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Stories of Former Mormons

Note The most recent stories - are located at UpdatesThere is a biography board at Exmobb_biography which has over 550 additional stories as of Dec 2007.   There are over 700 personal accounts of people leaving Mormonism on this site.  The Short Topics section has an additional 500 topics on Mormonism.  

If you are planning on reading only one or two stories, consider stories #44, #50, #56 or #125. #44 is a good summary of experiences and has an atheist perspective. #50 has extensive documentation and has a Christian perspective. #56 is on Mormon women suffering from depression which is sadly common place in the Mormon church. #125 is an excellent account of m-DNA and the Book of Mormon. All the stories together here have helped many people leave Mormonism.

0.  This is my story of why I left Mormonism. - It contains information on the Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham, archeology and many other issues. I did not leave because my feelings were hurt or because of sin. I left Mormonism because I discovered the fact that the church is not what it claims to be. Contains links to documentation.

        72b. Higher Education - - A short story on life at BYU, serving a mission and recommended information to read.

        72c. Has her own web site - - She has a list of why she knows the church is not true. She believes it is possible to be spiritual without being religious.