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Posted by: kathleen ( )
Date: January 10, 2017 09:35PM

A while back, I read that GAs are given a $1 million check at "swearing in," along with a pair of gold cufflinks. And that they must sign non-disclosure agreements.

And, they agree that if they spill the beans, they must give back the $1 million and all funds ever received by them or their children from the LDSinc.

Is that true?

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Posted by: SusieQ#1 ( )
Date: January 10, 2017 09:45PM

I've heard that also but have no way of knowing if it's true. I do know, they sign confidentiality agreements on salary,stipends,benefits. Don't ask don't tell!

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Posted by: Trails end ( )
Date: January 11, 2017 10:59AM

Grant Palmer i believe related this tidbit as given him by aGA who is disaffected but still far whoever it is seems content to stay on the gravy guess the legal ramifications of disclosure might be tough to avoid...not sure what id do if i just woke up after a life time of blind obedience and ladder climbing...i mean really...its fairly painless to cash big checks and restate the same lop eared bullshit over and most of em could pull their taffy in their least the kids and grandkids can get any education they want...integrity doesnt seem to fit the job description of most church leaders...i tend to believe grant palmer has far more integrity than most of the fossils

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Posted by: lurking in ( )
Date: January 11, 2017 03:39PM

( is a credible site and Grant Palmer is considered a credible source by many of us exmos.)

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Posted by: readwrite ( )
Date: January 12, 2017 01:18AM

And, like the thief, when they are found out (these spilled beans cannot be unspoiled unspilled) and asked for the money back, say, WHAT MONEY? It's spent! Hell. Help-

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Posted by: kathleen ( )
Date: January 12, 2017 10:33PM

Thank you for your answers.

I'd like to see the ratio between GAs who are cash whores and those who signed up as believers, but who are now scared more sh!tless that any Sea Org Scientologist.

If you look at some of the heads of LDS business ventures, you see common names in management--children and grandchildren of Mormon royalty who are also indentured. What family domino disaster has TCSS crafted for dissenters among the elite?

Anyway, I wonder what beside money is hanging over GAs' heads if they want out.

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Posted by: canary21 ( )
Date: January 12, 2017 11:18PM

After reading the link, maybe that is why President Monson's grandson left his mission early.

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Posted by: Healed ( )
Date: January 13, 2017 03:05PM

Here's the current scoop right from the Churches's own website:

"Latter-day revelation speaks of hell in at least two senses. First, it is the temporary abode in the spirit world for those who were disobedient in mortality. In this sense, hell has an end. The spirits there will be taught the gospel, and sometime following their repentance they will be resurrected to a degree of glory of which they are worthy. Those who will not repent, but are nevertheless not sons of perdition, will remain in hell throughout the Millennium. After these thousand years of torment, they will be resurrected to a telestial glory (D&C 76:81–86; 88:100–101).

Second, it is the permanent location of those who are not redeemed by the atonement of Jesus Christ. In this sense, hell is permanent. It is for those who are found “filthy still” (D&C 88:35, 102). This is the place where Satan, his angels, and the sons of perdition—those who have denied the Son after the Father has revealed him—will dwell eternally (D&C 76:43–46)."

Soooo - the only people who will be consigned to outer darkness will be those who have denied Jesus after the Father has revealed him. This is more than just having a burning in your bosom. You would have to have a "first vision" type of experience with a godhead member. No one on earth, except perhaps the GA's, who have a "special witness" of Christ, would be in this category. In Mormon doctrine it's pretty tough to get to outer darkness. I doubt anyone here on this website is currently in this category.

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