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Posted by: Chicken N. Backpacks ( )
Date: October 12, 2017 02:10PM

TBM: "The Restoration was need because the church Jesus established was soon corrupted with false doctrines through teaching the philosophies of men mingled with scriptures."

Person who thinks about stuff: "But isn't that exactly what happened soon after the LDS church was established? Even church apologists have said some of its prophets were "only speaking as men" even though they claimed they were speaking for God."

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Posted by: angela ( )
Date: October 12, 2017 02:12PM

Oh no, not critical thinking skills!!!

That can NOT be allowed


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Posted by: uhhsoyeah ( )
Date: October 12, 2017 02:13PM

Remember, don't ask questions like that. Mysterious ways and all. Pray more, read your scriptures more.


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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: October 12, 2017 02:15PM

Nuh-uh!! There are no changes in the one true church! It's just evolving. Yeah, evolving, that's it! It's evolving to meet new needs, like survival, and staying tax-free, and relevant and stylish... etc., etc.

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Posted by: commongentile ( )
Date: October 12, 2017 02:38PM

There are those who apparently feel that the LDS Church itself is in need of a restoration, as can be seen, for example, in the followers of people like Denver Snuffer and Rock Waterman. The belief seems to be that the current LDS Church has drifted further and further over the years from how it was in its "pure" form in the days of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

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Posted by: MeM ( )
Date: October 12, 2017 03:41PM

Neither Smith or Young would recognize much of what modern Mormonism teaches, but then modern Mormonism gets even by not acknowledging much of what Smith and Young taught back in their day.

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