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Posted by: Roy G Biv ( )
Date: July 28, 2023 06:30PM

Laughter is an innate quality in humans. It starts as baby. We make faces, noises, play peek-boo, etc. and love to see them squeal with laughter. As they grow we may tickle (gently of course) or act a little goofy in front of them. We literally encourage the laughter and the louder the better.

At what point does a mormon need to "righteous up" and stop laughing loud....what they have been doing and been encouraged to do since birth? When they start primary? When they become a deacon or start the young women's program?

And what if something is really funny? Is it a sin to want to laugh and repress it? Wouldn't that be like lusting but just not acting on it?

In the words of EOD "I got's to know!"

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: July 28, 2023 06:49PM

"Could God laugh so loud that He shattered all the matter in the universe down to its most basic particles?  Is that what the Big Bang was...and will be?  Also, if there is a God Particle, is there also a Devil Particle, and what does it smell like?  And is rap singing allowed in the CK...  Is gospel rap a thing?"

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: July 29, 2023 06:13AM

At what point does a mormon need to "righteous up" and stop laughing loud?

When members experience something so absurd and ridiculous during the endowment session in the temple. They make members take an oath to repulse their laughter.

I took one look at myself in the mirror while wearing a baker's hat, god awful polyester white jump suit and stupid bathroom slippers. I wanted to pin a Barnum & Bailey sign to my front pocket because I thought I had joined some sort of circus. I looked like a freak!

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: July 29, 2023 10:54AM

I was watching a movie (or perhaps a slide show) in a high school world religions class that introduced Mormonism. This would have been about the mid-70s. When the narrator talked about how "the angel took the plates away" from Joseph, I wanted to hoot with laughter. But I was raised to be generally polite, so I didn't.

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Posted by: valkyriequeen ( )
Date: July 29, 2023 10:47AM

"Laughter is the best Medicine" (Reader's Digest) and, lest we forget, " A merry heart doeth the soul good like a medicine."

I'm a loud laugher and I sound like a car engine that has trouble starting up when I really get going with the humor.

Humor and laughter have gotten me through some mighty hard times.

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Posted by: Done & Done ( )
Date: July 29, 2023 10:53AM

As absurd as it is to believe that God would keep you out of the CK for drinking something as benign as coffee, it is even more ridiculous that loud laughter is in nearly the same category.

The loud laughter thing was a shocker to hear in the temple. Not as much as the upside down pentagrams on the wall, but, still!

Let's say there is a God. You think he is happy about the fact that Religion has made all his best work, all his gifts to humanity, verboten? No wonder he just ignores Planet Earth now. I'm sure his last words before packing up is magic tricks and hieing off to Kolob were, "To Hell with it".

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Posted by: messygoop ( )
Date: July 29, 2023 04:48PM

I can not express my full anguish and disgust of being conned into making a covenant to surrender my sense of humor. I felt completely ambushed being cornered into a situation where I promised to never indulge in loud laughter. If it weren't for my sense of humor and the ability to laugh, I would have contemplated suicide.

Nowadays anyone can look up and or watch what really goes on in the temple. The stupid church even gives itself credit for being open and transparent~ whatever! It wasn't that way 30+ years ago. They had this so-called temple prep gospel doctrine class that all 18 year olds were expected to attend. 52 weeks of nothing burger lessons- think basic tenants of church teachings- faith, obedience, law of chastity (that was a whole month's worth of MoF teachings/quotes).

And here I had very simple questions.

-So I obtain my TR and want to attend the temple. I just show up at the Oakland Temple and what happens next?

Brother Pious- Messy, you can't just drop in at the temple. You have to make an appointment.

-So I call them up? What do I tell them? What do I say?

Brother Pious- I can't answer those specific questions. The temple is so sacred that we can only read what is written in the temple prep handbook.

My point: The Temple Prep did nothing to answer genuine questions. I didn't even know how long a session might last.

I eventually learned that members attend the temple to do a "session". Not an endowment session- I found that out when I walked in to sign in and was asked what my purpose was. I really had no clue as to what to expect. I would have answered "I expect to see Jesus, the son of God." Afterall, the church always implied that he was hanging out there. My mom answered that I was "going thru for the first time."

And then I got naked and touched, but that nightmare is for another day.

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Posted by: madeguy ( )
Date: July 31, 2023 10:41PM

When you leave you can laugh all you want. Then you will know how Fu*ked up they are.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/31/2023 10:41PM by madeguy.

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Posted by: Finance Clerk ( )
Date: August 01, 2023 12:19AM

I thought the took the loud laughter thing our in the last few years along with wives having to obey their husbands and such.

It other things, if I understand correctly, it's no longer a thing. Just like throat slitting and such. But I could be wrong. Those in the know, please advise.

That reminds me. I asked a stake president counselor once, if those who went to the temple before the oaths changed and things got easier and slightly less creepy...since they took the sacred oath to obey their husbands (period), submit to execution (three different ways), and avoid laughing we have to obey those, or can we toss those aside willy nilly and just go with the new stuff. He had no answer. I think it's important for members to understand if they are still obligated to the stuff they swore before God years ago to obey or not. I'm confused!

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