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The Bulletin Board is very active - May 2018.  There are over 2,000,000 posts in the main board.  The archives have over 1500 topics to read.  Many folks and news organizations follow the Bulletin Board as it always has up to the minute information on the Mormon church.  Non-Mormons and ex-Mormons love how they can get Mormon news before their Mormon families and friends.

May 2018

 New Full Length Book - Download to your favorite reading device.
 Plural Bride to Be
  It is a fictional account of twelve-year-old Karen Hardy's
 summer as a plural bride to be written by a woman who grew up in a polygamous Mormon splinter group.

  PTSD After Serving a Mormon Mission  Many suffer long lasting negative effects from being a missionary.

  It is How Joseph Smith Made his Living  Mormon History

  Another Mormon God Goof  Mormon History

  Why Was the Office of Church Patriarch Terminated?  Mormon History

  Joseph Smith Prophecies of Earthquates and Famines-Benson  Failed prophecies

Book of Mormon - No Jewish DNA in Lamanites  Book of Mormon is a work of fiction

Do You Still Harbor Anger after Leaving Mormonism  Life After Mormonism

Growing Up Catholic In Utah  Life in Utah

Mormon News - Church Growth Declines Again - 2017  Lowest growth rate in over 100 years

In Mormon Theology Do Women Become Gods Too  Mormon Doctrine

January 2017

  Confronted by an Active Mormon  Example of Mormons with a lack of boundaries.

  As a Missionary I Tracted an Entire City in Europe  Mormon missionary experience

  The LDS Church Has NOT Repudiated Its Official Anti-Black Doctrine  Mormon doctrine - discrimination against blacks

  Mormons Shun Those Who Leave the Mormon Church  Mormon shunning

  Mormons Think the Righteous Prosper  Mormonism is similar to the prosperity gospel. 

  My Youth was Taken from Me Due to Mormonism  Growing up in Mormonism.

  New Level of Ex-Mormon  View of Mormonism changes over time.

  On My Way Out How Will I Recover  A convert leaving Mormonism

  Questionnaire for Mormon Investigators  An excellent questionare for those looking at joining Mormonism.

  Struggling-to-Leave-Mormonism  An example of the difficulty of leaving a cult.

December 2016

  Nightingale - Former Mormon and Former JW - A Convert to Both 

  Constantly Changing Doctrine of God in Mormonism  Mormon Doctrine

  Fifth Lecture on Faith Removed from D&C  Mormon Doctrine

  Joseph Smith Sex Offender?  History

  Mormon General Authorities and Plagerism  Lack of original thinking

  BYU Student Flunked for Bare Shoulders   Life at BYU

  Joseph Smith Sex Offender?  HIstory

September 2016

  Thomas S Monson and His Drinking Coke Habit  Probably contributed to his diabetes

  Attending Mormon Church Serivces is a Drudgery  3 Hour church services each Sunday

  Should I tell My Family I No Longer Believe in Mormonism?  Husband and children still believe

  Mormon Bishop is Telling Everyone I left the Church  There is no confidentiality in Mormonism

  I am Accused of Betrayal in My Marriage Because I left Mormonism  Spouse is accused by Mormon of betrayal

  Benson's Story on Leaving Mormonism  Steve Benson

  Prominent Australian Mormon Faces 50 Pedophile Charges  Mormon Church hastily removes info about him from the official site

  Benson Family Tries to Silence Whistler Blower  Benson Archive

  Official LDS.org Essay Shows Book of Abraham is not True  One of a number of carefully hidden essays on LDS.org

  Contemporaries of Brigham Young show his Bigotry was not a Product of his Times  Brigham Young and Blacks

  Ezra Taft Benson and the John Birch Society  Steve Benson on his grandfather.

  Mark Hofmann Forgery and Oaks Defense of the Forgery  A great example of how General Authorities lack integrity.

  Life is Good as an ex-Mormon  A Former Poster Returns after 4 Years.

  The Most Valiant are Born into Mormon Families  Mormon Doctrine

  Is Belief in Mormonism Rational?  It appears to be willful ignorance.

July 2016

Mormon Apostle Quentin Cook is tired of anonymous online haters  Cook fails to see the irony of his statement.  The LDS.org site contains numerous unsigned and undated essays in an attempt to explain difficult historical issues and doctrines.

Mormon Church Admits the Book of Mormon is Not Historical   There is no evidence of any actual history in the Book of Mormon.

What happened to Fanny Alger?  Fanny Alger was Joseph Smith's first plural wife.  The Mormon church retroactively lists her as one of his wives even though the well known affair and supposed marriage occurred years before the revelation of eternal marriage.  See lds.org  Marriage in kirtland and nauvoo  Excerpt from the LDS.org (official church site): 'Joseph Smith acted on the angel’s first command by marrying a plural wife, Fanny Alger, in Kirtland, Ohio, in the mid-1830s. Several Latter-day Saints who had lived in Kirtland reported decades later that Joseph Smith had married Alger, who lived and worked in the Smith household, after he had obtained her consent and that of her parents.'

Book of Mormon - Discover America in 1976  "I cringe when I think of the smugness I felt as to having the truth™ back in the 70's. It was a different time. General authorities and Mormon apologists now obfuscate previously clearly understood words and phrases from the Book of Mormon

It is amazing how Mormonism seems so silly the longer one has been out  The perspective a few years after being a Mormon.

I Want to Move On but Feel Stuck  A newbie, to recently leaving Mormonism, receives some excellent advice.

May 2016

The Thinking has been Done - Blind Obedience in Mormonism - Excellent summary with documentation.

 Mormon Church and Obedience - Personal Observations - More on obedience - perhaps the most important doctrine in Mormonism.

Transcript of Apostle Jeffrey R Holland Tempe Rescue - April 26, 2016 talk:  At 29:44 "We are gods in embryo."  At 31:37 he is furious at ex-Mormons.  "God is tired..."

Are multiple children necessary in Mormonism? - Large families in Mormonism.

April 2016

 Why western Missouri became the Mormon Zion - Mormons need to read this example to see how their church manuals deliberately mislead them.

 Second Anointing - 1949 Mormon Church Presidency   Includes interesting insight to the Mormon Church's history of racial discrimination.

 How should I feel about any religion now after Mormonism?

Feb. 2016

Mormon leaders have made mistakes  Now finally admitted by a Mormon General Authority.  The specific mistakes that were made are not disclosed.  Mormons have to guess who made the mistakes and what were these mistakes.     

 Heartbroken Shaken and Bewildered about Mormonism

The Myth of Perfection

Golden Family the Mormon Missionary Goal Now Extinct

 Do you ever feel guilty over a small family size?

 How Mormon General Authorities Are Paid

 Strengthening the Members Committee

 I made a mistake getting baptized in the Mormon Church

 Fate of the Persecutors of the Prophet Joseph Smith

 Mountain Meadows Massacre Approved by Brigham Young

Jan. 2016

Believing but inactive Mormons

Stupid analogies and phrases you used as a Mormon missionary

Is it common for other churches to require ex-Mormons to get re-baptized?

What is the shelf?

Joseph Smith Uninspired Invention of Dead Dunking Thanks to Sudden Death of Alvin

I think Mormons are the worst oafs anywhere  Mormons preying on a recent widower.

Friend of two years wants to invite me to the Mormon church

Am I recovered from Mormonism?

Hugh Nibley-The Dedicated Deceiver for Glass Looker Joseph Smith

20 Years of Recovery from Mormonism

Nov. 2015

Exposing Mormon Apostle Dallin Oaks Regarding the Nauvoo Expositor Destruction  (pdf)  The illegal destruction of the newspaper that revealed Joseph Smith's polygamy and other issues.

Bigoted Terms and Phrases Mormons Use  (pdf)  How Mormons view themselves as being superior to non-Mormons and to inactive Mormons. 

Been Inactive 3 Months - I Feel So Flakey  (pdf)  Another example of how it is difficult leaving a cult. 

Making Sense of the New LDS Policy Against Children of Same Sex Couples  (pdf)  Examples of the Mormon policy of excluding children of gay couples.

Mormon Weddings  (pdf)  Yet another example of how the Mormon church excludes parents and loved ones from Mormon weddings. 

Oct 2015 (Begin archive again - pdf formats)

Cut off the head of a drunk person and become a man  (pdf)  The Mormon owned newspaper Deseret News uses the story of Nephi in the Book of Mormon as an example of how to become a man.

Mountain Meadows Massacre the Mormon Smear  (pdf)

Dear Mormon Mom and Dad (pdf)

From the sister of a sister Mormon missionary who died in the field  (pdf)

Tracking Joe Smith's Offspring from Affairs with Other Women  (pdf)

Missionaries told to commit one person a Day to baptism  (pdf)

Mormon Apostle Ballard Takes Direct Aim at Catholics  (pdf)

Mormon charity in Australia  (pdf)

Mormons Worship and Defend a Baby Killer - Book of Mormon  (pdf)

Joseph Smith The Founding Sex Fiend of Mormonism (5 Exhibits)  (pdf)

What do you live for on a day to day basis now after Mormonism?

Are Most Mormons phony and fair-weather friends

Mormon Church building massive development in Florida

Dec. 2014

The temple is all about polygamy

Are most Mormons "passive-aggressive"?

"A Word of Advice to All New Female Missionaries"   A great piece to give to a new sister missionary or one contemplating a Mormon mission.

Had tithing settlement today - my kids were threatened with being burned

Sourcing the Propaganda: How the Mormon Cult's Evasive Essays Came to Be

The Mormons across the street - seriously?

RfMer "randyj" Strips the Bark Off a Forked-Tongue Mormon on LDS Polygamy Lies  Long piece on how Mormons will evade the truth.

Nov. 2014

Free Full Length Book ( New 11/14)   Latter-Day Saint Swindle  The book was authored by Blair Watson, who was a major contributor here and passionate about helping people transition out of Mormonism.  He recently passed away at age 50.  We will miss him.

Joseph Smith - Polygamy and Young Women   Smith's appetite for young women now officially recognized by the Mormon Church in one of its essays on LDS.org. 

Lost my boyfriend to Mormonism

Shocked at Oct. 2014 General Conference

Sep. 2014

Missions -- the best two years? seriously?

Not sure how to respond... wife wants to attend Christian church

Living an authentic life

Mormon Church Knew & Taught Its Racist Doctrines

July 2014

Powerful Story on How the Mormon Church Breaks up Families  A Bishop writes about leaving Mormonism and his family disowning him.

          The Most Striking Thing about All the New Essays...  The new LDS.org essays have no authors or dates.   Good summary of the essays.

The First Vision Essay is Dishonest 
Book of Abraham essay unleashed

 The signs of the times How Mormonism has changed in the past 40 years

 UK TV program "Meet the Mormons" just finished .  Not good for Mormon Church propaganda

 Why I Lost My Testimony  Benson

 Your Servant's Review of Miracle of Forgiveness Humor

 Exit Timetable

May 2014

My Social Anxiety nightmare in the church.

Thoughts on Bruce R. McConkie

The Devil Made Me Restore It: Joseph Smith, the Magic Talisman Man . .   Benson

.Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth ...   Benson

How Young Women are Selected for the Temple Square Mission

The missionary surge is officially a bust...

SO many missionaries coming home early

Expert Ex-Mormon  How not to deal with your family

It Gets Better--Eleven Years Later :)


March 2014

Mar. 14, 2014 Monson England Court Case - 1st day - observer transcript.  Interesting comments from the attorneys defending the Mormon corporation.  Monson Case British Court Case - 1st Day 

 Harris Knew How to Embarrass: His Admission of Not Seeing the Gold Plates  Benson

Joseph Smith and Teenage Girls using LDS sources

Help! My TBM [Mormon] bro sent me the latest essay

Oh. I get it now . . . you don't GET your own planet . . .

Trying to save my family with logic.

February 2014

Stake Conference: Don't even Look at anything that makes you doubt.    "Don't be friends with those who are critical of the church, don't question Doctrine and finally, don't question leaders."

Details of Criminal Fraud Case - Feb. 2014  Details of Criminal Fraud Case against Mormon and Co provided by Tom Phillips,

JOINT STATEMENT concerning summonses served on Thomas Spencer Monson

"Nothing is known about..." Well, this is what I KNOW!

New Essay: Book of Mormon And DNA Studies

General Authority Steven Snow Admits Mormon Church Has Hidden Facts but Has Been Outted by Internet

January 2014

Just found out the truth.

Give me your experience with D&C 9:8

My in-laws have no retirement and the Second Coming hasn't happened

Were You a TBM the First Time You Visited RFM?

A Nice Note from Mission President

Pressured to go on mission

December 2013

More Sourced Info on Church Essays, Same-Sex Marriage and LDS Inc. Finances - Benson

"The truth does not matter to Mormons"

World's most boring church

What's your best advice for dealing with Mormon shunning? (A person is commonly shunned by Mormons, including family, for leaving the organization.)

Authorship Of The Mormon Church's Anonymous Essays  Benson (reference new section at: LDS.org/topics)

Mormon church explains past ban on black priests (AP news story)

The "God's-prophets-are-imperfect-humans" line won't save the Mo God . . .

If Mormons Think the LDS Church Has Long Opposed Racism, They're Wrong ...

Evidence from the Top: Joseph Smith Was Behind the LDS Priesthood Ban

The Church not Only Threw Brigham Young under the bus but older members

I'm confused. Was the Ban on Blacks god's will?

Blacks & Cadillacs: Racist LDS History that the LDS Church Seeks to Hide

What Mormon missions used to be like - a century ago

November 2013

Mormon Japan Mission Experiences

Why do we still write about the Mormon church even after leaving it?

Hey. I think I am finally recovered. 

A Mountain of Lies: Those Treasure-Laden Caves Under the Hill Cumorah

Lamanites Everywhere but Nary A Drop of Jewish DNA

Missionary letter made my daughter cry

Got the "I'm Disappointed In You" message from my Mom

My home does not have the spirit

 Outting the Mormon Church on Its "Strengthening the Members Committee"

 Being asked to lie by the Stake Presidency

 Mormon Apostles Explain Away the Contradictory Versions of the First Vision

Is there any aspect of a Mormon's life that is NOT micro-managed

Funeral and anger -Mormons verbally attack an ex-Mormon at a Funeral

October 2013

Martinsburg Lawsuit  A lawsuit filed in Berkeley County against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, and local church officials accuses church leaders of covering up allegations that the son of local church officials sexually abused 12 children over the course of more than five years

Southern California Bishop Leaves Mormon Church  Interesting experience with a Mormon General Authority who claims to be a "special witness"
 and its definition by the GA.  Bishop's entire family leaves the Mormon church.

My week so far as an active Mormon  Good summary of life as a Mormon.

 Providing Cover on Joe's Lovers: Emma Was a Money-Minded Co-Conspirator...  Benson on Emma Smith

1st bitter experience with family finding out

Elder Oaks spoke in Atlanta today  Oaks admits the church does not know what to do with all the new missionaries since lowering the age to become a missionary.

August 2013

FARMS Rushed to Defend the White Salamander  Mormon apologetics

So when do members hear the official head in hat with seer stones lesson?

Anyone else angry that their parents put the church before their families?

A question to long time ex-Mormons - fear of leaving


June 2013  

Notes of June 23 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast

Called to be a Chapel Missionary  Example of the new missionary program as a result from the June 23 broadcast.

D&C 132 - Your Thoughts as a Mormon

Hinckley's Record as a Prophet  More from Steve Benson

Analysis of latest LD$ Church financial data filed w/ Canada's tax agency.  Canadian tithing is used to support BYU through a Canadian tax loophole..

I used tithing to pay off the house

Email exchange with bishop regarding masturbation  Do not let your minor children be interviewed privately by a Bishop or other local Mormon leader.


May 2013

Disappearing Generation of Lamanites  Recent DNA research

Currently serving missionary, want out!!

 Are you happier since you've left the Mormon church?

More Nail-Pounding into the Mormon Church's "Lamanite DNA" Coffin

 Today is my first birthday as an exmo!

Apr. 2013

What to believe in?

The church is not a social club.

Dear Parents, I am not responsible for your feelings

I was raised to be racist

Confusing, Vacillating, Befuddling and Constantly Adrift Official Mormon Church Doctrine on God ...

Turns out advanced ancient civilizations leave a lot of stuff behind

Informal Survey of RFM Posters -church status

Apostle Holland Example on Personal Revelation

Mar. 2013

 Mormon Mission to Japan - Steve Benson  An excellent summary of a Mormon missionary experience in Japan.

 Why a never-mo hangs out here   Why people who were never a Mormon visit here.

A loving tribute to flattop/XYZ  A long time contributor to Recovery from Mormonism.

Mormon Missionary Murdered by his Companion  Story of how a Mormon missionary in Kentucky 1977, murdered his companion and avoided prison.  Personal accounts.

Feb. 2013

Mormon Life - Short Courtships

Mormon Cosmology     Scientology has Xenu.  Mormonism has Elohim living near Kolob.

What was the worst part about your mission?

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 1

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 2

Mormon Missionary Companions Part 3

Why did Joseph Smith marry women who were already married to Mormon men?    Joseph Smith practiced polyandry. 

Mormon Tithing estimated at $7 billion per year     Less than 1.5% is used for humanitarian purposes.

Jan. 2013

Is primary always manipulative?

Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS

How Mormon General Authorities are Paid

The cult robbed me of my grief.

Inspiring New Video Gives the Secret to Strengthening Testimonies  An uplifting video on the joy of cleaning toilets - with music!

My mission in hell - Suffer from Tourettes

Two sister missionaries in my mission were raped

December 2012

My sister's mission president's neglect could have killed her.

I read a book called :the sins of Brother Curtis. A true story of a pedophile

Taking the first few steps.

Mormon Therapist speaks out about masturbation

My ten years on RfM    A poster reflects on finding RfM 10 years ago.

The scars of Mormonism are always very evident on this board.   A short list of the negative aspects of Mormonism.

Visit from 1st counselor -Local Mormon Leader   A young woman writes of her experience and RfM posters reply and help.

Was Bruce R. McConkie Upset with Members of His Own Family regarding Black-Priesthood Temple "Revelation"?

The "motherhood = happiness" myth

France and Polygamous Missionaries    late 1950's - early 1960's

Thoughts on LDS Reform

BYU 25 -- censorship at the Y


November 2012

The Genetic Catastrophe That Has Sprung from Polygamy

Teaching to manipulate - straight from the LDS manual    How missionaries are instructed to manipulate 'investigators" to accept Mormonism.

Things my Mission President said    Life as a Mormon missionary.

Shock, horror, relief, excitement?   Emotions after discovering the fraud of Mormonism.

"Prophets are not scientists"   Statements from Mormon prophets and science of their time.

Mormon Church Falsely Claims 1890 Manifesto Ended Polygamy  Mormon Church officially continued the practice though it denied it publicly.

Mormonism - the Enron of religion

Raptor Jesus re-reads the Miracle of Forgiveness. (Adult language)

October 2012 

Lamanites Lamanites Everywhere but Nary A Drop of Jewish DNA

The New Mormon Party Line?  History Doesn't Matter

New Order Mormon?

My First twitches of understanding why you are angry

I have been trying to be so brave. But I am terrified.

Ridiculous things Mormons say to us

September 2012 

Big-Stick Media Hits the Twede Excommunication Story-New York Times Weighs In

Horses in America and Book of Mormon  New DNA data from soil samples gives further evidence the Book of Mormon is just 19th century frontier fiction.

Bishop sent out an email to ward members when I resigned

Mormon Church sucks the fun out of everything

Mother compelled to have a large Mormon family and suffered a nervous breakdown

Anyone think "CULT" when they went through the Mormon temple the first time?

Church publishes 2011 Financial Accounts in the UK.

Mountain Meadows   Sep. 11, 1857  Mountain Meadows Massacre -120 members of the Francher party traveling through Utah executed by Mormons.

Thomas Monson's "Nasty" Cola Habit: Revealing Info from Inside His Family & from Those Who Work for Him

Lesson learned and the wheels keep turning- Learning to Say No

JW's at my door remind me that church hurts

Written by Cathy Walker-Gilman to Mrs. Romney - Regarding Women

August 2012

Is better to leave Mormonism cold turkey or gradually?

Why is it so hard to "deprogram", trying to understand.

Mormon Beliefs that did the most damage to me.

Unconfirmed Reports Re Monson, Alzheimer's and Internal High-Level Maneuvering

Inconvenient Truths Left Out of Sermons for the Sheep: Pratt was Killed by the Husband of a Woman that Pratt Had Run Off With

Book of Abraham Facsimiles 1,2 & 3

Ward Crazies - your stories here pt1  and   More Mormon ward crazies stories pt2  

Desperate Mormon Apologists Claim Ancient Bulgarian Gold-Plate Find Proves Book of Mormon

Utah #1 most depressed state, #7 in suicide rate.

Anyone still going to church and just faking it?

Do I sit down with my husband and talk to him about it before I stop wearing Mormon garments

Missions in dangerous areas

Why don't you come to church anymore (sob!!!!)

Depression better or cured after leaving Mormonism?

Rude Mormons at an Ex-Mormon's funeral

July 2012

Did You Remain Religious After Mormonism?

The sin next to murder

The Mormon Church is More Important Than You

Debate with a close ex-mo friend on whether Mormonism is a cult

What are the exit costs of leaving the LDS church?

Mormon Church's exaggerated membership claim in Brazil

 June 2012

Being In Mormon Leadership Eventually Led To My Exit

Dan Peterson - Mormon Apologist A Eulogy  and  "Mormon Studies Review" has been suspended, Danny Peterson is gone

Coffee equals heroin?

This is so offensive to non-Mormons on many levels - Mormon Temple Marriage and the outside ring ceremony

In defense of converts to the Mormon Church

Mormons being insulting while pretending they care  

Clues along the way that Mormonism was all a fraud

I saw the ultimate Mormon Temple garment feel up

A letter from a 19 year old Mormon   A great insight into the mind of those who have been raised in the Mormon bubble.

You are just in rebellion with the Mormon Church   Mormon parents' view of their apostate adult children.

The Church never taught that Jesus and Satan are brothers?

More on the Mormon missionary numbers game

 May 2012

Letter to Elder Holland Regarding the Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon   
his is an excellent summary for someone newly reevaluating their beliefs.  
Not a single Book of Mormon issue was addressed by Apostle Holland in his reply.
Here is Holland's reply
(May. 2012)   Reply from Elder Holland

Mormon Mall City Creek profits go tax free to the Prophet   (see also:  Mormon Church's City Creek Project Now at 3 Billion Dollars - March 2012)

Romney is a Mormon who apparently is internally lacking in essential core moral values

Son apologized for Mormon temple wedding!

What exactly did you find out or discover first to make you leave the Church?

Mormon Relatives Visited for a Week   Admittedly not all Mormons are as extreme as these in this story, however their arrogance and feelings of superiority are common.

FAIR - Book of Mormon Translation - Stone in a Hat

Young Mormon Male Mitt Romney Gang Assaults a Gay Classmate: Violence Justifying LDS Church Apostle Boyd K. Packer Burst's with Pride

What my Mormon mom sent after a fight on Mormonism

Non Mormon's perception of Mormons - outside Utah

Why can seeing old members from the ward, even after a couple of years, be so bizarre an experience?

Church falsifies US membership numbers for national survey

Meldrum's mtDNA X lineage claims Vaporized    An apologist uses deceptive methods for promoting his DVD's and tours about the Book of Mormon

How has exmormon.org assisted your exodus from the Church?

Poisoning of Samuel H. Smith - Joseph Smith's Brother

Is the Mormon church really greedy?

I am grateful for the clean-the-Mormon-chapel idea


 April 2012

The Five Billion Dollar Mormon City Creek Mall Song

Cleaning the Mormon building, no longer volunteer!

Why? Do Mormons act like an ex-Mormon knows nothing about the teachings of the church?

Any advice before I tell my wife I no longer believe in the church

"Mormons get their own worlds"

Mormon.org Easter Campaign 2012

"OK, we know you don't believe, but PLEASE don't share your beliefs with your children"

Mormon Authority - Those Who Leave were Not Sufficiently Converted

Mitt Romney donated $10,000 to Prop 8

Mormon friend told me "I'm under influence of Satan" because I told her I no longer believe...

Fast Mormon Marriages

Mormon Church Strengthening The Members Committee...

Mormon Apostle Jeffery Holland Claims he was ambushed by BBC

My Mormon family has selective memory of the temple

The Supposedly Barren Salt Lake Valley--Another Mormon Lie Caught and Treed . . .

How much does the average Mormon really know...

A Very Sad Sacrament Meeting Story

Previously published threads on "Life after Mormonism".


 March 2012 

Mitt Romney's Mormon Secrets

LDS.org and the Book of Abraham

History, not Mystery: Joseph Smith was a Pedophile (as confirmed by even Mormon sources) . .

Did you go through Washing and Anointing before 1990?

The Mormon Church's Materialistic Moneyed Myth: The Lie of an "Unpaid Clergy" . . .

Why do non-Mormons post here?

Oaks Admits Apostolic Arrogance.

What was your first reaction when you learned the truth about Mormonism?

T_Shirt contest for the mall of the Lord!

I figure I've given $100,000 in tithing. Am I alone? What have others given?

Yep, Toilets need cleaning at the ward level. (Mild Rant)

The Mormon church is now denying they ever taught man becoming a god

Mormon Church's City Creek Project Now at 5 Billion Dollars - March 2012

BYU Briefing about Blacks Brews Big Brouhaha

Feb. 2012 

This just in: new tithing slips Feb 2012

I was born into a cult but I have never been LDS - Christadelphians

Mormon Missions cut short for medical reasons

Mormon Sister Rants about food storage and the waste it has been

Mormon Mission not a waste? Anyone?

Comparing Weddings Mormon versus non-Mormon

Prominent National Jewish leader calls on LDS church to stop dead-dunking Holocaust Jews

Ran across an interesting quote about Swedenborg and Joseph Smith Using His Writings

Today I was asked to be careful what I taught in Elders Quorom.

Another gem from Boyd K Packer

So which Mormon meeting bothered you the most or did you dislike (hate) the most?

What if it's true?

I feel so incredibly duped by the Mormon Church

Never-Mo attending a temple wedding

The new garment guidelines - Mormons are not happy and are expressing their frustration

Joseph Smith and Nancy Rigdon

Mormon Church finally admits members dropping like flies

LDS History: First Presidency Directive to Segregate Blacks from Whites in Relief Society Classes .

I know she's just trying to be nice - Mormons are Socially Awkward

Veils on Women in Mormon Temple: question

Another article about Mitt: Who in God's name is he?

Why do Mormon General Authorities deceive people?

Time for a new Mormon Stake Presidency- here's how it was done

Mormon Missions that excel at destroying Mormon testimonies.

An Active Mormon Bishop Writes about his Doubts

Washington Post Article on racist history of the Mormon Church

Jan. 2012 

Just read my wife's sacrament meeting talk...

Reprehensible 5th Sunday Lesson yesterday

Recovery from Mormonism Mentioned at lds.net

The attitude of Mormon temple workers

So how much help is the Mormon church now giving members and nonmembers?

Mark Hofmann the Forgerer and Murderer with Mormon General Authorities

Mormon Bishops interview for children

Are TBM Lurkers Reading This Board

Mitt and Ann Romney--Portrayed by Sister Romney as Struggling, Just-Getting-By, Stock-Selling Students at BYU: How Tough It Was, Ye Know Not; How Tight It Was, Ye Know Not . . .

Being shunned common?

Reading about the murder of Laban - Would you kill if God told you to?

The Joseph Smith - Prepared Approved and the Now Abandoned Fifth Lecture on Faith was in the Doctrine and Covenants

Mormon Church Admitting the Internet is Hurting Retention of Members

Mentality to avoid even the appearance of evil -- oh, grow up already, Mo's!!

Sham Overboard: Book of Mormon Lehi's Magical Mariner Tour through Arabian Sand to the Promised Land . . .

Bra and panties!! - no more Mormon Garments

Life as a Mormon from Previously Published Short Topics u

Tempted to go back to the Mormon church

Mormon Church - Summary of Missionary Experiences from Previously Published

Family Pity

Romey Promoting His Mormon Faith While Lying About His Messy Facts n

Bishop tried to call me as chapel cleaning coordinator

Just what we need, Moral judgments from Mitt Romney

LDS joins religious leaders in calling for anti-gay discrimination n

A Very Whacked Up Mormon Fast and Testimony Meeting (one naughty word)

Funniest thing heard in Mormon testimony meeting

Letter from former Mormon Church Educational System [CES] Colleague imploring me to come back.

Mormons Believe the Berlin Wall Fell due to the LDS Church and Thomas Monson

Mark E. Petersen's 1954 talk laying out the Church's position on race relations. (LONG)

Word of Wisdom

I am French and used to think that I was somewhat special because I had become a member of the Mormon Church n

Noted African-American theologian and author calls out Mitt Romney on the Book of Mormon's embedded doctrinal racism

Mormon Church: Committed to a baptism date, but now doubt

Did any of you leave due to simple burn out?

Thoughts on Correlation

Funny when we're accused of not using "official" sources

Is what you tell your bishop really private?

Boyd K. Packer Testifies That Getting a Mormon Testimony Requires Repeated Lying to Oneself, Repeated Lying to Others and Repeated Brainwashing for Missionaries to Buy Into the Lie

Oliver Cowdery never retracted his accusation against Joseph Smith of Smith having had an adulterous affair with teenager Fanny Alger. How could he? The raunchy record, please..

Women Wearing Garments - Mormon underwear

I had my first cup of coffee yesterday

Unholy Cow, and How!--How the Mormon Church Created the Cowdery Myth

   Oct. Nov. 2011 

  How long were you a Mormon before you knew Mormons wore special garments?

  What are your big three reasons for leaving Mormonism?

  Proof the Mormon ad campaign is backfiring!

  Name any other religious org that presses for baptism ASAP like Moism does?

  The whole door-to-door model is broken.

  Making the Big Leap Oct. 2011

  Pres Uchtdorf's General Conference Talk - SLC is not going to help you Nov. 2011

  I hate my mormon past. Oct. 2011

  The Mormon Badge of Honor

  Xango juice Nov 2011

  Joe Smith and his Marvelous Myth Machine: Ancient texts Nov 2011

  Prophets who don't prophesy.

  Go Forth And Multiply! --Andersen


641. Former Bishop and 45 Year Member Writes Why He left Mormonism 642. The Wife of a Former Bishop (#641) Writes Why She Left the Mormon Church
634. Jesus Wants Me to be a Janitor for a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation 635.  Mormon Apostle Eyring Claims he had been Poor.  How Cute.
629.  The Strange New Mormon Commercials - "Look at how Normal We Are!" 628.  The False [LDS] Joseph Smith and the Real [Historical Reality] Joseph Smith
627.  How do Molly Mormons Cope with All the Kids? 630.  Good Bye Deseret News
George P. Lee.  The first and only Lamanite Mormon General Authority. Mormon622   He was 42 and she was 15.  Why couldn't I see that while I was an active Mormon?  Mormon619
More information on the Mormon Hand Cart Myth.  Mormon623 The Mormon Church in Africa.  Mormon624
The Mormon Church is growing its Internet presence by using hundreds of web sites and millions of dollars in Google advertising .  Mormon625
Updated:  The Mormon Church is now spending more than originally $500 million, $2.0 billion, $3.0 billion,  $4.0 billion on a shopping mall and related development in Salt Lake City.  This is the most expensive project of its kind in the United States.  The Mormon church admits to spending $1 million per day on construction, while many hurting members are denied financial help.  Condo prices were slashed 50% in July 2010. Mormon403  Also updates A, B, C, D & E
The Hypoxia of Mormonism Mormon620 Members are now expected to do more of the cleaning of meeting houses, temples and other church properties Mormon615
Elizabeth Smart playing the harp in the streets of Paris Mormon616 Kevin Garn - a Pedophile and a Mormon  Bishop and the Majority Leader in the Utah Legislature.  Mormon Pedophile Protected by Church Leaders
This is the most comprehensive mitochondrial DNA study of Mesoamericans published to date. Mormon601  

Book of Mormon apologetics and John L. Sorenson.   Mormon606

Mormons are not weird and we [Mormons] do not do weird things.  More apologetic spin in action.   Mormon608

Stick to the manual and stop thinking. Mormons instructed to not use outside sources, especially the Internet, when teaching from the lesson manuals.  Mormon598

Tales of Mormon Ward Clerks.  A good insight into the financial operations of the church.   Mormon593

Mormon Missionaries Often Experience Despicable Living Conditions   Mormon588

Apostle Dallin Oaks Has No Moral Authority to Lecture Anyone on Civil Rights  Mormon591

Apostle Holland misleads members with his Book of Mormon prop at general conference.  Mormon587     Apostle Oaks is now extolling the virtues of conditional love, particularly towards those who leave the church.

Mormon Apologetics:  "The Book of Abraham is not central to the restored gospel of Christ."  It has been a sacred book of scripture, which is now in the process of being discarded by the Mormon Church.  Mormon586  

Did you really believe secret hand shakes were required to get to the Celestial Kingdom?   Mormon580     Fear of phone calls after being called to being a Mormon leader?  Mormon578

Dallin Oaks, Mormon Apostle, tells members at the Easter Midwest conference, via satellite broadcast, that the church will not help them during these difficult economic times.    Mormon576.

A non-Mormon comments on a non-Temple Mormon Wedding.  Mormon573

Discussion and information on the Mormon temple and Big Love.  Mormon572

The production of the Mormon temple film used in the temple ritual.  Mormon570

Logical fallacies employed by Mormons.  Mormon566       Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation - Book of Mormon and DNA  Mormon568

Billions of dollars in tithing and little for those in need.  Mormon565

Rough Stone Rolling author wants us to live a LIE!  Mormon563

Two examples of how Mormons treat family members who leave the organization.  Mormon560    A visit by the local Bishopric who verbally accost a young Mormon mother.    Mormon561

A short YouTube video in now online where the founder of exmormon.org talks about the creation of the site..  This clip is from a documentary made in 2003.  RfM interview

Two excellent discussions on Mormon missionary work.   1.  The cruel Japanese mission experiment under Groberg.  Mormon555                2A current Mormon missionary discovers the truth about the Mormon church.   Mormon556

The 2008 Exmormon Foundation conference talks are recorded and can be heard here Exmormon 2008 Reports

Women - Do not marry a man for love.  Marry one who can take you to the Celestial kingdom    Mormon552

The Church's method for determining truth    Mormon551

A visit to Sacrament Meeting after resigning from the church 5 years ago. Mormon547

The ability and the will to leave Mormonism is not due to intelligence only.  Overcoming fear and the willingness to believe in yourself are critical.  Mormon545

Vern Holly Maps show Joseph Smith used local names in New York and the surrounding area to produce the names and places in the Book of Mormon Mormon544

Mormons in denial about low activity rates. Mormon540

Video on the Mormon temple rituals.  Mormon533

The bizarre world of Mormon apologetics.  Mormon534