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Posted by: Stunted ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 06:00PM

I don't have a problem with a call for peace. What I don't get is who the people behind it think they are going to reach or convince.

They start by putting up a quote by Old Spencer Kimble. This automatically limits their potential audience to active Mormons. Second, they seem to be asking this limited audience of active Mormons to think for themselves. Do they really expect that to go over with the "go to meetings every week" Mormons?

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Posted by: Whiskey_Tango ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 06:35PM

Kimball was just speaking as a man anyways...Anything he said was just "Folklore".

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Posted by: Lucky ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 06:45PM

MORmONS hate everybody! Including and especially other MORmONS !

a large part of the appeal of the MORmON religion is the notion that ppl who dont go along with what MORmONS and God ( remember in MORmON minds the two are nearly one and the same !! ) want are going to get taken down in a very brutal fashion. just read the BOM for examples. oh and then remind yourself that Joe Smith got taken out in similar fashion, BUT FOR VERY DIFFERENT REASONS!
IT MUST BE SO because thats the official MORmON *explanation* !

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Posted by: Stunted ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 06:52PM

Does anybody on this board know who is behind the campaign? Do they really think/hope they are going to have some kind of impact on the general church population?

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Posted by: archytas ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 07:18PM

I'm not familiar with this.

Are they pacifist mormons?

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Posted by: Stunted ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 07:41PM

Here's a link if you want to see for yourself:

warlikepeople dot com

I don't know what an LDS Liberty project is, but that's what's at the bottom of the page along with a disclaimer saying they are in no way affiliated with TSCC.

Again, I have to problem with the idea of peace, I just don't know how far this campaign can possible go.

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Posted by: Socrates2 ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 08:27PM

Here's a quote from one of their articles:

"America is special. But using the point of a gun to spread “democracy” is nothing other than the wrong side of the War in Heaven, fighting against the liberty to choose (agency) – here in the flesh down on Earth."

Wow, aside from the religious bs, I agree. Here's another on:

"Mitt Romney does not “renounce war.” And he is not lifting the standard of peace. Of the two plans proposed in the war in heaven – Romney’s ideas fit into the plan of compulsion/force – not persuasion."

Not bad. But then why is my "ulterior motive" radar screaming at me? Why do I sense this is some kind of lds splinter group that may be pacifist but, at core, is something worse than LDS Inc? Some polyg group? Some uber-TBMs?

Who knows?

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Posted by: MJ ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 08:35PM

So, a Utah ad campaign targeting Mormons is targeted at one of the biggest demographic groups in Utah. If you watch carefully, you will find that most advertising is targeted to a particular demographic group in some way or another.

Second, I have no problem with add that try to get Mormons to think for themselves. The phrase "New Order Mormon" speaks to the fact that there are at least some Mormons thinking for themselves. I think encouraging this sort of trend is only a good thing.

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Posted by: Stunted ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 09:20PM

Even if this campaign succeeds beyond their wildest dreams and every Mormon in Utah climbed on the bandwagon and startd demanding peace, where would that get them? Less than 2% of the population just isn't going to make much difference on the national level.

Socrates was kind enough to pull a few of their quotes but each and everyone of them could be countered decisively by the bretheren. All they'd have to do is stand up in conference and read the chapter on the Title of Liberty from the Book of Mormon and they'd whip the faithul into a war mongering frenzy.

Maybe Socrates is right and there are ulterior motives in play. This whole thing could just be an anti-Mitt thing. I drive by the bilboard everyday and it always makes me wonder.

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Posted by: MJ ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 10:41PM

As a long time gay rights advocate I have come to learn that to make social change you have to chip away at the edges. You are looking for a magic bullet that will change everything. There is no such thing in social change. Some days ya gotta settle for just changing 1 person.

Then again, in Utah getting all the lds is 65% and you have changed a whole state.

And never forget, changing the mind of 2% of the population could result in a delta shift of 4% at the polls, plenty enough to change the outcome of many elections.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/02/2012 10:46PM by MJ.

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Posted by: ozpoof ( )
Date: May 02, 2012 10:29PM

One link opposes Romney's belligerent foreign policy.

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Posted by: josephsmyth ( )
Date: May 03, 2012 03:31AM

I sent

an email 2 weeks ago, asking,

Your billboard quotes SWK as saying,
"We are a WARLIKE people."

Which seems to be the message you're sending, both with the billboard and your website.

But the Ensign article where you took that quote from really condemns war as a false God.

And at the bottom of the website you quote God as saying to "renounce war and proclaim peace."

So which is it?

Seems like you're taking the words of your Prophet out of context and either using them for war mongering or demogogy, which isn't very Christian or ethical.

His response:

Thanks for the email,

I think if you spend more time on the website it will become clear what our intent is. By highlighting messages and scriptures that oppose war and support peace, we are suggesting that President Kimball was right, and that his assessment needs to be corrected.

In otherwords, the Saints were (and we currently are), generally, a warlike people -- that's not a statement of encouragement, but a negative indictment.

It's a condition that needs to be reversed. We're suggesting that the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of peace and that we should, as the scripture you referenced notes, be renouncing war and proclaiming peace, so as to no longer be a warlike people.



If urban blight on the side of the freeway heading towards the reddest county in America is going to make it the 2nd most red county in the country who's really going to give a sh!t?

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