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Posted by: The lady we all know ( )
Date: November 30, 2018 07:24AM

I was crying and wailing all last night trying to process what I've done wrong to deserve this and why things have unfolded the way they have. My partner held me down while I was crying because I was in so much pain I couldn't process it all and I still can't process their cruelty. I have to keep running to my partner to hold me because I am so terrified of this family for what pain they have caused me over the last ten years.

I experienced a great deal of stigma and animosity and harassment while I was a teenager and I suspect it had to do with this family's kids and their daughter Christina; they did not like me, for instance getting insulted by the brother, being stared down, having the older males around me gaslight me about sexual scenarios, being followed around town by the brother, and having another one of the wife's kids act terrified of me for even being near him.

I don't know how I got into this mess because my family used to be Jehovah's Witnesses in Patoka, Indiana and I was very sheltered and uneducated until they moved to Franklin, Tennessee. Ever since they moved us to Tennessee is when problems really started, and I rarely left the house to do anything other than go to the rink. When I was about sixteen someone came into our house and left the door open and everyone was trying to figure out who it was. My sister reported to my mother back then that she saw a dark figure walking through the house and we all just forgot about it because we thought our minds were playing tricks on us. Later I began noticing one particular black haired boy deliberately hanging around me and staring at me and calling me a retard at times. I saw the same boy at a mall many miles away from where I live with my mother and he said "I'm going to burn your house down."

Their dad used to be in the army so they think they have a free pass to do whatever they like because I'm a non-Mormon and they think it's in their DNA and therefore it's okay to hurt strangers.

Later, my family were suddenly unable to find work and my dad blamed me for it and beat me and punched me and ripped my hair out relentlessly for causing them money problems. So, instead of working with them on jobs I had to apply for work in Franklin, Tennessee and since I didn't have any money myself or my own car I applied to places near where they moved me.

I got hired at Target and the dad was the manager there. One of the wives worked there, the daughter that used to skate did and so did the brother that had been harassing me at the rink. We all had to take pictures and put our pictures up on a board but after what my dad did to me I was not feeling emotionally well enough to do all of this and pretend everything was okay. My mother was going to take my checks because I owed the family, so I was unable to move out of my parents house. I needed to go to the hospital bad at the time that I can remember, I wasn't able to follow through with the demands of the job because I was so depressed after being violated like I was. I pissed my pants and went into work but they just left me there to finish my shift. And I got fired later by another man I had never seen before.

They reported my parents to the IRS and my parents divorced shortly after and I wasn't allowed to live with my mom because we never really had a relationship and I didn't want to live with my dad because he was so unstable and violent, so I asked my friend from the internet to take me in and he did. I tried to get a job immediately and I was expecting to be out of his parents house as soon as possible because they didn't like me there. After one of my co-workers got fired some of her friends came to me with the news and hit the wall to intimidate me, because they think I got her fired even though she was coming into work drunk most of the time and late. While I was living with his parents, the mom or dad was secretly putting WD40 on my underwear and bras because they were trying to keep me from getting pregnant even though I was on birth control.

After my sister told me to move in with her because my partner couldn't find work anywhere, I quit my job and we packed up our things and moved out, but one of the parents put indoor pesticide spray all over every piece of clothing I owned and the driver seat of my car. I got very sick and had to go to the hospital several times from pain and sickness and it cost me thousands of dollars, which I am still paying off. Shortly after making a trip to the hospital my brother in-law told me that I wasn't good for my sister, meaning he wanted us to move out.

I found an affordable place to live in near work, but then more problems started. My neighbor across from me in apartment 214 started messing with the water pipes while trying to spray poison in our water supply whereby flooding the neighbors apartment beneath us. Our shower didn't work for several days because he shoved a cloth in the pipes and it created a blockage and we couldn't shower. We drank bottled water and my skin burned and was painful at times. I moved away after having a mental breakdown but I went homeless and had to move back in with my boyfriend because I was so lonely I gave it one last shot.

I've been back for a year now, but the poisoning has continued for me and my partner. One of the son's that used to work with me on the night shift is living in the apartment across from my partner and I now and our cats. He's been smoking in the hallways and punching and kicking our door along with others' doors and leaving trash at my door. He's gaslighting me to try to get me to react to his abuses in order to mentally confuse and intimidate me. He's been spraying WD40 in our water supply and I can't eat anything and my skin is irritated from it, it makes my hair greasy and my skin greasy and I can't think clearly.

I can't do anything about their abuse, they keep trying to bring the worst out in me. They blame me for their son being in prison for disemboweling Christina's boyfriend.

These people are anti-social and ruining my life and relationships everywhere I go and I know when I report it or make a report they're not going to take me seriously.

I know the dad's name but he's probably changed his name by now. I have names, but no last names because after the son that worked with me on second shift realized I recognized him when he was trying to show off his hairdo he avoided me because his friend was making jokes about scalping people for their hair, he quit or got fired, but now he lives down the hall from me.

His mom followed me to the park yesterday, got back into the car with her shades on, watched me and followed me when I left the park.

These people are anti-social psychopaths and I can't get away from them, because I'm stuck here. I have no family to turn to, I have no money to move away. No education to get a better job. I have nothing and I'm afraid I'm going to get cancer because this has been a long time running thing. They are either going to kill me or they are going to give me cancer and kill me. There's no other thing.

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: November 30, 2018 07:54AM

You've endured a lot of "stormy weather" lately.

You need more help than this board can give you. Please contact your local community mental health agency and tell them that you need to see a counselor. Explain your problems to the person who takes your call. The counselor will be able to help you to sort out your problems with this family. A bunch of well-meaning internet strangers are just not up to the task.

Best of luck to you.

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Posted by: Mother Who Knows ( )
Date: November 30, 2018 09:19AM

Summer is our "expert". Her advice is spot-on. Get help. This is more than you and your partner can deal with. Social services will help you contact the police, if you need to. You are describing criminal behavior in these psychopaths.

Don't give up!

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