Active but non-Believer

A question to long time exmos - fear of leaving

Bartok Aug. 2013

Hello my lovely exmormon posters! This is my first time posting and I have a question i was hoping you guys could answer. So long story short is I was preparing for my mission and I came across the book of Abraham problem that really shook me, and also led to a downward spiral of finding Everything out about the church.

On a mission. How can I leave??

setmefree Aug 2013

Hey guys I've been on a mission for almost a year now and have been secretly researching about the church because even though I've always been a firm believer for some reason i kind of woke up in the mtc. Now i have decided i need to get out. i can't keep lying anymore. i can't keep promoting Joseph smiths scam.

Anyone still going to church and just faking it?

Littlejules Aug 2012

I was just wondering why and how people who know the church isn't true continue to go...Especially those with leadership callings. I had a hard enough time just pretending with my family! Not sure I could have pulled it off in my ward.

Today I was asked to be careful what I taught in Elders Quorom.

by Mormon Traitor Feb 2012

The Elders Quorom president came to me today and asked me to be careful what I teach because there would be an investigator there today. He said, "Don't go into any topics or history that would offend or upset the new guy. We want to keep him." Isn't that crazy? We only have 5 active EQ members. Our ward is dying. We only average about 45 every Sunday. We used to have about 120. I realize thy would be thrilled to gain a new member, but it's pathetic to have to hide the truth about our church to keep new members.

Did you keep going to the Mormon church while you were learning the TRUTH?

by confused feb 2012

Two weeks ago I accidentally started learning the truth about the book of Abraham, polygamy, temple, etc. We haven't been to church since, but last week we agreed to keep going for the next month while we figure this out. I don't think that I can do it. I don't even want my children to learn anymore of these lies. Did anyone else keep going to church while they were learning the truth about the Mormon church?

An Active Mormon Bishop Writes about his Doubts

by confused Feb 2012

I'm new to this site, and I'm hoping that I will get some insight to help me with a difficult situation.
I'm a lifetime member, RM, married in temple. I've always done my best to serve diligently.
I've had intellectual doubts for many years, and I've never felt that I could discuss them with anyone.

Bishop tried to call me as chapel cleaning coordinator

by sherlock Jan 2012

Having asked to be released from my previous ward clerk calling due to opening up to bishop about my unbelief and lack of temple recommend (still attend church due to family situation), I knew Bishop would try and call me to something else.

Is my marriage over now that I no longer believe in Mormonism?

by quietapostacy Dec 2011

I am new to RfM. I have been reading posts for a few months, but have never posted anything myself. I don't understand all the acronyms yet (TSCC, TBS, DH, etc.), but I am starting to catch on.

Nn what order did you eliminate the following:

by closet questioner Nov 2011
Tithing, garments or church attendance?

For those who stopped wearing garments before stopping church attendance, what was the time frame between the two? What caused you to make that final decision to stop attending?


Re: in what order did you eliminate the following: