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Just saw three Meet the Mormons DVDs on my library shelf. dimmesdale04/22/2015 01:36PM
I'm in Provo! Mary3074504/21/2015 04:26PM
My Response to Henry Bemis on the Possible Evolutionary Basis of Religion 30 Tal Bachman04/19/2015 04:53PM
The War on Raw Milk. Info on how pasteurization came about. LINK 31 Carol04/22/2015 03:23AM
Don Bagley's latest two stories now up for your enjoyment 17 cricket04/22/2015 09:54AM
Noooooo! Afton temple groundbreaking this weekend. Nevernever04/22/2015 01:20AM
So this is where Jesus would dwell? 32 tiredoflies04/21/2015 04:30PM
GET RICH AND LIVE FOREVER . . . baura04/21/2015 04:10PM
Freeman Dyson 'loves' the book of mormon. 11 elderolddog04/22/2015 01:54AM
Any historical basis for Doyle's A Study in Scarlet? jdawg33304/22/2015 02:19AM
Do you think Mormonism explains itself well to it's members? 17 CA girl04/21/2015 06:09PM
Any connection to the cult and a drink called "Zeal." Happy_Heretic04/22/2015 01:04PM
It has begun 31 shodanrob04/21/2015 04:49PM
Three-Fisted Exmo Tales ~ “The Final Solution” ziller04/22/2015 11:20AM
Oaks makes an excellent argument for taxing LDS Inc. Elder Berry04/21/2015 07:06PM
OT-Tylenol found to numb the emotions, both positive and negative. LINK Carol04/22/2015 02:57AM
O/T What's the most reliable website for Playstation 4 game cheat codes!?? southern idaho inactive04/22/2015 12:12AM
Attn: gay people, need advice 30 anon mom04/21/2015 10:18AM
Mormons: destroyers of ruins Stray Mutt04/21/2015 08:59PM
Keep this link handy for when you need to puke. 19 elderolddog04/20/2015 06:23PM
A Mormon Sugar Daddy? Eternigator03/17/2015 01:59PM
Conversions vs. born in the church henryj8004/21/2015 02:17PM
300,000 Deaths Held Against Auschwitz "Bookkeeper"-Moral Guilt & Mormonism 25 Nightingale04/21/2015 03:55PM
Garments, Arrgh. 17 spanner04/20/2015 04:58AM
Kim Clark leaving BYUI 21 sabbathbloodysabbath04/13/2015 12:22AM
How's The Life-Long Facade Of Monson's Life Made The World A Better Place? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo04/21/2015 09:01PM
I'm angry today siflbiscuit04/21/2015 09:24PM
I HAVE HAD IT! OFFICIALLY!!!! 18 AriesByBirth04/19/2015 11:18AM
Mormonism: It is weirder than you think. Dave the Atheist04/21/2015 11:48PM
Your favorite wacky talk or or comment from the pulpit? 32 amyslittlesister04/21/2015 08:02PM
Caffeine in soda comes from coffee 31 Caffeine04/21/2015 04:50PM
My 5 year old son always makes me chuckle ZSH04/21/2015 11:36AM
South Park: All About Mormons whattheheck04/21/2015 02:50PM
YW Medallion 31 tomie07/29/2013 07:17PM
Harry Reid (not about politics) 33 James E Faust04/21/2015 05:50AM
US congressman from Utah, fighting for 'religious freedom' of employers imaworkinonit04/21/2015 09:19PM
Authoritarian Followers blankstare04/21/2015 09:55PM
Was the priesthood ban from revelation or was it a mistake? 30 michaelm (not logged in)04/20/2015 08:35AM
Part 2 of No B of M in Marriott Room Dennis Moore04/21/2015 09:53PM
Whoever of you guys (or girls) thought of this, YOU ARE GENIUS!!! dydimus04/21/2015 09:28PM
Sam Harris' book, Free Will Cold-Dodger04/21/2015 07:59PM
Anyone Sustain Monson at Home? 14 Historischer04/20/2015 01:34PM
'X"-Men" Comic Book Leak Outs Marvel Gay Superhero(link) southern idaho inactive04/21/2015 09:02PM
Newsmax's Top 100 Christian Leaders in America 11 ok04/20/2015 08:40PM
No Book of Mormon in the Marriott Room! 31 Dennis Moore04/14/2015 07:39PM
Did Moroni visit the wrong address? 12 ElderCarrion04/20/2015 11:35AM
How much longer can the Morg last? 32 piper pie04/21/2015 02:47PM
Artificial Insemination 16 danielson04/20/2015 10:04PM
YSA Leaders Talking to my Daughter badseed04/20/2015 05:37PM
Choose The Right - Small, gender neutral. Unintentional Truth Elder Berry04/21/2015 06:50PM
After effects of the City Creek Mall.. 18 nonmo_104/21/2015 08:03AM
Letter to son being "love bombed" (Long) 31 eunice04/14/2015 02:19PM
Surpising things foreigners find about America 10 danr04/21/2015 10:32AM
O/T Ben Affleck Requested His Slave Owner Ancestor Be Censored From PBS' 'F 24 southern idaho inactive04/18/2015 03:55PM
Still pushing "For the strength of Youth" in the YW program Villager04/21/2015 05:48PM