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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 08:38PM

Global Warming, anyone?

UT AZ NV & other desert SW areas are in SERIOUS DO-DO, ... Has Mr. Nelson or members of his-the inner circle heard about this, devised or announced God's Mind & Will on this?

I guesss not...

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Posted by: [|] ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 08:49PM

Russ doesn't need to - Lorenzo announced god's will last century:

The people need to be more diligent in paying their tithing. Then Elohim will open the windows of heaven.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 09:01PM

Problem is what comes outta those windows . . .

If every time it rains, it rains, pennies from heaven (Shooby Dooby)
Don't you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven (Shooby Dooby)
You'll find your fortune falling all over town
Each red and yella umbrella is up up up up upside down and...

Trade them all for a pack of a gum, sunshine and ravioli . . .

So Yay. Huh? Packs of gum for everyone! And ravioli too! Isn't Heavenly Father wonderful!

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 11:24PM


Professional Help is available, should or migh or could help...

just sayin'

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Posted by: Tevai ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 11:31PM

Add CA to the list.

No rainy season at all this year in southern California (although I think we had a couple of days in which a few drops fell, and I mean that literally).

It is a very serious situation, and no one knows how to deal with it (except for using as little as is possible of our current stores of water).

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Posted by: Kathleen ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 11:49PM

Hard to keep my plants alive up here in Northern CA.

Fire danger is extreme.

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Posted by: Tevai ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 12:23AM

kathleen Wrote:
> Hard to keep my plants alive up here in Northern
> CA.
> Fire danger is extreme.

I am with you, kathleen.

It is scary.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: June 03, 2021 11:50PM

Rusty needs to grow his hair out, put on a Levite robe, get a Gandalf-sized staff, and do his best Moses impression.

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Posted by: caffiend ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 12:00AM

Huge amounts of foot-acres of water are flushed down the Saccramento River to protect the habitat of the Delta smelt. He said, "The smelt is essentially extinct, there are so few. The chances of bringing it back are remote."

He suggests that the Delta smelt be decared extinct so that water can be used for agriculture and regular human needs. Does the last gasp preservation of the smelt warrant the deprivation of this vital resource for so many other people and interests?

It's a harsh solution, sort of like, "Grandma has been comatose for so long. Do we want to expend all our resources on keeping her heart going, just on the chance she'll recover, for a while?"

I'm agnostic on this. I'm an Easterner. So far, we're okay on water, but there does seem to be a shortage on common sense (We keep electing the same jerks over and over!)

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Posted by: valkyriequeen ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 12:15AM

Utah’s Governor Cox was on the news tonight, asking everyone, no matter what religious affiliation you may be, to pray all during this weekend for rain. He said Devine intervention is our only hope now.

I thought this was the job for Russel Nelson to do?

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Posted by: Shinehah ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 01:28PM

Most people will pray for rain.

Rural Utah Mormons will pray for 'moisture'.

Oh me of little faith doesn't believe either will make a bit of difference.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 01:37PM

Cuz . . uh . . . Heavenly Father likes it when you beg.

Divine Intervention? Yeah. That works every time! Hahaha ha.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 07:41PM

Heavenly Father doesn’t like porn filters

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Posted by: gemini ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 03:33PM

The reaction to Cox's call for prayer has been interesting. The TBMs are praising him for it. Everyone else is,frankly, embarassed that a government official is using his hope of divine intervention as a way to deal with this drought crisis.

I appreciated a few of the comments that pointed out the thousands of LDS church buildings with lush green grass and sprinklers going full blast during the day. How about Cox asking the big wigs at the COB to turn that water down or off and let those lawns brown up a bit? THAT would send a strong message to the sheeple that even their church leaders are willing to do their part in conserving water.

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Posted by: Shinehah ( )
Date: June 05, 2021 11:59AM

Many Mormons of my mother's generation were certain that one of the reasons the pioneers came West was to make the desert blossom as a rose. The best way to accomplish that was to put every drop of available water on the land. That attitude has carried over to the landscaping of church buildings.
Another case where a few words of real leadership from Rusty and the other corporate leaders could make a huge difference in the real world. Instead they appear content to carry on about ministering and the covenant path etc.

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Posted by: RPackham ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 03:30PM

Oregon is also suffering, especially the area around Klamath Falls, where all the farming is dependent on irrigation, 100%. But the water authorities have shut off ALL water to farmers because of a treaty with the local native Americans to protect the habitat of their traditional fisheries. It is almost a war-like situation there, with farmers threatening to use force to open the irrigation valves.

Where we live, west of the Cascades, it is also bad, although not quite as bad as there. The hay fields are producing only half as much hay as usual; the forests are going dry. What hay is available is very expensive (we raise beef cattle). Wells are going dry.

Yeah, prayer will do a lot of good, based on past experience. Maybe it's all a part of God's Plan to clean up the planet by killing off the anti-vaxxers (ALL of the recent covid cases in our area have been people who were NOT vaccinated) and other stupid people (who are buying up local hay fields to plant wine grapes!)

(end of rant)

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Posted by: Brother Of Jerry ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 04:06PM

The entire southwest is in severe to exceptional drought, including the entire Colorado River basin. The Green River is a major tributary to the Colorado, and the most northerly section of that, in west central Wyoming, is not yet in severe drought. That is the only part of the Colorado drainage basin that is not bone dry.

Several reservoirs in central Utah are **starting** the summer bone dry.

August is going to be ugly.

If next winter remains dry, the entire SW US will be in a world of hurt.

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Posted by: cl2notloggedin ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 05:12PM

When I was a working girl in my early 20s, I'd wash my car every weekend on my parents' front lawn and it was during a drought. My dad was a farmer. It never failed, every time I washed my car, it rained. My dad used to tell me to please go wash my car.

It worked better than fasting.

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Posted by: heartbroken ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 05:13PM

As usual, The Mormon church is slow to act and needs to follow instead of lead. They should have switched to drought friendly landscaping long ago. Now they'll be forced to watch the church lawns turn brown. They can use some of the 100 billion to re-landscape.

When visiting Arizona I was shocked to see Mormon church buildings surrounded by green lawns when the houses and businesses in the area had yards of cactuses and gravel. Why does LDS Inc. insist on green lawns in areas with low precipitation? Why not work with the natural environment? Succulent plants are beautiful.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: June 04, 2021 06:17PM

The amount of water in the atmosphere + on earth is constant!

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Posted by: DaveinTX ( )
Date: June 05, 2021 11:00AM

Yes it is. And its all coming to SE Texas..... I have had more than a foot at my house in just over three weeks, with more still to come over next few days.

Come get it and take it back to UT and the West.

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Posted by: montanadude ( )
Date: June 05, 2021 11:13AM

Dear Mormon Space Daddy, we pray to you provide us moisture and please bless the donuts that they will nourish and strengthen my loins.

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Posted by: #1Son ( )
Date: June 05, 2021 06:43PM

Friend who live and farm in North Dakota tell me they are in real trouble with no rain. Dry land farming there.

The State is the top Wheat producer in the US. Also in 7 other crops.

Ranked in the top 10 in 20 different farm crops.

Some areas irrigate with sprinkler systems. Most don't

All farms are "Family Owned" as State law makes it illegal for big Corporations to own farms and ranches. Has to be owned by a legal North Dakota resident - and small family corporation is OK.

The State is where much of the Wheat for Pasta is grown.

Whole Central US "flyover" country is rich with farming and ranching. If the crops fail the country will be hurting a lot more than if lawns dry up in Utah.

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Posted by: oldpobot ( )
Date: June 06, 2021 12:14AM

I work with the grains industry here in Western Australia. We export about 15 million tonnes of wheat and barley every year. Climate change is reducing our inland rainfall significantly. Poor crop outlook in the US is ironically lifting the prices that Australian exporters will achieve this year.

Interestingly, farmers here have been able to maintain yields despite less rain by switching to drought resistant basic varieties and learning how to conserve soil moisture. Nevertheless, the desert is slowly, inexorably, moving closer to the coast.

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