post on RFM but never followed through... 23 wine country girl10/23/2010 05:48PM
anyone heard of Emma the smith10/25/2010 04:09PM
Ex-Mormon Scholars Testify Nina10/24/2010 01:16PM
ExMormon Foundation Conference Presentation. 18 Jim Whitefield10/24/2010 06:31AM
The front row in the chapel????? Mormon Observer10/25/2010 11:55AM
Fatal Car Crash Victim Tragically Not Glenn Beck Frontal Lobotomy10/25/2010 01:42PM
Saw an excellent bumper sticker 22 Stray Mutt10/24/2010 11:10AM
Depression and Religion Study Bob Loblaw10/25/2010 12:16PM
Glimpse into the strong-believing UoU grad Mo Jesus Smith10/25/2010 02:14PM
My resignation letter and response. (Mild cussage) Utahnomo10/25/2010 11:28AM
Just curious, but who is more apostate, men or women? 10 foundoubt10/24/2010 02:09PM
Serious jello question for the older generation 29 PinkPoodle10/22/2010 03:36PM
Well, apparently my TBM nephew got scammed . . . schweizerkind10/24/2010 01:39PM
Going on vacation with my TBM parents 24 rambo10/23/2010 01:55PM
A list given of questions given to Fox by Romney's PR re: his faith. Are the answers truth, half- truth or lie? 17 Nina10/24/2010 12:04PM
OK I'm behind the curve evidently...what's this email address you can now send resignation letters to? (n/t) GayLayAle10/25/2010 12:49PM
The church got ran out of so many places and other church's didn't. Rubicon10/24/2010 04:48PM
The church is not true in this part of the city rambo10/25/2010 11:34AM
Annoying Mo Facebook post mollymormonfaker10/25/2010 11:38AM
Question on Missionaries 11 hiawatha10/24/2010 10:19PM
What is with Mormons and passive voice? 29 Troy10/24/2010 02:48AM
Double Donations Appeal ........Crystal Cathedral ...Hour of Power AnonyMs10/25/2010 10:20AM
Is my behavior normal? 16 crin2210/25/2010 01:04AM
The Best Explanation for why No Prohet Or Apostale Comes Forward. 10 tombs110/20/2010 12:47PM
Catholic? Want to resign? Good luck with that. 26 BestBBQ10/24/2010 07:18PM
If there was a movie "The Church" FreeRose10/25/2010 10:35AM
Build a Bear Missionary Oufit NOW IN STOCK! 23 Susan I/S10/24/2010 04:08PM
LDS = Latter day Slave (n/t) arroyo10/24/2010 11:45AM
South Park went easy on the church Tiff10/25/2010 03:15AM
OT: Alex Anderson, creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle dies at 90 3X10/25/2010 08:53AM
Glen Beck, John Birch, and Flaming Crosses in SLC jw the inquizzinator10/24/2010 06:15PM
November 6th on facebook.. bear your testimonkey day... ugg! 35 dawn10/23/2010 07:52AM sexuality is just so...WEIRD (a very little bit explicit) 10 anon lurker10/23/2010 07:53PM
Westminster college-Salt Lake 15 loveskids10/22/2010 01:11AM
BYU Humor U helemon10/25/2010 01:30AM
Ok, it's time for another temple name shout out 17 foundoubt10/24/2010 02:03PM
Inspired words from LDS apostles Michaelm09/24/2010 10:30AM
Asked to give a prayer at a funeral....advice 17 benben10/24/2010 04:45PM
How hard did you try to believe? 24 The exmo formerly known as Br. Vreeland10/21/2010 02:27AM
A question to those of you who where converted. 35 Jon10/22/2010 11:41AM
How many of the 5000 active Italians would have TR recommends 11 Mo Larkey10/24/2010 11:03AM
Devil's Advocate blah10/24/2010 09:31PM
Sunday Funnies ... (humor) Skunk Puppet10/24/2010 10:25PM
Need help with objective and subjective concerns of gay marriage nomomomo10/24/2010 06:25PM
A lovely, naïve, and duped LDS woman I knew 30 years ago died today. FreeAtLast10/24/2010 02:54AM
What the hell is it with those cookie-cutter fake New England Mormon buildings?? 22 cludgie10/24/2010 10:45AM
Skeptic's Annotated Book Of Mormon helios10/24/2010 07:25PM
Mormon leaders are not wise and spiritual They don't want me back10/24/2010 06:28AM
So grateful to attend the Ex-Mo Foundation conference 18 cludgie10/24/2010 01:26AM
Thomas Monson Apparently Wore a Hat Recently That Said: "The Bird [Middle] Finger" Fetal Deity10/24/2010 10:59AM
What do you spend your tithing money on now? 31 Desdemona10/22/2010 03:13PM