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Posted by: get her done ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 03:18PM

Lawful or not?

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Posted by: runtu ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 03:21PM

It's like free birthday meals. They're counting on the missionary bringing his/her family, who will all be paying.

Just a marketing gimmick. When we passed it the other day, DW said, "We should dig out our old missionary nametags and see if they'll give us a free meal."

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Posted by: omreven ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 03:56PM

Everybody has a birthday, not everybody is a missionary.

It's annoying, but what can 'ya do?

Otherwise, we all know which restaurant to avoid on Wednesdays.

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Posted by: runtu ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 04:04PM

Wednesday is when new missionaries enter the MTC. They are almost always accompanied by their families, and if they're coming from the north, they will be getting off at University Parkway to get to the MTC.

So, the banner is there for all those people driving to the MTC on Wednesday mornings. What a blessing! The first restaurant they pass is offering a free meal to their missionary son or daughter.

Religious discrimination? Sure, but I'm certain IHOP does a brisk business on Wednesday mornings.

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Posted by: nomilk ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 03:21PM

Those kids will travel as far was they can get away with (locally we have milage limits) for a free meal.

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Posted by: Every Member a Janitor ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 03:25PM

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Posted by: bignevermo ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 03:59PM

hell they dont have to charge anybody for that matter
!oops edited for update....perhaps i am wrong!! after RP weighed in i have to reassess!
i guess that why i dont have a JD!!! :)

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Posted by: Itzpapalotl ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 04:12PM

I seem to get food poisoning or stomach discomfort everytime I eat there. Even the coffee has made me ill. If you have to do a dive, there's always Denny's and VI.

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Posted by: donbagley ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 02:01AM

For flash heated frozen food, it's not too revolting. But I must say that bait and switch is alive and well. Try to get some stuffed French toast.

Not recommended.

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Posted by: Sateda ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 04:19PM

... a complaint for doing exactly that. A missionary from another denomination asked for the discount. It created quite a stir in the media for a short time. I honestly do not remember the outcome, but price discrimination is illegal in most cases. Apparently, IHOP did not hear about the previous case.

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Posted by: no-mo-mo ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 05:36PM

They should've given the discount to the missionary regardless of denomination, that would've been the easiest thing to do.

I guess birthday discounts are illegal too then.

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Posted by: Templar ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 01:35AM

Since everyone with a ligitimate birthday once a year is entitled to a discounted meal, it would not be.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 04:25PM

Does 'Missionary POSITION' qualify???

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Posted by: Hmmm... ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 09:56PM


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Posted by: RPackham ( )
Date: October 25, 2011 05:01PM

Somebody in Orem or Provo should take a photo of the ad or sign and send it to the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, WI. They have been successful in putting a stop to such religious discounting, such as restaurants which give a discount to people who bring in a copy of the program from their church's Sunday services.

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Posted by: slskipper ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 12:08PM

AIT Wrote:
> ,3a,75y,35.67h,75.95t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sULCetlxu
> N0SkoxhHyks9Ug!2e0

Going by the sign on your link, the meal is not free at all. You have to buy a meal first. Typical merchandising bamboozle- call it "FREE" and everybody thinks it really is.

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Posted by: verilyverily ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 01:13AM

It has to be all mishies from ALL religions to be legal.
If anyone knows of mishies in other religions, go to Ihop on Wednesday in Orem and make them put their money where their mouth is. Please report back about the serious stink that is going to happen.

OMG - they actually have a street called "FREEDOM" Blvd in Provo, Utah? That is so insane as to be funny.

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Posted by: gotta go anon ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 08:48PM

LMAO. Used to live on that damn block. In "Cinnamon Tree" Apts. I'd walk along a sketch alleyway behind the parking lot to smoke cigarettes so I wasn't reported to the honor code and prevented from graduating college.

FREEEEEDOOOOM!!! Just wanted to be free of all the dumb.

And that Denny's on Freedom Blvd ran the same mish eat free deal..

I've never seen it as crowded as 12:30 AM monday mornings.

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Posted by: jonny ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 11:17PM

Oh come on, don't be anon, I lived there too, but I didn't go smoke. I only had a couple wine coolers. It was 200 west back in the day. a little boring road with Reams and a theatre.

Freedom my ass, that is where I gave it away!!

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Posted by: cultivate ( )
Date: May 26, 2014 12:01AM

Shouldn't have gone anon. I preferred beer with my smokes :)

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Posted by: Hmmm... ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 11:28PM

But how is that remotely fair even to young Mormons who truly wanted to serve a mission but could not due to serious health or other conditions? Should that young person be denied the free benefit being offered the chosen elite or suffer the humiliation of having of explain self? Or just pay, or simply do without or be left out while others enjoy?

On the face of it, offering a free meal to someone serving their church seems like a kind and generous gesture, but as with any activity inspired by questionable motive, in this case quite obvious PR value, there is a very insensitive underbelly that become very hurtful and emotionally toxic to those labeled "unworthy."

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Posted by: Tevai ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 01:43AM

I hope that anyone getting a free meal is tipping the server(s) at least the same amount as they would be tipping if they were paying for the same meal...

I really do hope they are.

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Posted by: madalice ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 02:11AM

Missionary of what?

Do couples have to show them videos to prove they are missionaries?

This is the perfect example of how tiny the world is to so many Utah mormons. They think there's only ONE type of missionary in the whole world, and they're it.

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Posted by: Mormon Observer ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 05:41AM

I'm glad some kindness is being shown to those poor kids.

My HT went to Provo/Orem on his mission and came back with impaired health.

He was a robust High School wrestler before he left on his
"Utah" mission.

He came back with acne and a wasted frame. He'd dropped at least 30 pounds and was in terrible health. It took him nearly two years to recover.

Why the change in health???
He was allotted $130 to live on in Provo! That was to include cleaning supplies, worn out socks, and food! Also any transportation costs he might have.

He was surviving on ramen noodles and hot dogs!

So at least they get one meal!

The members didn't feed him on his mission that $130 was stretched pretty thin.

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Posted by: Hmmm... ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 11:48PM

Like most people I do not grudge a young person receiving a free meal. What I find a source of concern is that not enough free meals are being given. Then it would be entirely fair to ask, "if giving a free meal is not wrong, and no one can feed everyone free of charge, where does one draw the line?"

Growing up my foster parents weren't what anyone would describe as awesome, but they certainly were not without many great qualities. Among them there was always an effort to be sensitive to social injustice. They tried to teach us that if you didn't have enough of whatever to share with everybody you had to wait to enjoy whatever it was for yourself.

So that is where I believe the line of public generosity should be drawn. If you lack the resources to offer everyone who wants onea free meal, then perhaps it shouldn't be offered at all.

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Posted by: Hmmm... ( )
Date: May 26, 2014 12:16AM

Many here are quite quite rightly compassionate about the need for missionaries to receive better nutrition. That's an issue that really pegs my inanity meter. These young people PAY MONEY for the privilege of becoming a door to door sales force for a MULTI-HUNDRED BILLION dollar operation free of any tax obligation or financial oversight. Yet for all that staggering wealth, LDS, Inc. allows these kids to languish in poverty and literal starvation.

Why does not the Mormon church themselves provide at least one free meal a week to their starving missionaries? I believe it is because as a non-profit these LDS, Inc cannot relieve a taxbreak from an act of GENUINE CHARITY, and would rather these earnest servants die of malnutrition before spending one dime of their vast billions even to benefit one of "their own."

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Posted by: txnevermo ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 07:37AM

I grew up in Orem. There was a restaurant doing this at one point, I think it was Hamburger World near the mall (does anyone remember that place? I LOVED it). Anyway, my dad, who was a local Christian pastor, went in and told them he was a missionary. I don't think they liked it, but they did give him a free meal. He usually put up with most of the Mormon nonsense without complaint, but he was irritated by that one.

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Posted by: rationalist01 ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 04:56PM

It's legal if they include every kind of "missionary." Other religions, for example. To be strictly legal, they'd have to include me, as I proselyte reason, free thought and rationality.

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Posted by: scarecrowfromoz ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 08:10PM

Next (and every) Wednesday hundreds of people should show up claiming to be missionaries. Is there somewhere to get a card saying you are an official missionary to tell people that Mormonism is a fraud?

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Posted by: jiminycricket ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 08:20PM

We need picket signs in the shape of the MormonThink business card. Every Wednesday becomes picket day on the public sidewalk.
Wow, what an opportunity for the ex-mo community in Orem.

jc ☺

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Posted by: stillburned ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 09:50PM

Of course it's lawful.

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Posted by: Heartless ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 10:56PM

Lawful? Absolutely.

Thousands of businesses offer military or cash discounts.
Many comp part or all of certain clients bills.
Our local grocer used to give a ham or chicken for free to families he knew were struggling.
What about free lunch on birthdays?

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Posted by: thingsithink ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 11:26PM

Why don't I ever know the answer to questions like this?

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Posted by: Hervey Willets ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 11:28PM

That could end the promotion real fast. And a plate of free pancakes ain't worth two prime years of your life.

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Posted by: An observer ( )
Date: May 25, 2014 11:52PM

to be legal and non-discriminatory, but if someone makes an issue of it, the franchise owner would just stop offering it publicly and let the missionaries know privately that they could still eat free. That would be entirely legal. There is no restriction on business owners giving free goods or services at their own discretion as private charity.

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