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Posted by: schrodingerscat ( )
Date: September 23, 2021 06:37PM

“Fossil footprints show humans in North America more than 21,000 years ago
The footprints are the earliest firm evidence for humans in the Americas and show people must have arrived here before the last Ice Age.“

Kinda throws a monkey wrench into the whole narrative of the Book of Mormon, not to mention the Biblical timeline.

How do believers account for this huge discrepancy?

If I were still a believer I’d probably say the timeline of the Bible was obviously misinterpreted and Adam and Eve had to live a lot earlier than the Biblical account.

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: September 23, 2021 06:44PM,2395560

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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: September 23, 2021 10:12PM

but my guess is there weren't that many.

A few groups went down the west coast and down to Tierra del Fuego and some of these people eventually ventured inland.

Either way, it was way, way, way before 4004 BCE.

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Posted by: schrodingerscat ( )
Date: September 23, 2021 10:58PM

We have no way of knowing how many, but it’s interesting, that humans were here not that long after leaving Africa.
Maybe Bigfoot is not so far fetched?
Maybe there were much more ancient human species here. We are discovering new, more ancient species of humans all the time. They just discovered a 156,000 y.o. ‘Dragon Man’ and Dali Man in China. That’s about 100,000 years before Homo Sapiens arrived in Europe.

They were archaic Homo Sapiens, Both of which we likely interbred with, along with Denisovans and Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens who were in Europe and Asia at least 250,000 years before we showed up to breed them out of existence.

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Posted by: bradley ( )
Date: September 23, 2021 11:16PM

Or a global civilization lived on coastal plains before being flooded out by the sea level rising hundreds of feet. There are a lot of flood myths.

21,000 years isn't that long ago. We left Africa maybe 60K years ago. Aboriginals have been in Australia for over 45K years. None of that is really a showstopper for Mormonism. They can move the goalposts.

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Posted by: slskipper ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 10:27AM

No, No, no! Those are the footprints of Elohim, Jehovah and Michael (and maybe a few of their wives, but nobody ever talks about them) as they were observing conditions generally during the creation of the earth from chunks of other planets that contained all those dinosaur bones! We have discovered the footprints of God! Back to church, everybody.

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Posted by: Nightingale ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 07:56PM

slskipper Wrote:
> We have discovered the footprints of God!


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Posted by: Chicken N. Backpacks ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 12:59PM

Someone shared this on my facebook feed and incredibly there 2 or 3 people that said "That can't be right" because the world is only about 6k years old.

Of course, as I always say, these are the same kind of people who cannot possibly comprehend hundreds of generations of dinosaurs walking around on top of the fossils of hundreds of generations of the own dinosaur ancestors.

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Posted by: schrodingerscat ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 03:09PM

Arguing with creationists is like arguing with flat Earthers.
There is no convincing a fool with reason when they never used reason to arrive at their opinions in the first place.

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