Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS

Cactus Jim Jan. 2013

Back about the year 2000 Flora Jessop was just starting her career publicly fighting the FLDS. Her 14 year old sister was about to leave Colorado City and Flora was trying to help her. But Ruby was lured back under false pretenses and she disappeared off our Radar screens. Flora came on this exmo BB and asked for help putting Ruby's picture on the internet. The result was the website

I've neglected that site so it's outdated a few years. From that point on Flora was very actively involved in trying to bring enough attention to the FLDS problem to get government entities off the dime and get something done.

SO: Today I can report that Ruby has left Colorado City and the FLDS. She has 6 children now. She went to court in Kingman and got a court order to bring her children out. I talked to her for a bit his morning. The kids were huddled around a TV, which they have seldom if ever seen before. They will have a hell of a time adapting to the world of normal but at least they are free of Warren Jeffs hellish cult.

Cactus Jim
Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
I went over there today and met Ruby and her children. The oldest is a boy about 10. They are having a ball riding bikes, playing with toys, and watching TV. They haven't been allowed to do any of those things. The one girl about 4 years old or so was carrying 3 dolls around. She'd never had a doll before and she wanted them all. The prairie clothes are gone. Ruby didn't even want to keep one for a souvenir.

Apparently Warren has had some kind of a nightmare that they should only eat beans. Anyway, the kids have been living on them and they are a bit malnourished. Flora says they are dehydrated. They haven't been passing water or stool. Maybe that's partly because of the stress of such a drastic lifestyle change. Hopefully they won't have any problems on that line.

Other than that they are all healthy and normal looking kids. They are young enough that they should be able to catch up in school. Ruby seems quite solid in her decision to leave, unlike some others who've waffled and been wishy washy, so I don't think there's any going back, even if polyg husband tries to work on her.

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
That's wonderful news, Cactus Jim. Flora must be so happy.

ambivalent exmo
Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Oh! I am so glad!
Flora is a hero of mine, I am so happy for them. I hope Ruby and the kids will get help adjusting to the real world. Great news, thanks.

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Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
That is great news!

Susan I/S
THANK YOU JIM!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not forgotten and actually have thought about Ruby often. I am so so so so very happy she is alive. I really had thought the worst and didn't think we would ever know what happened. I am sure she has had a very hard time but SHE IS ALIVE!!!!!!! Damn, I am so happy I could just cry and I might. Would you please tell her hello for me and that she was NOT FORGOTTEN. I wish her and the kids the very very best that this new life of freedom can bring them. I know it will not be easy but she is a SURVIVOR and she must never forget that or be proud of herself.

And do tell Flora she ROCKS and looks great in red. Every time she wears red it makes me smile :)

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
This is great news. I remember meeting FLora at the Exmormon Conference a few years ago and admired her so much for blazing a trail and never giving up.

Bravo and keep up the good work!


SL Cabbie
Fantastic News!!
I've said before that we walk with giants at RFM, and in my book that little 90 lb. wildcat Flora stands as tall as Dave Twede...

I'm happy for her and Ruby... Thanks for the update, Jim...

Many thanks! Let's hope they can transition & survive in the real world.
How sad they've had to live this way!

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How fantastic. It's been so long - what a trip down the memory hole. I spent a lot of time on your site back then.

What ever happened with the two girls who ran away together and were returned by authorities to the cult? Fawn?

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for them.
Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Thank goodness.

Dave the Atheist
Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
How come there are never "reality" TV shows dealing with these situations ?

Thank you for the update. Fantastic news!

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
OH! This makes me happy! :-)

Lorraine aka síóg
Re: Very good news! Thanks for the update. 

Susan I/S
One went back, one is doing well out.
The Fawn that went back just missed her family too much. I hope she is doing well. The other from what I understand is doing well out. Maybe Jim will post some kind of an update.

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Awesome! Makes my day to hear this!!!

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Fabulous news. Glad to hear this. And the kids can now be free. YES!

Cactus Jim
Re: One went back, one is doing well out.
I really haven't been following them. I know less than you do. I could ask Flora but she seemed to have her hands full today.

This post made my year! Good. 

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
So happy for Flora to finally achieve her dream of getting Ruby out of the cult. The kids are a bonus. It is a miracle come true for her. I really hope that Haven leaves them alone and lets them be.

Fawn Holm
Someone asked about the Fawns and I can tell both are out of the FLDS.
Kudos to you, Flora, for sticking to your guns and saving your sister. And kudos to you, Ruby, for surviving and saving your children.
Cactus Jim
Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Ruby looks and sounds a lot like Flora. She's quieter but I get the impression that she's got the same spine. If Haven tries to make trouble for them I suspect he'll find it wasn't a very good idea.

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Miracles still do happen. Thank you Flora. BTW, Note to Flora...thank you for your wonderfull book and helping me to open my eyes to the evilness of the Mormon so called "religion".

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Kinda brings back memories of what the real world was like for me when I left the mainstream Mormons and got the hell outta Utah all together. I literally did not sleep for 3 days. I couldn't believe that I could do what I wanted, when I wanted...Everyone kept telling me "Welcome back to the real world." I even got to go to a REAL library where they had books and info on everything, even "evil" anti mormon books, (materials that were NOT censored by TSCC), DVDs, (yep, R rated no less), CD's, magazines, newspapers, liquor stores that were privately owned, a lottery, legalized gambling, off track betting, casinos, shopping available 24 hours, and even pools and businesses that were open on a SUNDAY...and the best yet, is that everything here is open on Sunday!!! On a more serious note though, at the library I sure "hoarded" books and anything I could get my hands on, cause I had gone "without" for sooo long.
Welcome home Ruby. Best wishes for you and the kids, and thank you Flora.

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
This is great news!

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
Oh happy day!!! What amazing news this is! Flora is a hero indeed and her book and story are such an inspiration to many!

Re: Ruby Jessop has escaped the FLDS
This is an incredibly wonderful story, Cactus Jim. Thank you for sharing it with us and congratulations to Flora and Ruby!

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