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A NeverMo wearing garments...

jessupnorth Jan. 2014

So, as I NeverMo, I've always wondered what it was like to wear garments. All of my girlfriends do, and I wondered what it's like. So I got hold of some new ones for myself, and wore them for the first time today. Here are some of my thoughts;

"All the women in the room will now veil their faces....."

sheepherder Dec. 2014

Why do you think the women have to veil their faces in the temple?

Is it because God is so offended at seeing their femininity that he doesn't want to see their face?

The temple is all about polygamy

rutabaga Nov. 2014

Shortly after the California Prop 8 debacle, someone made a simple comment to me. "The temple is all about polygamy." That had never occurred to me before and I went "Hmm."

First Reaction Going Through The Mormon Temple?

Sweet Spirit Feb. 2014

What was your reaction going through the the Mormon temple the first time?

Temple answer: "I dont' know"

joejoe50 Nov. 2013

Several years ago I got back into full fellowship after a long absence and my wife and I were eventually asked to work at the temple. I had a list of questions I thought could finally be answered. Surely, if I was to work in the temple and officiate in all that stuff I'd have to know all the details of 'that stuff.' NOT SO!

Anyone think "CULT" when they went through the Mormon temple the first time?

turnonthelights Sep 2012

I remember looking at my parents dressed in those strange outfits and thinking "what the hell is this!" My dad looked embarrassed when I looked at him like he knew it was strange and felt bad for putting me through it. My mother fell asleep throughout most of it. I remember telling my mom that the videos were horribly acted and why couldn't they have at least hired better actors. The naked touching and "oh god hear the words of my mouth" chants were creepy and cultish.

Stopped wearing garments HELP!

SandyGirl Aug 2012

Make a long story short. My husband is a life long member and so are his parents. I'm a convert ( 2 years). I wanted to go to the temple but no one told me I'd have to wear ugly depressing clothes [after being 'endowed']. Garments make me sad and depressed and i feel oppressed.

I saw the ultimate Mormon Temple garment feel up followed by the raised eyebrow today

motherfreaker June 2012

I was at a soccer game this evening sitting next to a social Mormon whose daughter plays on one of the teams. Social Mormon guy is known to enjoy a beer after games with the parents, he swears when his wife isn't around, and he is a pretty cool guy. The local Ward's Bishop's Counselor has a daughter on the opposite team and during halftime he came over to greet the guy.

Social Mormon guy was wearing a black, dry-fit UnderArmor t-shirt. Bishopric guy walked over, placed his hand on social guy's shoulder and rubbed his shoulder and upper arm checking for the magic garments.

Son apologized for Mormon temple wedding!

by greenkat May 2012

I posted 6 years ago about my pain with my son getting married in the temple and me standing outside. I remember it as one of the worst, hurtful, demoralizing and AWFUL days of my life. I greeted the happy couple outside because I cared more about my love for them than the humiliation of standing there while my Mormon relatives judged me and described in condescending, glowing details the "beautiful" ceremony inside that I missed. I had been to plenty of marriages and sealings, and knew all about the bland ceremony, and felt betrayed at their insensitivity.