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Posted by: mhodger ( )
Date: March 18, 2013 07:47AM

Recently I saw an article somewhere that reported that a Mission President had solicited several lady missionaries to become his plural wives, telling them that the practice was shortly to be reinstated and that they were to pray to obtain their own personal testimony of this but keep it secret. One did not and called her parents. The others kept it secret and had some kind of spiritual confirmation. Has anyone else seen that? It seems to have disappeared so far as I can tell, but I am certain I saw it but can't remember where.

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: March 18, 2013 08:39AM

Someone I know WELL was in the mission. He was already questioning the lds church at the time and this was one of the final straws. This MP was about to send my friend home from his mission at the time.

I believe there were 2 female missionaries (companions) who contacted their parents who then contacted SLC. He was removed immediately.

It happened in Australia.

I know that there was a thread about it some years back on postmormon. You may be able to search for it. You may even find someone on this board who knows about it--and maybe one who was there at the time. I think it was early 1980s.

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Posted by: gannosu ( )
Date: March 18, 2013 08:51AM

I remember reading of the incident but I my memory says it was in Europe, Germany? France?

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Posted by: vh65 ( )
Date: August 05, 2014 12:11PM

There was a group of missionaries in France who got into polygamy as well.

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Posted by: nickerickson ( )
Date: March 18, 2013 09:13AM

We had a post on here a while back about it also.

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Posted by: whitethunder ( )
Date: January 12, 2014 08:58PM

If memory serves me correctly, Dave Christian talked about this in his Mormon Stories interview. He was there at the time.

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Posted by: cl2 ( )
Date: January 12, 2014 11:21PM

Dave has been my therapist on and off for a LONG TIME. He told me this story years ago. And it was Australia.

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Posted by: anon now ( )
Date: January 13, 2014 02:43AM

This MP was our bishop (married student ward at U of U) in the early 70's. He had a fetish about polygamy back then, too, which contaminated his temple recommend interviewing practices...very painful and creepy to sit alone with him in his office..(I was a young bride at the time). I felt personally vindicated when he got the axe for acting out his inappropriate fantasy of building a kingdom/harem with his innocent female missionaries. Truly a creep.

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Posted by: Ragnar ( )
Date: January 13, 2014 02:58AM

But he was only 'following the prophet' (i.e., Joseph Smith, Jr.). He was doing EXACTLY what Joe did. Why is this fact lost on TBMs today?

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Posted by: Kendal Mint Cake ( )
Date: January 13, 2014 08:32AM

What did his wife think about it all? Is she still with him, and are they still active?

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Posted by: The other Sofia ( )
Date: January 13, 2014 08:36AM

What was his name?

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Posted by: Anon now ( )
Date: January 14, 2014 05:09PM

Not comfortable listing his full name, but his last name was Wright and he practiced dentistry in SLC.

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Posted by: Lookie Here ( )
Date: January 14, 2014 05:25PM

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Posted by: OATBM ( )
Date: August 05, 2014 11:32AM

Stumbled upon this thread. My wife was one of the few sister missionaries who did't buy into Pres. Wrights craziness. However after 30+ years of marriage it is still to this day a struggle for her. What makes me saddened is that she was never offered any kind of counseling after this fiasco and was sworn to never disclose any of it to anyone. Just recently we discussed it in great detail and she is beginning to finally heal.

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Posted by: Blake Wright ( )
Date: November 24, 2016 11:12AM

Please contact me! I'd love more information about my grandpa!

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Posted by: flecher ( )
Date: August 05, 2014 12:33PM

I met him, Feb. 1979. I was in a group of eight missionaries arriving at the Sydney, Australia airport. Two of the group were assigned to the Australia Sydney mission and the rest of us were making a connecting flight to Melbourne. He was there with one of his assistants to collect his elders. He said he knew which missionaries were his, because the rest of us were wearing "inappropriate ties". I didn't like him, he seemed strange. Two years later we met those two Sydney elders in New Zealand on the way home. They told us all about what happened, they said he also made them run while tracting.
I asked about him when I got home but no one wanted to tslk about it. I stopped attending a few months later.

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Posted by: Blake Wright ( )
Date: November 24, 2016 11:08AM

Hi! President Wright is my grandfather. If anyone served under him or has any information for me to learn more about this, I would be extremely grateful!

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Posted by: Honest TBM ( )
Date: November 24, 2016 04:10PM

One of the glorious traditions in Utah is for the men to quickly remarry (for eternity in plural marriage for eternity) very soon after their spouse dies.

So when has President Wright done this?

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Posted by: TXRancher ( )
Date: November 24, 2016 08:38PM

Funny you mention this. Years ago a well-respected and nice member of the stake presidency in Arizona had his wife pass away...she had been sick for a while (years?) and no idea what it was, but it finally took her life. Two weeks after the funeral he showed up in church with another woman and it was mentioned that they were going to get married and move.

Shocked me and made me wonder a few things.

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Posted by: TXRancher ( )
Date: November 24, 2016 08:39PM

OK, memories coming back....they _were_ already married. Ring on the finger and his arm around her during sacrament. It was surreal.

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Posted by: Mother Who Knows ( )
Date: April 29, 2018 08:28PM

We used to have a motto in the older LDS singles (my forced calling as co-chairman):

"How quickly we are replaced."

I knew women in the singles who would read the obituaries, and go to funerals of wives, in order to hit on the vulnerable widower.

My good-looking TBM next door neighbor married one of those. They had met at a party, and his wife was in a wheel chair and was dying. The woman watched the obituaries, and at the wife's funeral, the woman offered sympathy and dinners and to do his laundry, and clean his house, etc. She was over at his house every day. They would hide her car in the garage, overnight. In 3 months, they went from strangers to temple-marriage. She is a con-artist, and has bled him dry, financially, and has alienated his children.

Polygamy in the hereafter is not always a good thing for the man.

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Posted by: Babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: November 24, 2016 04:35PM

It's nice to see someone taking his religion seriously. Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows how to get laid.

Sometimes Wright is Wrong.

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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: November 25, 2016 05:40AM

will more and more people wish to return to "original" Mormonism?

This case might have more to do with sexual fantasy than religion but you can rationalise all sorts of behaviour in a religious context.

As more and more people leave the cult those that remain will be true believers in a strange world.

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Posted by: Agnes Broomhead ( )
Date: April 29, 2018 12:37AM

I'm assuming this story is about the New Zealand incident because Lanny Smartt wasn't called as an MP until a few months after this post in 2013. But still worth reading.

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Posted by: Amyjo ( )
Date: April 29, 2018 12:40PM

Pretty freaky.

Also a very Mormony thing to do. The MP knew TSCC history well. Just not well enough.

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