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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: September 30, 2018 09:48PM

Vicious New Mexico cult leader sentenced to 72 years in jail

BARRY DUKE writes ...

"Deborah Green called herself the “The General” and strutted around in paramilitary gear, filling people’s heads with Jesus and array of barmy conspiracies theories.

That’s not a crime in itself, but as co-leader of the Aggressive Christian Mission Training Corps in New Mexico, Green subjected children in her cult’s compound to extreme cruelty. And it was the rape and torture of one girl – brought to the compound from Uganda – that earned her a 72-year prison last Wednesday.

The victim asked District Court Judge James Sanchez to give Green, 71, the maximum sentence of 108 years.

Instead, he gave her 72 years for three counts of child rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count of child abuse.

At the start of the trial, it was revealed Green was accused of persuading her daughter to take a newborn baby from Uganda in the 1990s. The child was brought to the compound where she was physically and sexually abused.

According to the cult’s website the Aggressive Christian Mission Training Corps had been active in various countries outside the US, including Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia and India.

The abuse came to light last year when authorities raided the compound in Fence Lake near Gallup and found 11 children. Some of them were as young as four and being held against their will.

Cibola County Sheriffs deputies found one child buried who had been dead at least two years.

Green was facing another trial for different charges involving another victim, but given the long sentence she was handed, the DA’s office is still deciding if it will take this case to trial.

Green’s victim told the court:

Emotionally, she broke me as a child to the point where I still today struggle with my own self-confidence, my self-esteem, my sense of worth.

The victim further spoke about what she described as years of torture by Green, and that she had to have 11 surgical procedures to help fix broken bones.
She reportedly became Green’s personal slave and was “treated like a dog”. She was whipped bloody for the most minor of infractions with the equivalent of a cat-o-nine tails.

Furthermore, she told investigators that she was sexually abused by Green and by her son-in-law Peter Green, also known under the name Mike Brandon, who raped her four times a week from the time she was seven

All this, says cult’s website, is a great big LIE:

--It is reported that the Generals deprive people, particularly children, of medical attention, but in all horrible irony, this young girl was actually stolen from the Generals by the CYFD [Children, Youth and Families Department] in 2006, while getting treatment in a local hospital! …

It has never been ACMTC policy to withhold medical attention or deprive anyone from going to the hospital. In fact, many people have received hospital care over the years.

The young girl from Uganda spent much of her life with the Generals being wheeled around in a wheelchair, or on crutches, and the Generals were trying to help her learn how to walk after the surgeries (but she was stolen not too long after receiving this medical care).

The sickening accusations that certain persons were molesting a young crippled girl in a wheelchair are unheard of! General Deborah’s sincere care for the young girl is unquestionable.--

Among other cult members arrested last year was “General” Jim Green, co-founder of ACMTC. He is pictured below holding a communist flag to plug a booklet that sets out to prove that “THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION, i.e., The Red Revolution, was Jewish. Using the Jewish Bolsheviks they controlled, the Rothschilds’ ordered the execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family (women and daughters included) in Russia."

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: October 01, 2018 02:14PM

It is shocking how many groups like this there are. So disturbing.

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