Why a never-mo hangs out here

Never Mo but raised Fundie Mar 2013

So, I'm a never-mo and my "link" in common here is that I was raised as a fundamental Christian with some beliefs in common. (Not the totally wacky version of fundamental Christian though).

Of course, it seems odd to me that I like lurking on a message board about a religion I don't know well.

And then we have a thread about Pastafarianism and proper behavior in the classroom and respecting religious beliefs. It has emotion, differing opinions, intelligent thought, apologies.

I live in the "Bible belt". My kids have been told by school-mates that they are going to hell because they don't believe in Jesus. While it isn't as bad as living in Utah, I can relate.

Interesting topics. Reasonable debate. Differing opinions and views. Fun stuff.

That's why I'm here.

(I'm trying to get better about contributing but am sensitive to being a bit of an outsider.)

Thank you. You guys are pretty cool.

Raptor Jesus
Nevermos help make this place more fun and interesting. 

Infinite Dreams
Don't forget about nevermos who have TBM family members. 

I live in the South . . .
My kids are constantly asked by peers if they are "saved."


Never Mo but raised Fundie
Re: I live in the South . . .
One interesting thing is that there are so many variations of "Christianity".... I was "born again" when I was a kid but I kept getting asked by some of my friends if I was "sanctified" - I still don't know what that means.

I'm in GA - there was a clip in the paper about a church holding a baptism at a local high school for the football players who were "saved" during the season. Now, this school district has a bunch of lawyers on speed dial so I'm sure the school wasn't officially involved and the coach wasn't crossing the "line" (wherever that really is) but huh? You did what?

Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
I'm also a nevermo and I like this site a lot.

Like the OP, I was raised surrounded by religious people, although in my case it was primarily Opus Dei Catholics and later, Sisters of Charity. There was no "cafeteria" for the Catholics I grew up with. In fact, when I would complain about the Church as a kid, my dad used to like to tell me about the cat that didn't like his dinner. He locked the cat in the basement with an onion. After a few days, the cat ate the onion and was never finicky again.

So, I feel I "get" the stories of exmos here and feel more a sense of belonging than with some other recovering Catholics.

Plus, exmos are fun!

Raptor Jesus
Did your dad ever find out that onions are incredibly poisonous to cats? 

Re: Did your dad ever find out that onions are incredibly poisonous to cats?
That may be why I never saw that cat!

I was always too worried about the basement to ask him where it was.

Fear: that special feeling that gives life (and basements) meaning.

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Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
I'm nevermo and I like this site because it's good therapy for the times that I have to deal with prejudice towards me.
My husband is an inactive mormon with tbm family.
Although he's not the "holier than thou" type, some in his extended family are. His kids from a previous marriage are being raised in Utah with a very TBM Mom.

As a kid I was non-judgmental of other religions. My parents took me to an Episcopal church while growing up (now as an adult I consider myself Agnostic). Most of the kids in my area were Catholic, and there were a few JW kids, but it never caused a problem between any of us. It just wasn't an issue.

Fast forward to the present day, and my spouse's 11 year old son said that he could never live with Dad because there are not enough Mormons in the place we live. I thought it was weird that a kid that age was concerned with religion, since I wasn't at that age. But my husband's ex once told him that "There are no good people outside of Utah", so that might be where he got the idea from.

We've also had his older daughter visit with her friend (both seniors in high school). The friend's Mom told them before they left for the airport "Remember your standards girls." as if our home was going to be a bad environment for the them.

I've also had mormons assume that I smoke, drink, do drugs, and have had multiple sexual partners...simply because I'm not a Mormon.

It can be frustrating and this site is a great place to go during those times.

Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
I am a nevermo and I read this site frequently. I've lived the majority of my years in Utah. I was raised in a religion that is considered by many to be a cult, maybe I feel I can relate to most of you.Even though I've lived here most of my life I still feel like an outsider here in Utah. I am not sure why, but this site gives me comfort.
Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
I hang out here and mostly lurk, rarely post. But thank you RfM for giving me insight and empowerment. I'm a non-mo --- who married a mormon who became a non-mormon. Very very tough times. This site helps me understand what Spousal Unit is going through. Thanks to everyone, mo and non-mo alike!

Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
In my real life I like to be in the background until I feel comfortable enough to come forward. Being a nevermore, I felt that same way here too. But I am feeling more comfortable here, and accepted. And it is a very warm fuzzy feeling!

Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
I'm a nevermo. I recently moved to Utah and my bf's family is all Mormon. He isn't. I read here because the culture here is... ridiculous and makes no sense to me and to learn more about TSCC [this so called church].
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Re: Why a never-mo hangs out here.....
I'm a nevermo atheist interested in religions.

I first came here in 2007, but fell under the charm of the people here, the lively debate, the humour and the glimpse of (mainly) American life which y'all give me.

Thanks to all who contribute ;-)

Tom in Paris

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