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Posted by: run0emma0run ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 07:41PM

The similarities are eerie in the 2 cases talked about in this podcast titled “When You Need It To Be True”
2 stories about how easy it can be to believe in a false reality — even when the facts don’t back us up.

The story begins with audio of the UFO cult of 1954 in Oak Park, IL.

One quote: "When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance," Festinger wrote in A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance.

And, Dorothy kept saying “the plan has never gone astray.”

Sound familiar?

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 07:46PM

I am not sure what planet Bednar is from, but I doubt it's Earth.

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Posted by: [|] ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 07:49PM

Kolob, of course.

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Posted by: Rubicon ( )
Date: October 10, 2021 01:53AM


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Posted by: bradley ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 11:32PM

Bednar is living proof that certain jobs benefit from delusions of grandeur.

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Posted by: Rubicon ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 10:58PM

They both want to be beamed to a better planet.

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Posted by: Rubicon ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 11:02PM

It’s basically brainwashing. I learned it can be anything in the cult belief system. The dogma does not matter. It’s the cult programming. That’s the glue. You literally have to unprovram people and that isn’t easy.

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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: October 09, 2021 11:31PM

In his book The Message Given to me by Extraterrestrials (now republished as Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers 2006 ISBN 2-940252-20-3), Vorilhon claims that on 13 December 1973, he found a spacecraft shaped like a flattened bell that landed inside Puy de Lassolas, a volcano near the capital city of Auvergne. A 25,000-year-old human-like extraterrestrial inside the spacecraft named Yahweh said that Elohim was the name that primitive people of Earth called members of his extraterrestrial race—who were seen as "those who came from the sky". Yahweh explained that Earth was originally void of life, with thick clouds and shallow seas, but the Elohim came, broke apart the clouds, exposed the seas to sunlight, built a continent, and synthesized a global ecosystem. Solar astronomy, terraformation, nanotechnology, and genetic engineering allowed Elohim to adapt life to Earth's thermal and chemical makeup.[21]

Yahweh gave materialistic explanations of the Garden of Eden, a large laboratory that was based on an artificially constructed continent;[22] Noah's Ark, a spaceship that preserved DNA that was used to resurrect animals through cloning;[23][24] the Tower of Babel, a rocket that was supposed to reach the creators' planet;[25] and the Great Flood, the byproduct of a nuclear missile explosion that the Elohim sent.[26] After tidal wave floods following the explosions receded, Elohim scattered the Israelites and had them speak the language of other tribes.[25][27]

According to Vorilhon, Elohim contacted about forty people to act as their prophets on Earth,[28] including Moses,[29][30][31] Elijah,[29] Ezekiel,[32] Buddha,[30][31][33] John the Baptist,[34] Jesus,[29][30][31] Muhammad,[30][31][33] and Joseph Smith.[30][33] The religions thought to be from Elohimic origins include Judaism,[29] Buddhism,[33] Christianity,[29] Islam,[33] and Mormonism.[33]

From the Raëlian point of view, religious texts indicate that the Elohim would return at the age of Apocalypse or Revelation (unveiling of the truth). Humans from another world would appear to drop down from the sky and meet in the embassy they have asked Raël to build for them and share their advanced scientific knowledge with humanity. Thus, one of their stated main goals of the Raëlian movement is to inform as many people as possible about this extraterrestrial race.[35]

The controversy surrounding the origins of Raelian beliefs centers on the writings of several authors in the late 1960s. Jean Sendy, a French writer, translator, and author of books on the esoteric and UFOs wrote several novels detailing the creation of Earth by extraterrestrials.[35] One of the best known researchers in this field is Erich von Däniken, the 'father' of the Ancient Astronauts theory, which postulates that Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrials in the remote past.

With the publication of Chariots of the Gods? in 1968, Erich von Däniken introduced the intervention theory to the general public. Von Däniken wrote that the technologies and religions of ancient civilizations were granted by extraterrestrials worshiped as gods. Von Däniken argued that only extraterrestrial intervention can explain the higher technological knowledge presumed to be essential for the production of ancient artifacts such as the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge and the Moai of Easter Island. Humans in ancient times considered this extraterrestrial high-tech to be supernatural and the aliens themselves to be 'gods'.[36] One can find direct parallels to the messages that Vorilhon claimed to have received and written about in his books. Marie-Hélène Parent, ex-guide Raëlian priest, describes Sendy and Vorilhon meeting several times for drinks and conversation throughout the years of 1973 and 1974, prior to Vorilhon's claimed extraterrestrial encounter.[37]
Humanity's chance of creating life on other planets

Raëlians believe that humanity would be able to create life on other planets only if it is peaceful enough to stop war. If done, humanity could travel the distances between stars[14] and create life on another planet.[15] Progress in terraformation, molecular biology,[16] and cloning would enable these teams to create continents and life from scratch.[17] Progress in social engineering would ensure that this creation would have a better chance of both surviving as well as having the potential to understand its creators.[18] Research on how globalization would occur on another planet would allow scientists to decide what traces of their origin should be left behind so that their role in life creation would someday be revealed.[19] The progress achieved by the science teams would ultimately sustain a perpetual chain of life.[20]
A coming judgement

Raëlians do not believe in reincarnation as dictated by mystical writings because they do not believe that an ethereal soul exists free of physical confinement.[38] Instead the Raëlians think that advanced supercomputers of the Elohim are right now recording the memories and DNA of human beings.[39] When Elohim release this information for the coming resurrection, people would be brought back from the dead and the judgments upon them would be realized based on actions in their past life. People excluded from physical recreation would include those who achieved nothing positive but were not evil.[40] Vorilhon expressed an interest in cloning Hitler for war trials and retroactive punishment.[41] Raël also mentioned cloning as the solution to terrorism by suicide attacks, as the perpetrators would not be able to escape punishment by killing themselves if the Elohim recreated them after their attacks.[42]

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Posted by: squirrely ( )
Date: October 13, 2021 06:49PM

The big similarity is waiting for the spaceship or Jesus to come back. They never come back. Please come back. It's much worse than waiting for a refund from the IRS.

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