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Question about numbers being reported at GC dawn10/05/2010 05:00PM
Packer's civil principle Jesus Smith10/05/2010 05:06PM
"Correctthefact" quoted 52,000 active UK members. May I ask... copolt10/05/2010 01:21PM
when I believed Duder10/05/2010 02:31PM
Thomas S. Monson is a gutless prophet. Rita Booke10/05/2010 03:55PM
Calling all exmormons! I am the creator of "Hi my name is Robert, and I'm an exmormon" (post approved by Eric) videodude10/05/2010 03:55AM
I'm looking for a "son of a bishop" hoju10/05/2010 03:18PM
Sarah Silverman nails it regarding gay teen suicides... (link) MJ10/05/2010 03:15PM
Post Conference Anti Lovebombing Strategy 15 Staring you down10/03/2010 06:08PM
Thank you Boyd K. Packer, seriously Raptor Jesus10/05/2010 01:51AM
U Know What Boyd???...U May Have A Point After All...Just Because We Vote Gravity Away... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/04/2010 11:43PM
Battered Mormon Wife 32 moonflowerz10/04/2010 05:33PM
It's time to protest TSCC's homophobia again, thanks to BKP's remarks! MJ10/04/2010 02:39PM
VERY OT - Funny - PML Heidi GWOTR10/05/2010 12:39PM
Resurgence in Europe 36 Toy Soldier10/04/2010 06:16AM
Eyering claims poverty. How cute. 16 The Man in Black10/03/2010 12:34PM
Recommended Reading for Molly Mormons sisterexmo10/04/2010 06:57PM
Manna was a truffle 10 helemon10/04/2010 10:02PM
What is it with Mormons and their #%@& anonymous notes??? 21 CA girl10/04/2010 01:29AM
Is this guy an exmo? westernwillows10/05/2010 11:09AM
"Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone?" Good question, Boyd! 14 NormaRae10/04/2010 11:30PM
Hey Mr. Packer (minor swearing) Michaelm10/05/2010 01:39AM
UnMormon daughter nobody10/05/2010 02:07AM
You're going to want to see this! Human Rights Campaign vs. Packer 21 sue10/04/2010 06:08PM
What was I thinking? moonflowerz10/04/2010 11:37PM
Polygamists are not a repressed or protected minority. 14 Cheryl10/03/2010 10:10AM
Larry King dealing with Gay issues loveskids10/04/2010 09:47PM
This will be long but worthwhile I think..... 12 The exmo formerly known as Br. Vreeland10/04/2010 06:43AM
Update on my BIL 14 Riverman10/04/2010 11:58AM
I found this picture on a mission alumni website CA girl10/05/2010 12:59AM
Man on the moon RFM Observer10/05/2010 01:48AM
Marlin Jensen apology by Carol Lynn Pearson 13 sophia09/27/2010 10:32AM
In Priesthood session, I hear Nelson said that the BoMormon 21 Heresy10/03/2010 01:50PM
My post on facebook about BKP. bingoe410/05/2010 01:01AM
Recovery from Religious Trauma Syndrome helemon10/05/2010 12:49AM
Acceptance standards for missionaries brett10/04/2010 04:59PM
25 Rules of Disinformation eddie10/04/2010 10:49PM
Predictions for General Conference Janice10/02/2010 10:33AM
Needing stats on gay suicides, etc ed10/04/2010 08:50PM
BKKKP's oh-so-subtle talk about homosexuality is the verbal equivalent of putting a gun in an LDS gay person's hand... (swear) 29 GayLayAle10/04/2010 11:03AM
Wish Boyd Packer was in better health and much younger...I think. JBryan10/03/2010 08:11PM
A chance to vote on Packer's statement 15 CA girl10/04/2010 08:08PM
Straight and delightsome?!?!?!? NoToJoe10/04/2010 08:56PM
President Monson took the easy interpretation dimmesdale10/03/2010 01:43PM
Sorry, but I'm confused. Do Mormons worship Jesus or not? oddcouplet10/04/2010 10:08PM
The Glory Of God Is Gullibility...NOT Intelligence...As I Was Led 2 Believe Growing Up In The Morg... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/04/2010 09:52PM
Ballard: Texting and Gaming are addictions n/t (n/t) 33 wonderer10/03/2010 05:39PM
Confronted by wife - Resignation letter sent 18 silhouette10/04/2010 01:03AM
Joseph Smith "translates" a Greek Psalter eddie10/02/2010 08:21PM
Ok, I didn't watch a single bit of Conference but it found me anyway. Stunted10/04/2010 07:24PM
I've heard of "fluff pieces" written by Mormons for the media, but this one tops them all PtLoma10/03/2010 05:27AM Experience klanestro10/04/2010 07:41PM
I got my final confirmation letter for resigning saturday Drew9010/04/2010 04:21PM
BKP . . . and conference talks in general darkprincess10/04/2010 03:57PM
Damaged Sexuality 15 Strykary10/03/2010 01:52AM