A NeverMo wearing garments...

jessupnorth Jan. 2014

So, as I NeverMo, I've always wondered what it was like to wear garments. All of my girlfriends do, and I wondered what it's like. So I got hold of some new ones for myself, and wore them for the first time today. Here are some of my thoughts;

Mormon Missionaries Targeting adolescents?

erisophia Dec. 2014

Hello! I'm brand new here.

I have never been baptized as Mormon, although I came pretty close. I'd been attending church with them for a couple of months until I realized I was being 'love bombed'

"All the women in the room will now veil their faces....."

sheepherder Dec. 2014

Why do you think the women have to veil their faces in the temple?

Is it because God is so offended at seeing their femininity that he doesn't want to see their face?

The temple is all about polygamy

rutabaga Nov. 2014

Shortly after the California Prop 8 debacle, someone made a simple comment to me. "The temple is all about polygamy." That had never occurred to me before and I went "Hmm."

Are most Mormons "passive-aggressive"?

RPackham Dec. 2014

And are new exmormons still suffering from it?

I have been reading an article from last June in the Huffington Post, by Amanda Chan, "The Secret to Dealing With Passive-Aggressive People"

RfMer "randyj" Strips the Bark Off a Forked-Tongue TBM on LDS Polygamy Lies

steve benson Dec. 2014

Enjoy. It's a beautiful sight to behold:

"Fellow Ex-Mo's, get a load of the spin-doctoring, convoluted thinking, and mental gymnastics employed below to apologize for early Mormon leaders' denials of polygamy.

"A Word of Advice to All New Female Missionaries"

Lori C Dec. 2014

I am very happy to report due to this just being brought to my attention that my post about "A Word of Advice to All New Female Missionaries" (attached below) was given or rather read to two serving Sisters and one had now come home early.

Had tithing settlement today - my kids were threatened with being burned

jonesb Dec. 2104

First off I realize that I'm dumb for still paying. That's not the point here. I'm working on it but it's complicated with a believing wife.

The bishop told my kids that if they don't pay tithing they would burn at the second coming.

Sourcing the Propaganda: How the Mormon Cult's Evasive Essays Came to Be

Steve benson Nov 2014

In another thread, RfM poster “cokezero” reports on the canned reply they received as to the unnamed individuals authorized and responsible for writing the stream of apologetic essays being frantically rolled out by a cornered Mormon Cult:

the Mormons across the street - seriously?


There is an older couple that live across the street from us, very TBM. Our relationship with them (and other mormons in the neighborhood) basically ended 2 years ago when my wife and I left. That's what happens I guess when you leave a cult.

Lost my boyfriend to Mormonism

enia Oct. 2014

Hey. I don't really know if I can write about this here, I mean, if this is a right place for it. My (now ex) boyfriend started to hang out with Mormons and is now planning to convert. Since you guys probably know about this much much more and have seen different people converting, staying in church, leaving from church etc, I wondered that maybe if I give you a detailed description of the situation and of him

Mormon-US Sen. Orrin Hatch's Dispatch on "Religious Freedom" (invoking D. Oaks)

steve benson Oct. 2914

Before I get started, I should mention that I recently got a phone call at my work office, out of the blue, from Hatch, who was dailing me up from Provo, Utah, where he informed me he that had been hanging out at BYU with some of his 80-plus-year-old buddies.

Shocked at Oct. 2014 General Conference

Already Gone Oct. 2014

Nearly every single talk was on staying in the church, following the prophet, how leaders are inspired, and how they know best for you and how they are not out of touch or bigoted.

Family Must Be Feeling It - Oct 2014 Conference

baneberry Oct. 2014

Several family members, children and parents, must have been inspired by conference and are using various approaches to talk to us. One is a walk down memory lane and how wonderful it used to be when we all went to conference together. Another is a guilt trip about how drinking coffee creates a horrible impression upon their children and they don't feel safe in our home.

Missions -- the best two years? seriously?

hopefulhusband Aug. 2014

I served a mission 20 years ago in Poland. This was a couple years after the fall of the Berlin wall and Eastern Europe was only beginning to open up to mormons. While I had some amazing un-mormon experiences, and saw some amazing historical sites, my mission could be explained as: 2 wasted years.

Not sure how to respond... wife wants to attend christian church

ZSH Aug. 2014

So my wife posed a question last night that left me unsure of how I might proceed in the future... so I thought I'd come here for some advise. We left TSCC [this so called church] a year ago and have never been happier.

Living an authentic life

foggy Aug 2014

For the most part each piece of my life is pretty good right now, but I've discovered that the big underlying problem I have is one that probably many of you face as well.

In order to keep what on the surface seems to be a 'good' relationship with my family and DH's born-again-christian family, I pretty much have to keep my opinions to myself

By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus

farrow Aug. 2014

Am I a simpleton for thinking that the preamble of the Book of Abraham is intended to mean what it says?

Mormon Church Knew & Taught Its Racist Doctrines

steve benson Aug. 2014

In point of fact, it did so for extended periods of time, promulgating them as essentially fully-formed and -flowing from the mouth of God himself, in regard to both the Mormon Church's official anti-Black priesthood ban and its official position against interracial marriage.