Mormon Tithing estimated at $7 billion per year


Quite a good article. Takes financial disclosure required in countries such as Canada, UK, Australia and projects tithing at $7 billion per annum.

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They are penny wise and pound foolish
LDS, Inc. knows how to squeeze the life out of a nickel, but as the article points out, they give little back to their members or the world. The 7th Dayers are growing much faster, and spend more on humanitarianism.

LDS, Inc. is run by MBAs, not theologians. They know how to Maxine profits, but not how to lead a church.

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Just sick. So glad almost none of that is mine last year. My bishop actually encouraged me to go into debt to pay tithing. He said I was thinking too logically. *facepalm*

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How do you go into debt to pay 10% of your increase? Stupid CULT!

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$35 Billion in real estate and $7 Billion a year.

They've only spent 1.4 Billion on relief efforts since 1985.

So I estimate after adjusting for membership count and inflation, the church has taken in right around 105 Billion in JUST tithing since 1985. That doesn't include financial holdings, real estate deals, and any other method they use to get filthy rich.

So they've only used 1.3% of the tithing collected since 1985 on relief efforts that aren't designed to assist ONLY other mormons.

Even if you can't feed your kids, pay tithing.

Exmo Dad
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And that's just tithing, not the returns on all their investments, not the assets which God knows how many there are and how much they're worth

Re: They are penny wise and pound foolish
I actually was watching a story about coffee, that was talking about how the family members who had started the big American coffee companies retired off, or sold out, and the accountants took over, that the first thing the bean counters did was start mixing inferior beans into the mix, and they kept increasing the percentage of the worse tasting, but cheaper to grow beans until that was all that went into American coffee. They made more money by the can, but Americans began drinking less and less coffee. Star Bucks then comes along, and brings back the higher quality beans.

Of course what the story did not say is that with Star Bucks, the money people got in charge again, and instead of training their staff to make coffee the right way, they started just putting high school kids back there who burn the stuff more times then they get it right.

The church is the same way, and this is why you need a leader on top of any organization who is a much a visionary as he is a money man. The ironic thing is that for a bunch of people with the title Prophet, Seer and Revelator, you can't find one true modern visionary in the bunch.

$7 billion per year and they can't hire flippin' janitors to clean the ward toilets?? ;o) 

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Untaxed, undisclosed, no accountability to anyone.

Dave the Atheist
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What a great scam.
I think I'll start a church.

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We all know what they don’t do with all this money.
The question would be, what actually do they do with all the money?

I just saw in BBC London a add, 35 Euros a month feeds and pays in the 3rd world an entire family. Education cost a 5 Euros more in a month. 5 Euros (5.50 US Dollar) feeds a child.
How many people could get medical attention and food on earth by spending only 30% of the tithing money?

But the Mormons are the good ones, the chosen ones on earth.

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Yes, if it's not a church it's definitely illegal.

So why does the U.S. give a pass to churches? Don't you have RICO etc.?

Ask Kay Burningham.


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Churches play a big role in politics.
Everything that the government with its quality media cannot sell the people, goes to the churches. They will enforce what politics couldn’t.
It’s a deal between politic power and church power. I scratch your back und you mine.
Therefore they have special agreements, like Bank and big Corporations.

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I feel sorry for the many janitors they've fired in the name of greed.

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Albinolamanite Wrote:

That's an interesting break-down.
My friend felt badly for accepting church help even though he'd paid taxes all his life.
After discovering the pittance lds inc puts toward charities I think I will shrug off any of the references that claim how charitable lds inc is.

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I doubt they really make that much money from investments, however not from the lack of trying, but from the lack of experience. Name one recent investment that they have made that is not in land, that has been a good investment. From what I have seen the only thing they know how to do is build assets, they don't know how to capitalize them.
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Good point ozpoof. Debt equals income? Stupid.

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But if enough of a groundswell of the public voiced concerns over it, the laws could be changed

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I perused the comments. I always love seeing the senior missionaries writing novella length comments including scriptural references trying to correct the misperceptions of the poor people who would just so fall in love with the gospel if only they understood it correctly.

In the end, mormons believe God doesn't care if a child dies of hunger in Botswana, he just want's his temples and other massive monuments to his glory.

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So, if the world goes to crap, the Church is going to have all the money and resources....
"it is the largest rancher in the United States."

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What I don't understand, however, is that any tithing is coming from the relatively few (2.5 to 3.5 million active believers), no new conversions are coming from North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, or any other developed nations, and the church is making real in-roads only among the impoverished Africans and in some other impoverished and under-developed parts of the world. Where do the alleged $7 billion come from?

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I know that has been bandied about, but I'm not sure it's true. Meat production is a huge business and even if their very large ranch in Florida were to provide all of the beef for that state it still wouldn't scratch the surface. Check out this website.

Also check out the massive ranch in Texas the King Ranch.

I also didn't check this on the web but if I remember Ted Turner is a huge land owner and likely owns more ranch property than LDS inc.

Raptor Jesus
I would like to remind you all that the church needs all this money.
They need it to start their own space program.

Because the ones whose "calling and election was made sure" have to get on a rocket ship to Kolob to live with Elohim.

That @#$%& ain't cheap.

Jesus, Tom. Didn't you pay attention to that part in the second anointing ceremony?

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If you can get 1.5 million individuals/families to pay $5,000 a year this would get you to $7.5 Billion. That would only require that those individuals/families have a median household income of $50,000 (Median Household Income in Utah is about $55,000) and pay a full 10 percent tithe.

This is an entirely simplistic view but you can see that if they can squeeze 10% out of as many of their core believers as possible, the earnings get into the Billions of dollars in a hurry.

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Actually, they didn't pay out that in cash...

The amount includes donations 'in kind,' which constitutes the majority of their charitable 'donations'...

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