The Most Striking Thing about All the New Essays...

Tal Bachman Jul 2014

It is striking how the new essays so consistently concede what "anti-Mormons" (otherwise known as "people who tell the truth") have been saying for decades. As a close read, and a bit of thinking, will confirm, the essays essentially concede that Mormonism cannot be what it claims.

The First Vision Essay is Dishonest

Sarony May 2014

The First Vision essay by the church is fundamentally dishonest because it omits two official, published accounts. ... s?lang=eng
These two accounts are by Oliver Cowdery in 1835 and Brigham Young in 1855.

Cowdery's account covers three critical elements that, taken together, are contrary to the 1838 version.

Mormon Church is Polling on its New Essays (what does this mean?)

johnnyboy Mar. 2013

So the church is doing some confidential polling on all kinds of stuff. Mainly the essays and what impact they have had so far.

Help! My TBM [Mormon] bro sent me the latest essay

PapaKen Feb. 2014

He's saying he wants to know what I think about the "like god" essay, and as he put it, the eternal future of our family.

Oh. I get it now . . . you don't GET your own planet . . .

baura Feb. 2014

You don't GET your own planet, you MAKE your own planet.

All you get is the do-it-yourself kit. So they don't hand you
an already made planet and say, "enjoy yourself," they give you
raw materials and you have to organize them into a planet

"Nothing is known about..." Well, this is what I KNOW!

Lori C Feb. 2014

So, the Book of Mormon's "primary purpose" is more spiritual than historical? Really now? Let's my entire lifetime and blasted to me on my mission by Joseph F. McConkie, the Book of Mormon is absolute...historical...and the KEYSTONE of our religion

Give me your experience with DandC 9:8

gungholierthanthou Jan. 2014

The Doctrine and Covenants, section 9, advises members about how to resolve questions:

"8 But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your bmind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right."

Blacks & Cadillacs: Racist LDS History that the LDS Church Seeks to Hide

steve benson Dec. 2013

The Mormon Church is presently and desperately trying to do a makeover on a monster of its own making: namely, official, historical Mormon Church racism, perpetrated from the Church's very beginnings in the name of its concocted God and at the expense of basic human dignity.

Evidence from the Top: Joseph Smith Was Behind the LDS Priesthood Ban

steve benson Dec. 2013

Contrary to the current claim by the Mormon Church, there is documented evidence that Joseph Smith was, indeed, behind the LDS anti-Black priesthood ban.

The Mormon Church's Essay on Blacks and the Priesthood is Dishonest

steve benson Dec. 2013

The Mormon Church, on its official website, makes a grossly dishonest claim that the long-established official position of the Mormon Church banning Blacks from holding the priesthood was a policy and not a doctrine. In an essay entitled, “Race and the Priesthood,” the Mormon Church makes the following deliberately disingenuous and factually disprovable assertion: