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Sourcing the Propaganda: How the Mormon Cult's Evasive Essays Came to Be

Steve benson Nov 2014

In another thread, RfM poster “cokezero” reports on the canned reply they received as to the unnamed individuals authorized and responsible for writing the stream of apologetic essays being frantically rolled out by a cornered Mormon Cult:

Shocked at Oct. 2014 General Conference

Already Gone Oct. 2014

Nearly every single talk was on staying in the church, following the prophet, how leaders are inspired, and how they know best for you and how they are not out of touch or bigoted.

UK TV programme "Meet the Mormons" just finished . Not good for TSCC....

copolt Jul 2014

New Elder Field begins his mission, says his farewells, goes to Preston mission centre etc.
The new elder is Elder Field and is seen saying farewell to family going to the MTC and meeting his companion and getting his digs.

The missionary surge is officially a bust...


44% more missionaries, 4% more conversions.

Monson Case British Court Case - 1st Day - Mar. 14 2014

From city worker, March 14 2014

1. 7:16 am (RfM Time USEDT) and throughout the day

updates from court


*Introduction by Steve Benson

The following is based on a series of extensive communications between Tom Phillips and myself, regarding the issuance of summonses to Mormon Church president Thomas S. Monson, ordering him to appear in UK Magistrates’ Court on 14 March 2014 to answer charges against him and the Mormon Church of criminal financial fraud.

JOINT STATEMENT concerning summonses served on Thomas Spencer Monson

Geoff Staines

JOINT STATEMENT concerning summonses served on Thomas Spencer Monson:

GA Steven Snow Admits Mormon Church Has Hidden Facts but Has Been Outted by Internet

steve benson Jan. 2014

Snow's confession [Mormon general authority]:

"I think in the past there was a tendency [by the Mormon Church] to keep a lot of the records closed or at least not give access to information. But the world has changed in the last generation--with the access to information on the Internet, we can’t continue that pattern; I think we need to continue to be more open.”

More Sourced Info on Church Essays, Same-Sex Marriage and LDS Inc. Finances

steve benson Dec. 2013

As they say, when the Mormon crickets rain, they pour.

Below is further information coming out from the inside on a variety of fronts, pertaining to {the new essays, SSM and church finances}:

Authorship Of The Mormon Church's Anonymous Essays on Blacks, Polygamy, etc.

Steve Benson Dec. 2013

I have had a recent, long, direct and informative discussion with a well-placed and highly-credible Mormon Church source, which focused on the question of who, specifically, authored the historically-revisionistic essays that the Mormon Church has now placed on its official website. Just let me say that these essays were not written by members of the Quorum of the Twelve or the First Presidency.