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603. Moroni's Promise?; It Does Not Really Mean what It Says - Ensign Magazine
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Harris Knew How to Embarrass: His Admission of Not Seeing the Gold Plates

steve benson Feb 2014

Martin Harris confessed that he didn't actually, really or literally see the Book of Mormon gold plates (and, as we shall see, that's not the only "Witness" problem).

But let's start (and ultimately end) with the fact that what Harris finally admitted to was this: Instead of "seeing" the gold plates with his actual, physical eyes, he just got a peek at them with his "spiritual eyes."

The Book of Mormon Jesus! I found something that reached a Mormon spouse.

fundamentard Mar 2014

If you have a true believing spouse as I do you might have already discovered that the only way to get their attention is to work from within their paradigm. They simply will not listen to outside sources with the same respect or reverence.

That said, The thing that has gotten her attention the most has been me pointing out how the Book of Mormon Jesus slaughtered millions of people in America immediately after completing his great work of love salvation and rescue.

New Essay: Book of Mormon And DNA Studies

Simon in Oz Feb. 2014

A few quick responses on the essay. Unfortunately I don't have the resources of a PR company and an army of apologists at my disposal so its pretty rough. [Reference]

Lamanites Everywhere but Nary A Drop of Jewish DNA

steve benson Nov. 2013

--Identifying from Whom the Lamanites Originally Descended

FARMS Rushed to Defend the White Salamander

steve benson Aug 2013

If, in fact, the Book of Mormon gold plates were delivered to Joseph Smith not by an angel but by a white salamander (as Mark Hofmann's eventually exposed. forged Martin Harris letter claimed), then, back when that news broke, the Mormon Church had some big-time explainin' to do.

So when do members hear the official head in hat with seer stones lesson?

dk Aug 2013

A while back, someone posted an official primary lesson that talked about JS translating the BOM from gold plates. So, when do members hear the lesson that says JS translated the BOM by putting his head in a hat with seer stones?

[Note: The hat and seer stone was mentioned in a 1993 Ensign, but never incorporated into official lesson manuals.]

Disappearing Generation of Lamanites

Simon in Oz May 2013

Hi Folks,

In the final death-throes of apologetic responses to the decimating DNA, the church’s official unofficial scripture-twisting BYU-funded excuse makers have claimed that we wouldn’t expect to find Lamanite DNA because it has been diluted away beyond detection. Yes, these prophet-dismissing testimony tramplers now believe that the disappearance of Lamanite genes is sort of exactly what they expected based on their latest twist of scripture.

More Nail-Pounding into the Mormon Church's "Lamanite DNA" Coffin . . .

steve benson May 2013

--The Scientific Evidence Against the Mormon Church’s Claim of a Genetic Link Between Book of Mormon “Lamanites,” Present-day Native Americans and Semitic DNA

From “Bedrock of a Faith Is Jolted,“ by William Lobell, as published in the “Los Angeles Times”:

Turns out advanced ancient civilizations leave a lot of stuff behind

pandora Mar. 2013

I visited the Asian Art Museum in SF today to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. It was amazing. There were swords, things for horses and chariots, beautiful warriors and armor. Even a small gold belt buckle was on display which made me think about all the small day to day things that remain long after the people who used them are gone. All of these artifacts were from around 200 bc or 600 years before the great battle at the hill cumorah.