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Posted by: Phazer ( )
Date: September 03, 2021 01:18PM

The admin cz said I had a hateful post and closed it. Called new branch.

Here is a study.

Be weary of Afghan refugees. 100k imported and many have zero vetting state. Hopefully none are Taliban ISIS mixed in.

Kabul was a real cluster. Be watchful. Many soldiers and contractors serving and working in Afghanistan for decades have given first hand accounts about the abnormal societal norms Afghan men practice. Along with Swedish, German, Dutch crime stories reported. So it isn't baseless.

If you think a 100k Afghans helped the U.S. Army then I got a beach front property to sell you in Kasas.

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Posted by: Concrete Zipper ( )
Date: September 03, 2021 01:22PM

Here's what the Southern Poverty law Center says about your "source":

Founded in 1985 by John Tanton, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has gone on to become the go-to think tank for the anti-immigrant movement with its reports and staffers often cited by media and anti-immigrant politicians. CIS’s much-touted tagline is “low immigration, pro-immigrant,” but the organization has a decades-long history of circulating racist writers, while also associating with white nationalists.

Again, clean up your act or go post somewhere else.

CZ (admin)

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