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Posted by: michaelm (not logged in) ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 06:00AM

How did they get gold fillings put in their mouths in the first place?

Does anyone have any source for the story earlier than this one of 1998?

It was told in this book, but not until 1999.
In the Strength of the Lord: The Life and Teachings of James E. Faust, pp 109–110

Poor people sacrificing their gold fillings and dental work sounds like either a miracle or lie. Did God put the gold in their mouths?

Why wasn't it talked about until 20 years after the Sao Paulo temple was dedicated?

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Posted by: forbiddencokedrinker ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 06:40AM

There are all kinds of charities that provide dental work for the poor and needy in developing countries.

Also, gold fillings inside teeth a very common in the third world, even without such charities. Two thousand an once gold is something you find in western markets. In developing regions, where it is often panned and mined, it may sell for a lot less, since it is only worth what people can pay for it.

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Posted by: michaelm (not logged in) ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 06:48AM

I'm skeptical about gold fillings in poor people's teeth at that time because an evangelical movement was occuring that God would replace silver amalgam with gold. If poor people commonly had gold it doesn't seem the spiritual movement would have had the impact it did.

This Brazil news story about it was from 1992.


English Translation

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Posted by: forbiddencokedrinker ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 10:26PM

Look, I know lots of immigrants, who lived in poverty, who either had gold fillings, or in some cases, gold capped teeth.

My ex-wife is from Uzbekistan. She lived through famines growing up. Half her teeth either have gold fillings, or are gold crowns.

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Posted by: michaelm (not logged in) ( )
Date: January 29, 2014 07:09AM

Since I originally posted this, I have learned that it makes sense to use gold because it lasts longer, so it saves the cost of having to replace fillings in the long term. I learned that the United States funded dental programs in Brazil (with the support of the Rockefeller foundation).
I have also learned that the percentage of people who lost teeth due to gum disease was (and still is) significantly higher in Brazil than in other countries.

So US tax dollars and charitable donations were being used to improve dental health in Brazil. Gold fillings were used to get the best longevity for those dollars. But teeth were falling out because of gum disease. And the Mormon church swoops in and encourages people to give that gold to them to build temples.

Imagine what could have been. A church could have organized a dental care program and encouraged people to donate those fillings from teeth that fell out to help fund improvements in gum care. The overall health of the people could have been the goal. But not the Mormons, no. Give us your fillings to help build the temple. You don't need teeth to pantomime slitting your own throat.'s.pdf

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Posted by: nonmo_1 ( )
Date: January 29, 2014 07:19AM

Just for historical perspective....the Jews in pre-WW2 Germany had lots of gold in their mouths for teeth and fillings. Why is this known?? Because when the Jews were rounded up and sent to the concentration camps, the Germans ripped the gold out of their mouths..

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Posted by: Ricardo ( )
Date: July 27, 2018 08:53PM

I was born in a middle/class home in Chile. My mom and grandmom had gold for fillings.

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 06:54AM

They had to wait until all the people who would be able to point out the fraudulence of the tale, were either dead or inactive.

Has anyone ever heard of anyone corroborating the story?

Have you noticed this faith promoting tales always happen "somewhere else"?

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Posted by: michaelm (not logged in) ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 07:06AM

That's how I see it too. Why did the story only come out in 1998 when the temple built with gold filling donations was dedicated in 1978?

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Posted by: forbiddencokedrinker ( )
Date: May 01, 2013 10:44AM

I know a lot of people from developing countries who have gold teeth. I have no idea how they could afford them, but I have seen it with my own eyes. My best guess is foreign charities, or gold fillings don't cost as much in Brazil. Also the price of gold didn't really skyrocket until after Glen Beck got everyone worked up over Obama destroying the dollar.

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Posted by: destiny ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 10:53AM

So someone is missing a filling and Fausty is carrying it around and showing it off? Have you ever lost a filling? It can be a killer. Why would TSCC even accept money from a source like that, let alone brag about it?

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Posted by: kilgravmaga ( )
Date: July 28, 2018 10:26AM

I was wondering that too. The story implies that they just knocked the fillings right out of the teeth, while they are still in the mouth.

I guess I could believe that some poor people would keep their rotten teeth after they've fallen out or been yanked out by a dentist.

The thing that gets me though... They hold up sacrificing poor people, while they are well fed, wearing expensive suits and cow-towed to day in and day out.

I'd have much more respect if they sold their temples to pay for people's gold fillings. :)

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Posted by: nonmo_1 ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 11:32AM

"He emphasized the need for Saints all over the world to begin to sacrifice for temple building. He recalled how, when the Sao Paulo Temple was being built, members in Argentina found ways to donate.

They gave the gold from their dental work to help pay on the temple, said President Faust. He explained that he had purchased some of that gold, for more than the market price, and has shown the gold fillings to various congregations to illustrate the nature of the sacrifice made by these members."

So...God NEEDS people to give Him their DENTAL work in order to build a house to honor HIM (God)??????

This is soooooo not right and against EVRYTHING that Christ taught...Mormons are so fvcking rich it's unbelievable. People gave up their gold dental work, which means another trip to the dentist to have their teeth ripped out or fillings redone.

If you believe as a Christian, As I recall, Christ died on the cross...for ALL of OUR sins, which means we don't have to pay that price.

And after all this and the gold used to pay for that temple, TSSC built a mall for billions of dollars...AND gave major retailers GREAT deals on rent just so the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and others will park a store in there.....And some people in South America had to or "wanted to" give this same "church" their teeth......

How incredibly arrogant......

"by their fruits, you will know them"...I agree completely....

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Posted by: michaelm (not logged in) ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 02:36PM

I think the story is a lie. I don't think that anybody gave gold fillings.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: July 28, 2018 11:04AM

President Faust was the Reverse Tooth Fairy. He’s probably Stan’s dentist.

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Posted by: StillAnon ( )
Date: April 30, 2013 11:50AM

Next up; Truly dedicated believers will sell their extra kidneys for the church.

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Posted by: JohnnyUtah ( )
Date: May 01, 2013 02:31AM

There's a church video of Faust talking about this. IIRC he even shows some of the fillings in his hand. The story is real; I'm not sure I understand why there's doubt on this one. It's not Mo-mo propaganda, it's just disturbing. It also coincides with beliefs I heard in Porto Alegre, Brazil that an area shouldn't have a temple until the local members have sacrificed enough for it, whatever that means.

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Posted by: michaelm (not logged in) ( )
Date: May 01, 2013 07:55AM

This is the only video I have seen.

Does the church video you have seen date before 1998? I ask because this story seems to have begun in 1998, based on a temple that was dedicated in 1978. Does anyone have anything before 1998? Where is the 20 years worth of videos and talks about sacrificing gold fillings? It seems to pop out of no where in 1998.

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: May 01, 2013 04:32AM

The most disturbing part of the story is that the Church accepted the gold fillings and either kept them, or cashed them in.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/01/2013 04:32AM by Stumbling.

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Posted by: JoD3:360 ( )
Date: May 01, 2013 10:37AM

I always have this image where Faust is standing, head thrown back in maniacal laughter and blood running down his elbow as he holds the yanked out teeth high in his clenched fist.

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Posted by: MexMom ( )
Date: July 28, 2018 01:34AM

Such arrogant, ignorant, selfish, disgusting, sick, nauseating, worthless bastards!!

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Posted by: Richard the Bad ( )
Date: May 01, 2013 10:43AM

A truly charitable organization would be proud of helping the poor get dental care, not stripping them of it.

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Posted by: madalice ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 07:29PM

My parents are in their 80's and have gold fillings in some of their teeth. It's the best and longest wearing filling. There was a time when gold was all they used. There are still people walking around from those days.

I think it's more likely that a dentist pulled teeth that were beyond repair. They kept them. There are dentists in America that do that. They can build up a nice little collection. I've also heard of morticians taking gold teeth from the dead.

It wouldn't surprise me if the gold came from a situation like that and the rest of the story was made up.

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Posted by: verilyverily ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 07:39PM

Did anyone see Schindler's List? Need I say more? Moron Nazis!

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Posted by: Paidinfull ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 08:34PM

Exactly! Sounds like Nazis in the Holocaust! If the story is true, it's disgraceful.

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Posted by: newnamenephi ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 08:18PM

Wait, wait...I don't think the obvious has been discussed...If a living person gave up their gold filling, what did they replace it with? The only way, logically, would be to remove the whole tooth. Otherwise, I believe it'd cost more to pull out the old filling and have it replaced with something different. Right?

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Posted by: NevermoinIdaho ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 08:59PM

I don't know about fillings, but I know of at least one gold crown that lasted it's owner nearly 50 years. Well beyond the expected lifetime of said crown. And I would be FURIOUS if I knew any individual who gave up ANY dental work (gold or otherwise) for anything! I can't think of a single thing that would be worth that sort of sacrifice! Hell, I am a churchgoing Christian who would tell anybody who told me to give anything like that to f*** off!

I seriously doubt anybody gave any fillings to build a temple...and honestly, if they did, I would want to bring in somebody to reverse the brainwashing! Outside the Mo-world of faith-promoting stories, this is TOTALLY INSANE.

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Posted by: not in idaho ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 10:21PM

My BIL is a dentist in Idaho.
He's salvaged enough gold from peoples teeth that he's made my sisters wedding ring setting and a few other pieces of jewelry.

When he was in dental school he worked at the mortuary. There was some gold collecting going on there also.

Just so you know. I've never known a dentist who didn't do this. All Americans.

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Posted by: sonoma ( )
Date: January 28, 2014 10:30PM

Look on the bright side...

No fillings means less teeth.

Less teeth means harder to eat.

Harder to set means easier to fast!

Isn't it Maaaaaaaarvelous!

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Posted by: zenjamin ( )
Date: January 29, 2014 01:03AM

Let's assume it is completely fabricated, this story of people sacrificing their gold teeth to a wealthy corporation.

Even as a tall-tale, that it is presented at all, in a laudatory manner, evidences how totally sick this cult really is.

Sick, sick, sick.

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Posted by: Dead Cat ( )
Date: July 28, 2018 12:32AM

I don't think the fillings were gold. He probably had a gold crown. Crowns come off from time to time. I lost a gold crown recently. Sold it for scrap and got a whopping $30.00

Today gold is just over $1200 an ounce. Back in the 90s it was around $300 an ounce. So a crown probably was worth around $8.00

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Posted by: elderolddog ( )
Date: July 28, 2018 12:57AM

Yowzaaa!!!! I'm walking 'round with half a tank of gas in my mouth!!!

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