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Posted by: soutskeptic ( )
Date: October 23, 2018 04:29PM

Tonight on KUED/PBS @ 8 PM

NATIVE AMERICA is a four-part PBS series that challenges everything we thought we knew about the Americas before and since contact with Europe. It travels through 15,000-years to showcase massive cities, unique systems of science, art, and writing, and 100 million people connected by social networks and spiritual beliefs spanning two continents.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: October 23, 2018 08:00PM

Or you could read the book of mormon!!!

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Posted by: SL Cabbie ( )
Date: October 23, 2018 08:49PM

Here's his blog site; Simon says he literally "went to bed a Mormon and woke up a non-Mormon" after reviewing the DNA evidence that began emerging in the 1990's.

On the right are archived writings of his that answer many of the claims made by LDS apologists. Today's Native Americans are the descendants of a small group from Central Siberia/Mongolia who made their way across the Bering Land Bridge ~15,000 years ago.

>>Response to the claim 1/3 of Native American DNA came from the Middle East - now that would be a Great Surprise

>>The paper causing the excitement was published in the Jan 2013 issue of Nature, one of the most prestigious scientific journals. The article in question was written by Raghavan et al. and entitled “Upper Palaeolithic Siberian Genome Reveals Dual Ancestry of Native Americans.” The paper would have gone unnoticed by Mormons had a National Geographic journalist not sensationalised it with the following hyperbole.

"Great Surprise"—Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins. Oldest human genome reveals less of an East Asian ancestry than thought.

>>Nearly one-third of Native American genes come from west Eurasian people linked to the Middle East and Europe, rather than entirely from East Asians as previously thought, according to a newly sequenced genome.

>>The Raghaven study is focussed on a 25,000-year-old paleolithic DNA sample which tells us something about major human migration events that took place over 20,000 years ago. There is nothing in the Raghavan research that supports the Book of Mormon or challenges the mainstream scientific views about the colonization of the New World. Native Americans are still all descended from ancient Asian ancestors.

As I understand it, then BOM contains claims of Hebrews coming to the Americas occurred around 600 B.C.

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Posted by: Beth ( )
Date: October 23, 2018 09:22PM

North and South America.

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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: October 24, 2018 05:15PM

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Posted by: richardthebad (not logged in) ( )
Date: October 24, 2018 07:22PM

The short answer is "no". As SL Cabbie pointed out they came from western Asia. But there are still questions as to when, and how. Did they come across the land bridge and down a corridor between the ice sheets (the evidence is growing against this)? Or did they follow the coastlines (the evidence is growing in favor of this)? But right now there is no conclusive evidence either way.

When is also still a question, although it's looking like around 15k years ago. Earlier is possible, but highly speculative.

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Posted by: slskipper ( )
Date: October 24, 2018 07:36PM

The BoM also claims that...

We all know the list.

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