RfM Experiences

Old posters return and report and other experiences here on RfM.

I sometimes read RfM posters who worry about *our cause.*

Cheryl Jul 2014

I don't have a cause. Do you? Does RfM have a unified cause we must all follow? I don't think so.

It Gets Better--Eleven Years Later :)

elevenyears Mar. 2014

Eleven Years “Out”—How I Know You and Your Family WILL Be Okay

Were You a TBM the First Time You Visited RFM?

Ex-Cultmember Jan. 2014

If so, what was your experience like? Was it the cause of your exit out of the church or were there other websites like mormonthink which got you to stop believing?

Why do we still write about the Mormon church even after leaving it?

WonderingWhy Nov. 2013

I had my name removed from the record of the church several months ago. Although my DW [dear wife] has not done the same, she no longer believes nor attends. She did ask me the other day, why do I still think and read and write about the Church now that I have left it. To be honest, I wasn't sure and that has started some introspection for me.

One year of official freedom!! new

fidget July 2013

Exactly one year ago, I walked out to my mailbox and found my official letter of freedom.

The LDS corporation said they stole my blessings, but I've seen more blessings in the last year not being a member.

It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but one of the best.

All of you in rfm have been amazingly awesome! :)

How Long Did You Lurk on RFM Before Posting?

Ex-CultMember July 2013

I'm often surprised by the number of posters who begin their post with, "long time lurker, first time poster..."

Why a never-mo hangs out here

Never Mo but raised Fundie Mar 2013

So, I'm a never-mo and my "link" in common here is that I was raised as a fundamental Christian with some beliefs in common. (Not the totally wacky version of fundamental Christian though).