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Posted by: steamroller101 ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 10:07AM

Has anyone been ministered to or been given a ministering assignment and told how to minister.
I am totally clueless.
My wife and I teach in primary and was given a list of names.2 families i knew 8 others were total strangers.
Will get set apart and given some instructions or am i expected to do whatever.

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Posted by: dogblogger ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 10:11AM

As this is a forum of EX-Mormons we won't have this kind of info. Try

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Posted by: not logged in this week ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 02:51PM

"I am totally clueless."

You aren't alone. So is the rest of the church. For that matter, so is Prez Nelson.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 11:39PM

Here you'll find support for leaving Mormonism. Not for being one.

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 11:44PM

I think it involves dressing in your temple robes. Be sure that you're wearing the full garb before leaving your house.

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Posted by: Rolled tacos on a sunday ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 11:53PM

My ministering partner came up to me when I saw him this week and asked when we were going out ministering, I just told him it was cool to just text the people now we're good

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Posted by: nayboor ( )
Date: August 10, 2018 11:55PM

Emily Post says, "A minister is titled,'Reverend,' and the abbreviation is, 'Rev.'"

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 12:00AM

You could do the Nostradamus:

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Posted by: Reverend ME ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 02:05AM

LDS can't even minister to the man on the name of tscc and it's prayers. It couldn't be more unnatural..

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Posted by: nonmo_1 ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 09:06AM

To quote Nancy Reagan..."Just say No..."

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 11:21AM

Ten families to contact on a regular basis? That is insane.

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Posted by: sbg ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 11:29AM

Group text or email. Or just ignore it.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 02:04PM

Everything is the same as when you were a home teacher but now you are supposed to wear a minister's clergy/clerical collar when you are on duty. They are very flattering and you will get lots of attention.

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Posted by: Rubicon ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 03:23PM

Ministering is a clever ploy to regenerate excitement in home and visiting teaching. Instead of the last of the month push and reporting it's now quarterly interviews and guilt tripping.

Ministering will soon lose it's new and exciting feel. Probably right after the first "you aren't doing enough" interviews.

It's all just remodeling the church in an attempt to make it seem more like a church and less like a corporation.

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Posted by: pollythinks ( )
Date: August 11, 2018 07:48PM

My Relief Society home teacher and I laughed at the new title.

How does one 'minister' to another? I said it must include vacuuming my carpet and doing my dishes. (This is the woman who cannot-not bring me something nice to eat when she comes over--a slice of banana bread, or cookie, or whatever.)

Or, maybe even lay her hands on my head and give me a blessing?

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