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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 09:49AM

Would the Brethren do this?

"We made a mistake,” he told the crowd gathered for the 2008 Global Leadership Summit (GLS). A detailed Willow study had found that the church had helped many people find new faith in Jesus, but had failed to teach them how to practice the spiritual disciplines needed to grow their faith.

He vowed the megachurch would do be better in the future.

Ten years later, Willow Creek’s leaders confessed even more mistakes. On the eve of the 2018 GLS, they admitted in a special congregational meeting that church leaders had failed to appropriately handle recent allegations of sexual misconduct against their founding pastor.

Lead pastor Heather Larson announced that she was resigning immediately. The church’s elder board announced that its members would also step down in an orderly fashion by the end of 2018.

Steve Carter, the church’s lead teaching pastor, had already resigned on Sunday, saying he could no longer continue at the church in “good conscience.”

At tonight’s Willow family meeting, elder Missy Rasmussen said she and other church leaders had been blinded by their faith in their founding pastor and had failed to hold Hybels accountable.

“We trusted Bill, and this clouded our judgment,” she said.

That blindness, Rasmussen said, led to a number of missteps, including a rushed investigation when allegations that Hybels had had an affair first surfaced in 2014. Church leaders did not move quickly enough to secure his’ devices or other forms of communication, she said. When the woman who made the first allegations later recanted, the church dropped the matter without a thorough review.

Other allegations were met with skepticism, and later defensiveness. On behalf of the elders, Rasmussen apologized for that.

“Our entire elder board has had to come to grips with the areas of our hearts, minds, and souls that blinded us to the pain and suffering of the women and their advocates,” she said. “We ask forgiveness from God, our congregation, the women, their advocates, and those who have been calling us to repent.”

“We are sorry that we allowed Bill to operate without the kind of accountability that he should have had,” she said. “Our desire going forward is to retain what is good and pure about Willow, but to drive out the dark places that are unhealthy.”

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Posted by: ificouldhietokolob ( )
Date: August 09, 2018 11:57AM

Sounds like they haven't got a clue about how to run any kind of organization. Even a church.

Gee, maybe they need a "prophet" who talks directly to the man in the sky? That way they wouldn't make so many fumbling mistakes!

At least, that's what I can imagine mormons saying about the situation...:(

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Posted by: ucanthietokolob ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 09:20AM

ificouldhietokolob Wrote:
> Sounds like they haven't got a clue about how to
> run any kind of organization. Even a church.

I know, right? Women in positions of leadership! SMH...

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 09:23AM

>> Church leaders did not move quickly enough to secure his devices

What? I suppose if it's a work phone or work computer, then sure. I hope the church was not trying to secure his personally-owned devices.

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Posted by: causabilly ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 06:59AM

Churches get to make up their own rules, don't they?


Membership Handbook

1) It is our belief that electronic devices are inherently evil, prone to demons at work in the world at large.

2) Given the evil nature of these devices, any employee or volunteer in service to our church agrees to have his or her personal electronic devices randomly inspected and exorcised at any time, in the name of the Lord, at the sole discretion of the board and/or their appointees.*

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Posted by: scmd1 ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 12:57PM

If the very highest leadership of the LDS church were not so extremely geriatric, it could easily happen there. Still it's not impossible.

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Posted by: nomonomo ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 06:46PM

No, no, that would just be a marriage! ;)

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Posted by: CrispingPin ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 07:35PM

Bill Hybels said “we made a mistake.” That’s something you’ll never hear a Mormon GA say.

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Posted by: nomonomo ( )
Date: August 12, 2018 10:30AM


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Posted by: dagny ( )
Date: August 12, 2018 10:59AM

"We made a mistake" usually means we got caught.

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Posted by: Justin ( )
Date: August 14, 2018 10:37AM

Hybels seems to have made many, many mistakes. It seems as if he was a little too friendly with the women working for him over and over and over again. He seems to have had a very high opinion of himself.

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Posted by: Justin ( )
Date: August 14, 2018 10:41AM

This gives a little more background on the superstar pastor.

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