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Posted by: brokenwings ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 04:58AM

Well since everything that happened last week I guess my son decided to tell them where we live because after five years of not hearing from them guess who knocked on my door today?!

I have not bothered over the years to have my name removed because I did not recognize the authority of tssc anyway.

They mentioned each of my children by name. I told them not to return and they still tried to ask to talk to my daughter and ask for address from my grow children. I told them none of us were interest. They then said well we would like to speak with them about that if you don't mind. I said well as a matter of fact I do mind and shut the door in there face.

I really hope they are not going to return. Guess maybe its time to have my named removed.

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Posted by: robertb ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 05:05AM

Good response, brokenwings. Yeah, removing your name does cut down on the visits. I haven't had one for a couple of years and that was just that I happened to be tracted out, I think.

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Posted by: brokenwings ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 05:34AM

but i am also preparing in case they do return. watching some youtube videos on the handshakes,lol....will greet them with those if they do show up again. think maybe that will do it?!

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Posted by: summer ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 07:56AM

Just refuse to open the door. There is no law that says you need to open the door to callers. Ignore their knocks, or talk to them through the door -- "Sorry, not interested. Good bye." If they keep pounding on the door, call the police.

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Posted by: robertb ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 11:27AM

When you open the door you say, "What is wanted?" :p

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Posted by: Tupperwhere ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 06:09AM

good for you. I am shocked as hell that zero missionaries have showed up to my house since I moved. My TBM family doesn't know I've resigned. I've actually seen missionaries walking around in my neighborhood but they have avoided my house completely. I honestly don't know if it's because I've resigned, or my parents have sicked them on me but when the Church looked me up they saw that I was already resigned. I've spent a lot of time outside in my booty shorts so maybe they're just scared I'll try to hump them LOL j/k. No I really don't know. Lucky me though I guess that they're not bothering me.

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Posted by: Greyfort ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 07:49AM

I've only seen missionaries on my street once since we moved here almost 9 years ago. I said to my parents, "They're next door. When they come here, don't answer the door."

The doorbell never rang. I was surprised, but maybe they know I resigned and decided not to come here.

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Posted by: schmendrick ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 11:24AM

"I do not give out personal information to strangers." Done.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 11:35AM

Remember these four words .... "GET OFF MY PROPERTY ! "

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Posted by: SusieQ#1 ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 11:42AM

The LDS Church is big on keeping track of their flock. They want to make sure they have correct info on every member. It's important to them, but not so much with some "inactive" members! that's understandable.

As a member, that can be annoying if you've changed your mind about any belief or involvement.

The best way to stop the contact, is to do their "name removal" or resign your membership. I don't think they use the word: resign. It's not in their process.

They know they can't require you give out info. But Mormons typically are willing to share information. It's part of their culture. It's one big family. Everyone cares about everyone else. (Well, sorta!)

I manage to have a civil and kind relationship with the LDS folks in my life. Friends and relatives.'

The local bishop was very helpful and worked with us with my husband's funeral program. His "spiritual thought" (on the plan of salvation, of course) was done in such a personal way, it was impossible to find a way to "take" offense.

Everything went well. Except for the food! (The ladies in charge of food thought we were not hungry, I guess. I don't know what they thought 30 plus people would eat, but it was not nearly enough... first time I ever saw that happen! Usually there is food left over that we take home.)

If he calls or stops by, I'll be polite and grateful for his interest.

Fortunately, I live in an area that does not allow door to door solicitation so we don't see missionaries here. If we do, I educated them on how to read the signs they drove or walked pasts! All of them! :-)

As a single female, living alone, I want to keep my relationships pleasant and not stir anyone up to doing something I don't want in my life.
So, I'm polite and kind, and pleasant. (I use those as my power.!)

And no, I never give out personal info on any of my family. If someone calls her and wants info on a family member they will not get it!

Now to get the telemarketers to recognize a No Call List! ARGH!!

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Posted by: jpt ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 05:04PM

Lest people think the church takes care of these things, they usually don't. Funeral food is donated by the local members, a la sign-up sheet, like potlucks. The church uses its money for real estate and investments. I know of instances where the relief society bought food, and then gave the bill to the grieving family.

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Posted by: pewsitter ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 06:06PM

I get all kinds of people knocking on our door wanting us to belong to their club via money. Sometimes it is lds or jw's or lawn care or pest removal and mostly Direct TV which I will never do business with again.

With that being said, there is no magical thing you can do to get rodents to not knock on your door. So I recommend you use Anglo Saxon words (four letter kind) during your conversation with them. When they ask you not to use them, you politely say then get the fu*k off my property you lying piece of shlt. I love those four letter words.

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Posted by: Cowardly lion ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 07:55PM

TWO THUMBS UP!! I like how you handled that. As for your grown kids; IF they wanted to Go to their church than they would. NORMAL churches dont hunt down inactives.

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Posted by: diablo ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 08:05PM

I tell them I'm Jewish and make them worship me.

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Posted by: orange ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 10:35PM

I tell them I'm THOR and worship me or they get the hammer.

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Posted by: Ex-CultMember ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 11:03PM

You may not recognize their "authority," which is not real, but their organization IS real, so that's why people resign. I didn't ask them permission to leave their religion, I TOLD them I am quitting their organization and that they need to take my name off their rolls.

Without resigning you will forever have your name on the local unit's membership lists and in the members' sights.

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Posted by: gentlestrength ( )
Date: May 19, 2013 11:10PM

You make an important point.

These bureaucrats for Jesus worship a corporate structure. What a great insult to tell the drones you don't want to be in their group, and then they keep hearing that message over and over again.

No refunds, but no repeat customers either. Business is bad in the B of M world.

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Posted by: Cheryl ( )
Date: May 20, 2013 03:57AM

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