Dealing with Mormon family members

Are most Mormons "passive-aggressive"?

RPackham Dec. 2014

And are new exmormons still suffering from it?

I have been reading an article from last June in the Huffington Post, by Amanda Chan, "The Secret to Dealing With Passive-Aggressive People"

Family Must Be Feeling It - Oct 2014 Conference

baneberry Oct. 2014

Several family members, children and parents, must have been inspired by conference and are using various approaches to talk to us. One is a walk down memory lane and how wonderful it used to be when we all went to conference together. Another is a guilt trip about how drinking coffee creates a horrible impression upon their children and they don't feel safe in our home.

Expert Ex-Mormon

runtu May 2014

Yes, I am an expert in how to leave the church and do it the wrong way. A little background:

Five things this EX-Mormon wish you knew

CA girl Mar. 2014

In response to the following blog post currently going around FB, I've [CA girl] made a list of Five Things EX-Mormons Wish You Knew.

Trying to save my family with logic.

roslyn Feb. 2014

Yes I have raised by BIC [born in the covenant] children in the church so the blame ultimately lays on me, but right now I am trying to free them.

Find reasonableness in apologies.

Cheryl Feb. 2014

In my family no one was willing to be assumed imperfect because recriminations could be brutal. This attitude meant no one admitted fault or offered apologies.

My in-laws have no retirement and the Second Coming hasn't happened

PG Jan. 2014

My 60 year old TBM [true believing Mormon] in laws are starting to freak out because they should be retiring but didn't plan for it, and I'm certain it's because they thought they would be sitting in the Celestial Kingdom surrounded by their six kids (that they couldn't afford) by now.

Whats your best advice for dealing with Mormon shunning?

anonthistime Dec. 2013

I know from reading this board for the past two years that many of you have already dealt with the fall-out with family and friends after leaving TSCC [this so called church]. We our currently in the middle of it and completely confused as to how to respond to the shunning and bad behavior of our family. Were not sure if we should just ignore it, distance ourselves, still send gifts or skip it, invite them to our events or not; the list just goes on and on.

Celestial Kingdom is now hell to my Mormon Mother

johnstockton12 Nov. 2013

Got a call from my mom the other day telling me to repent for drinking. She thinks I'm an alcoholic even though I only drink around once every two weeks, and when I drink it's not that much. She started crying and telling me that she has been in severe depression for the last year and that my choices have caused her that depression.

Got the "I'm Disappointed In You" message from my Mom

rexburgtoaz Nov. 2013

Message from my TBM mom on Facebook: "I heard you didn't respond to your sister when she sent you the baptism announcement for -----. She feels really bad. You should be sharing it with your boys, as this was a big part of their cousin's life."