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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 12:01AM

So Lucifer (named from a mistranslated passage in Isaiah) was
cast out of heaven along with 1/3 of God's children (that he
ended up casting out billions of His own children would seem to
call into question God's parenting abilities). So, basically,
Lucifer/Satan is just a disembodied spirit that's been cast

So how can he tempt us?

I have a body. I can type things on a keyboard. I can write
things with a pen. I have vocal cords. I can make sound waves
in the air. Every way that I can communicate with anyone has to
do with my body. But Satan doesn't have a body, so how does he
communicate his "temptation" to us?" In fact, how does Satan
interact with the physical world (including us) at all?

On a similar tack, it once occurred to me that the invisible man
must be blind. Since light just passes through his body without
interacting with his retinas, his eyes can't form an image to
send to his brain. He must be blind.

Similarly bodyless-spirits like Satan, do not have any way of
interacting with the physical world. Therefore, Satan does not
absorb photons. Satan can't see us. He has no ear-drum that
vibrates with sound waves so he can't hear us either.

So, how the hell (no pun intended) does Satan tempt us?

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Posted by: Hockeyrat ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 12:28AM

Exactly. That's why I never was afraid of " ghosts". I knew they could never physically move objects across the room, or kill people, unless you think you see a ghost and run out the room screaming, accidentally falling out a 2nd floor window, hitting the pavement below.
I believe in some form of spirits after someone dies, but not in physical form, just a feeling that some presence is there.
It happens rarely though. It could be just imagination though to someone you were close too, no where near what the stereotype of a spirit or presence might be.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 12:49AM

It was my understanding that as spirit children of God we had a spirit body. This spirit body is made of matter what is searching fine, pure matter that we near humans are unable to detect it. So once you get the spirit to be composed of matter, then your hypothesis is invalid.

Now this sort of made some sense back in the day, meaning late 50s and early 60s seminary but now that science is able to drill down and look at individual Atoms, either the spirit matter is even finer than that, or they simply haven’t gotten a spirit to sit still long enough to undergo examination.

It was “well known” that Satan could plant thoughts in your mind, and he could help you find porn¡¡

I used to be so proud of how mormonism had all the answers...

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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 02:26AM

But, according to LDS doctrine, I have a spirit body too. I had
a spirit body just like Lucifer's, but I didn't get cast out so
my spirit body now inhabits a physical body. Lucifer was a
spirit who got cast out BEFORE getting a body. That means I
have EVERYTHING that Lucifer has and more.

However, I'm unable to do anything to anybody. Unable to see
"spirits bodies"--just physical bodies. unable to affect
anything physical without using physical means. Unable to put
thoughts into anyone's mind without use of the physical senses,

So how can Lucifer tempt anyone? I should be able to tempt
people as much as Lucifer can and more. Besides, he's just one
guy with no body and no special God-like mojo powers. He's no
more powerful than I am--in fact he's less powerful.

I guess that's why he needs the 1/3 of the hosts of heaven as
his minions. I wonder how he keeps them in line--keeps them on
duty trying, with their pathetic, limited powers, to tempt us
flesh-and-bone people. I'd think after 6000 years there would
be dissention in the ranks of his minions, specially given that
they were the ones to were the dissenters against authority in
the first place.

It makes no sense.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 03:00AM

Once you get a testimony, making sense doesn’t matter!

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Posted by: The Invisible Green Potato ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 03:43AM

Somewhere in your brain there is a "spirit antenna" that can detect spirit particles and spirit messages. In most people it isn't very reliable. Because it is part of your brain you have to learn how to use it, thus the endless lessons/meetings on Sundays.

Spirits can also affect atoms. That is how we as spirits helped form the earth. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to affect visible matter, which is why it doesn't happen very often and why having a body is such an advantage.

Once you realize that vision is the detecting of photons, pretty much all forms of spiritual belief become impossible. It is best to not take physics lessons if you want to remain faithful. Unless you assume that Newton's third law doesn't apply to spirits. If Newton's third law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) doesn't apply, then ghosts/spirits can pick you up and throw you around the room without you being able to hit them. Spirits/ghosts could be affected by photons without the photons being affected.

So I guess that must be your answer. Spirits are not bound by Newton's third law.

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Posted by: baura ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 05:31AM

The Invisible Green Potato Wrote:
> Spirits/ghosts could be
> affected by photons without the photons being
> affected.
> So I guess that must be your answer. Spirits are
> not bound by Newton's third law.

Or the laws of quantum mechanics.

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Posted by: ziller ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 08:39AM

in b 4 ~ Stan is using OPie's body to post this thred `~

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 10:45AM

See this is why it is so important to not delve into the mysteries and remember all will be explained in the after life.

If you don't do that you run a serious risk of using your brain. Beware.

Besides. Everyone knows Satan works like the Holy Ghost. Doesn't need eyes or ears, just crawls into your body through some orifice, finds your bosom and makes it burn.

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 11:43AM

His followers control television radio and movies and media on your phone. This is how he gets most people without doing much.

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Posted by: kathleen ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 12:37PM

Adam is the one who is the closest here. All that Satan energy needs is some sort of transmitter.

Now, most people don't know this, but I've researched it carefully. Satan isn't messing with those fake pine-tree microwave towers. No. No fiber optics for that clever guy. No.

It's that innocuous-looking Moroni at the top of mormon temples hither, thither and yon that transmits all of Satan's communiques with humans.

What do you guys think that horn is for, fer cryin out loud?

AND,,,, why do you think old Moroni gets an occasional lightening strike in the arse?

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Posted by: Badassadam1 ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 12:48PM

You might be the first person to not call me crazy on this subject, if i told this to a mormon they would think i am nuts and go watch a disney movie followed by conference.

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Posted by: David A ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 12:37PM

I’ve always looked at it in another way:

Priesthood power, according to Mormons, is based on the principles of righteousness. If Satan has any “power” to do anything, it is only because God gave him that power. That’s one crazy system.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 01:35PM

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Holy Ghost, & Stan, the father of all lies!

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Posted by: rhgc ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 02:04PM

Very plainly: Satan does not exist!

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Posted by: commongentile ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 02:56PM

Some things I've wondered about Satan:

-- How does he go about tempting everyone and producing evil in the world unless he is in some sense omnipresent?

-- Is he a being with a humanoid form who has perhaps a council of demons with whom meets regularly and delegates them to do evil to specific people and in specific circumstances?

It's just that people seem to believe that Satan is almost unlimited in his ability to produce evil and tempt specifically each of the billions of people on the earth at any time, not to mention planting false doctrines in their minds that jeopardize their spiritual salvation.

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Posted by: mootman ( )
Date: December 08, 2017 03:14PM

Scientists make step towards humans guiding robots by telepathy

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