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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: January 29, 2015 10:30PM

Jan 29, 1836 - Joseph Smith Senior gives six patriarchal blessings. Charles H. Smith is blessed: "Thou shalt stand on earth till thy Redeamer comes." Marietta Carter is blessed: "Thou shalt see thy Redeamer come in the clouds of heaven and be caught up to meet him and be ever with him." Joanna Carter is blessed: "Thou shalt see the end of this generation. Nancy Carter is blessed: "Thou shalt live to see the winding up of this generation."

Jan 29, 1844 - At a meeting of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles together with Joseph and Hyrum Smith Willard Richards moves that they nominate Joseph Smith as an independent candidate for the U.S. presidency "and that we use all honorable means to secure his election." The Twelve vote unanimously in favor of the motion. After the motion carries Joseph speaks to them: "to accomplish this you must send every man in the city who could speak throughout the land to electioneer . . . After the April conference we will have general conferences all over the nation and I will attend them. Tell the people we have had Whig and Democrats [as] Presidents long enough . . . I will not electioneer for myself, Hyrum, Brigham, Parley, and Taylor must go . . . There is or[a]tory enough in the Church to carry me into the Presidential chair in the first slide." Friends of Joseph make a toast for him at the Nauvoo Mansion: "May all your enemies be skined, their skins made into drum heads for your friends to beat upon. Also may Nauvoo become the empire seat of government." Joseph tells William Clayton that he will go on a political mission but writes in his journal "Clayton must go out or he will apostatize. Must."

Jan 29, 1845 - The Quorum of Twelve votes to exempt apostles, two general bishops, and the Nauvoo Temple Committee from the obligation to pay tithing.
The Illinois State Legislature votes to repeal the Nauvoo City Charter. In the preceding debate Governor Ford had admitted that its privileges had been much abused, but urged the legislators to amend the charter rather than to repeal it: "This is republican and cannot be denied without injustice," he said. "I do not see how ten or twelve thousand people can well do in a city without some chartered privileges." However, after considerable debate, the assembly revokes the city charter in its entirety by a bipartisan vote of twenty-five to fourteen in the Senate and seventy-five to thirty-one in the House.

Jan 29, 1846 - Increase McGee Van Dusen and his wife Marie are endowed in the Nauvoo temple on which Increase has worked for several years. A year later they publish THE MORMON ENDOWMENT: A SECRET DRAMA, OR CONSPIRACY, IN THE NAUVOO-TEMPLE IN 1846 . It is not the first published exposee of the Mormon endowment or even the first accurate one.

Jan 29, 1854 - The First Presidency and Twelve administer to Willard Richards. Wilford Woodruff records, "at times had a testimony by the spirit of God that he would get better but all outward appearances have been against his getting up again." Two days later Woodruff writes, "Dr Richards still lives and appears some better And I pray the Lord he may again get well for many reasons. One is the Twelve have administered to him many times and felt moved upon at times to promise him that he should live and get well and stand in the midst of his brethren and also to administer to his family. This I promised him once while the Twelve and all his wives were administering to him at the same time." Richards Dies on March 11, 1854 at age 49.

Jan 29, 1860 - At Sunday meeting in the tablernacle Orson Pratt "quite unexpectedly arose before his Brethren and made a vary humble full Confession before the whole assembly for his op[p]osition to President Young and his Brethren and He said he wished all the Church was present to hear it. He quoted Joseph Smiths revelation to prove that President Brigham Young was right and that all was under obligation to follow the Leader of the Church." Pratt and Young had differed over whether we worship God's attributes or God Himself.

Jan 29, 1862 - Brigham Young's office journal records: "Bro[ther] HS. Eldredge, came in, the conversation turned on the love of property. Pres[ident] Young said he did not think there ever was a prophet on the Earth, (Jesus excepted) that cared less for the things of the world than he did. He remarked the Lord is desirious to exalt this people as we are his children, but riches would injure us at present therefore the Lord withholds riches from us till we are prepared to receive them. He knew that the more of the Spirit of the Lord a man had the better prepared he was to do business. Pres[ident] Young said he had been in Whiskey Street -- and he had felt the spirit there, and he really thought the street must be burned down before there would be a good spirit there."

Jan 29, 1870 - Salt Lake City School of Prophets "turn[s] into a caucus meeting, for the purpose of nominating our City officers, preparatory to the forthcoming Election."

Jan 29, 1876 - Apostle Charles C. Rich asks bishops of the Bear Lake Stake to follow Brigham Young's counsel by doing away with round dancing [waltzing] entirely. Four years later at stake priesthood meeting the following rules are accepted by unanimous vote: "We will not practice waltzes or any other round dances in our assemblies. . . ."Swinging with one arm around the lady's waist shall not be permitted in our assemblies."

Jan 29, 1878 - DESERET NEWS editorial denies that marked ballots have been used to ostracize those who vote against church candidates, but then observes: "And while no one should be injured in consequence of his breaking loose from his associates and joining with those who oppose them, it cannot be expected that the dissenter will receive as much cordial friendship, countenance and support from his former fellow-partisans as those who remain in accord with them."

Jan 29, 1879 - In the Saint George Temple Wilford Woodruff has "39 single females of the Hart family sealed to him" and twelve people "adopted" to him.

Jan 29, 1891 - Twelve Apostles meet and "voted to forgive each other's trespasses."

Jan 29, 1900 - Apostle John Henry Smith spends thirty minutes with U.S. President William McKinley. They had a "pleasant talk on Utah affairs" and Smith told McKinley that "plural relations" were on the decrease and that "the Mormon people had kept faith."

Jan 29, 1978 - NORTH LAS VEGAS VALLEY TIMES story: "Vegas Mormons Dare to Support the ERA."

Jan 29, 1979 - Fawn Brodie writes to a friend: "The volume would have been a harsher indictment of Joseph Smith had it not been for [her husband Bernard's] influence. I was angered by the obvious nature of the fraud in his writing of the Book of Mormon; I felt that his revelations all came out of needs of the moment and had nothing to do with God, and I thought the frantic search for wives in the last four years of his life betrayed a libertine nature that was to me at the time quite shocking. My husband kept urging me to look at the man's genius, to explain his successes, and to make sure that the reader understood why so many people loved him, and believed in him. If there is real compassion for Joseph Smith in the book, and I believe there is, it is more the result of the influence of my husband than anyone else." Some Mormons had blamed her non-Mormon husband for the controversial book.

Jan 29, 1988 - The Utah Board of Pardons deliberates 27 minutes and decides not to grant a parole or rehearing date for forger/murderer Mark Hofmann. The decision by the board virtually guarantees that Hofmann will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Although the board had suggested earlier that Hofmann serve only seven years as part of a plea bargain through which authorities hoped to learn all the details of Hofmann's extraordinarily complex case they change their mind, according to Board Chair Victoria Palacios, because of the "large number of [Hofmann's] victims" and his "callous disregard for human life"

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Posted by: Anziano Young ( )
Date: January 29, 2015 11:20PM

Jan 29, 1876 - Apostle Charles C. Rich asks bishops of the Bear Lake Stake to follow Brigham Young's counsel by doing away with round dancing [waltzing] entirely. Four years later at stake priesthood meeting the following rules are accepted by unanimous vote: "We will not practice waltzes or any other round dances in our assemblies. . . ."Swinging with one arm around the lady's waist shall not be permitted in our assemblies."

And less than 100 years later, my father--a descendant of both the Youngs and Charles Coulson Rich--met his future wife in a ballroom dance class at BYU. Joke's on them?

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