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Posted by: BYU Boner ( )
Date: February 14, 2016 03:26PM

The church is becoming more sanitized. Some things that need to be put back--

1. Temple ceremony--put the sisters under the law of their husbands. (And here you thought I was going to say bring back the shashings and gashings!)

2. Restore the correct words to the hymns--Praise to the Man had, "Missouri must atone for the blood of that man!"

3. One-piece garments


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Posted by: Shummy ( )
Date: February 14, 2016 03:35PM

4. No more round dancing allowed

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Posted by: laperla not logged in ( )
Date: February 14, 2016 03:38PM

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Posted by: perky ( )
Date: February 14, 2016 04:01PM


They tell you where to live and what to do for a living - like the pioneer days with "godfather" Don Brigham

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Posted by: Dead Cat ( )
Date: February 14, 2016 04:12PM

5. Rename the planetarium to Kolob Planetarium.

6. Change the book of mormon to "white, delightsome and straight"

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: February 15, 2016 06:50AM

Keep "Purgatory" in the name of the correctional facility for Washington County, Utah.

Rename the warden/s there "grim reaper" or "gatekeeper" to keeping more inline with the after world.

Hell hath no fury like the mug shots coming out of Purgatory. DMV photos got nothin on them. Some of the imprisoned mug shots look like they've already succumbed and decomposing.

Is it the dry arid climate of the northern Mojave desert that wrinkles their skin into resembling dried up prunes? Or the methamphetamine they've just been arrested for? Only heaven knows.

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Posted by: smirkorama ( )
Date: February 15, 2016 07:54AM

MORmONS are not weird, just ask Gordon BS Hinckley !!

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Posted by: RPackham ( )
Date: February 15, 2016 11:11AM

byuboner Wrote:

> 2. Restore the correct words to the hymns--Praise
> to the Man had, "Missouri must atone for the blood
> of that man!"

The original had no mention of Missouri.

It was Illinois:
"Long shall his blood, which was shed by assassins, stain ILLINOIS, while the earth lauds his fame" and "EARTH must atone for the blood of that man...."

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Posted by: moremany ( )
Date: February 16, 2016 04:34AM

"Blue and Green Balls"


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Posted by: okie ( )
Date: February 16, 2016 05:30AM

I remember reading about the "stain Illinois" line.

Vengeance was always on their minds back then.

These days, there's no profit in it, I suppose.

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Posted by: poopstone ( )
Date: February 16, 2016 02:12PM

11) green jello with carrot strips, and cheezy potatoes for every meal. No other evil gentile foods aloud!

12) Zions Curtain law must now expand to ban all soda pop, and energy drinks. If it's brown don't drink, flush it down. Mormon's now only drink sugary KoolAid.

13) Only mormon's can hold land now (like pioneer Utah) all other emigrants must live in crowded mining camps out of site far away up in Utah canyons.

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