Subject: Current mormon missionary doubting the church...
Date: Nov 15, 2008
Author: wade04

I'm currently serving a mission for the church. I've been out for about 20 months. Well, recently I've started reading a lot of stuff and watching videos on youtube and what not about the church. I use to be able to defend my faith in the mormon church but i have found some stuff recently that just makes me sure that its all fake. I don't know what to do. I'm thankful for any advice and your support.


Subject: how are you accessing this information . . .
Date: Nov 15 04:02
Author: bad boy

and how do you keep your companion from knowing about it? Isn't he around you 24/7?

Quick advice: the church isn't true at all, but big transitions in your life are usually scary. Think things through, figure when you want to act and take into account the way others will react to you. Mormons wont understand what you think and will perhaps do their best to make it uncomfortable for you to see things the way you do.

Best of luck. You are young. Wish I'd figured out the church was a fraud at 20. You'll make it through. Just use your head, trust your own judgment.


Subject: Re: how are you accessing this information . . .
Date: Nov 15 04:21
Author: wade04

well im actually accessing all of this from my laptop in my house. obviously im not supposed to have that but my comp is chill about all of it and actually also doubting the church. actually 5 out of the 6 in my district are. 2 of them are out clubbing right now. so it isnt hard to get away with anything lol. but like i said.. i have 20 months out. i figure i might as well just finish. but eventually i want to break the news to my family and friends. i know they will give me the usual... this is an attack from satan spill. but i really want out! i dont want to be a part of this anymore


Subject: Be grateful you found out now
Date: Nov 15 04:16
Author: dds

You don't have a wife or kids to explain the decision to. Parents and siblings might be tough, but at least you wont' have to play along with it to save a marriage.


Subject: Re: Be grateful you found out now
Date: Nov 15 04:22
Author: wade04

true. and thats the reason i want out asap! i dont want to get roped into a temple marriage and all that jazz.


Subject: I was in your position a few months ago...
Date: Nov 15 05:10
Author: ForgotMyNewName

My story is on the bio board, title Escape from manila if want something/someone to relate with.

well, you have to figure out what's best for yourself.
i couldn't stand another minute in the mission (if i had had disobedient companions i wouldn't mind staying)

so yeah, welcome to the club!


Subject: Re: I was in your position a few months ago...
Date: Nov 15 05:52
Author: wade04

wow! a few days back when i really started getting into this hardcore your story was one of the first i read. i just googled something and that story came up. it actually inspired me to tell a couple friends about the doubts im having. thanks a lot. nice to meet ya.


Subject: You are not the first to post and leave a mission........
Date: Nov 15 05:21
Author: wings

What info did you see that made you question the church?
Are you in a USA mission, or forein?


Subject: Re: You are not the first to post and leave a mission........
Date: Nov 15 05:23
Author: wade04

i watched the video.. the lost book of abraham and that got me going deeper into investigating the church. im in south america. rather not say exactly what mission.


Subject: No problem on the location....the reason I asked is .........
Date: Nov 15 05:27
Author: wings

if you decide to leave, you need your passport.
What can we help you with?


Subject: Re: No problem on the location....the reason I asked is .........
Date: Nov 15 05:34
Author: wade04

right now im pretty set on sticking it out till the end. seeing as how im not doing any work or baptizing anybody it wont really hurt me or anybody else and i only have a few months left. not to mention id like to break the news kinda quietly. im from utah and going home from your mission early gets around real fast and destroys people. i guess i would just like some advice on telling my family how i feel. im sure you have all had your experience with that.


Subject: Ok....I guess you need to figure out if you want to tell them..
Date: Nov 15 05:47
Author: wings

If you are in Utah, there is a large group of former Mormon people that will help you transition. We can help you with support and a place to vent the craziness that happens when you change your mind. Know you have the right to change your mind. Few of us get out of this without some battle scars regarding the family dynamic.

Does your family have any idea you have doubts? Are they tolerant? Do you have anyone that is a non-believer in your family? It ultimately is your choice to tell them, or not. Don't get married to please others!


Subject: Re: Ok....I guess you need to figure out if you want to tell them..
Date: Nov 15 05:57
Author: wade04

the fam thinks im here working hard and as happy as can be. ive been faking that for 20 months. ALL of my family is mormon. not even distant cousins that i can think of that are out. i dont think they would take too kindly to my not believing anymore. i expect a lot of guilt trips and crying from mom will be the reaction. right now what ive got in my head to do is... go home "with honor" and all that good stuff and then maybe a month or so after i get home let them know how ive been feeling. i think if i were to do it now it would just make it a bigger pain in the ass and i would have a lot of not necessary interviews with my MP and things of that sort.


Subject: You know you are an adult...not a child....
Date: Nov 15 06:13
Author: wings

Sadly, mishies are treated as if they are children until they come home and get married. You must be a man of 21 years old. YOU have a voice and a right to live your life the way you feel is authentic. If you are moving back in with your folks, it may be pretty edgy. Normally, this happens because you spent 2 years away, have no job, and little education when you return. What are your plans for your life after you return? School? In or out of Utah? Is your home small town Utah, or Utah/SLC/Davis County?


Subject: Re: Ok....I guess you need to figure out if you want to tell them..
Date: Nov 15 09:00
Author: AxelDC

I like your plan to finish your mission.

What do you plan after? Are you going to college?

DO NOT GO TO BYU! I also wouldn't tell your family about the church if you want them to pay for college. If you don't need their money, then go ahead.

Just go away to school and you won't have to deal with the church for a while. Just not BYU! Out of Utah would be ideal.


Subject: Do they have your passport? NT


Subject: If you have already been out 20 months
Date: Nov 15 08:19
Author: NoToJoe

then you should just keep your head down for another four and come home without all the disgrace Mormondumb will heap on you for an early quit.

Once you get home you need to get into school and start working towards your eventual financial independence. What ever you do, DO NOT ATTEND BYU!!!! BYU will trap you into a situation where your degree and ability to earn a living depends on your willingness to pretend like you believe all the bullshit.

Keep reading, keep studying.......however, once you start reading the accurate history (as opposed to the sanitized cult sanctioned history) you really can't put the genie back in the bottle.

-Morphius from the Matrix


Subject: Why it's obvious the Church is a cult.
Date: Nov 15 08:52
Author: Baura

Let's put the BOA [Book of Abraham] problem, the DNA problem, the First Vision problem, the polygamy problem the Blacks & priesthood problem, the Adam-God problem and all those problems aside. Let's just look at what YOU know from your own first-hand experience.

You are an adult. You are doing something that is completely voluntary--you have not contracted anything (a contract has to have a quid pro quo--they give your something in return for what you do). Yet you are afraid to follow what you know. You can't just go to the MP and say, "President, I've turned a corner in my life and I won't be being a missionary any more. I'll be leaving on tomorrow's flight so I'll need my passport."

In ANY non-cult situation the CEO would say, "Gee we're really sorry to lose you but here's your passport and I wish you all the best" and that would be it.

But you are in a situation where you have to PRETEND to believe things you don't believe. You have to pretend this to the MP, the APs, your family and everyone close to you with the possible exception of your current comp. In addition to that you have to dress how they tell you and follow a whole book of their "rules" or at least make them think you do.

Why can't an adult human being just sit down with their family and tell their inner beliefs without all the anxiety and worry? When I was an active Mormon one of the staples of sacrament meeting talks were converts telling of how their family went ballistic and or ostracized them for being baptized into the Church. They called it "persecution." Well, your fear of telling your parents what you really, truly think is not an isolated incident within the Church. People post here all the time scared to tell.

An organization that uses this kind of pressure from those closest to you to pressure you to conform your actions and apparent (at least) beliefs to their pre-determined program is exactly what a cult is according to the sociological definition.

Forget what the Church's theological beliefs or historical claims are; your post here proves it's a cult. Could you imagine a non-mormon reading your post without being shocked? If YOU read your identical post but written by someone else and it was about, say, the Unification Church (Moonies) rather than the Mormons wouldn't you say to yourself, "man, that's one messed-up cult"?

The Church is a cult. You have proven it with your post.


Subject: Re: Why it's obvious the Church is a cult.
Date: Nov 15 13:13
Author: wade04

Upon finding out this information i shared it with some close friends in my district here. As ive shared we arent the most obedient bunch and i know they can be trusted. There are 4 others now in my district of 6 that know the truth. Like they 100% know its fake. But we have been talking about it and they KNOW they will never leave the church. They have all said basically the same thing "i wouldnt leave the church if the prophet told me secretly that it wasnt true". This because their families would disown them and all the other BS that goes on for people trying to get out of this cult. Just another testimony to me that this really is a sick cult and i dont want to fake it for the rest of my life and let them win. Thanks a ton for the support.


Subject: Elder, you shouldn't be online!
Date: Nov 15 08:57
Author: AxelDC

This is why they don't want missionaries online.

You go look at forbidden websites and now your testimony is shot! How will your mission president react?

(Seriously, welcome! Just keep your head down and you'll be home soon enough and you can deal with all this. Feel free to email me.)


Subject: My nephew is on a mission and is online all the time
Date: Nov 15 17:26
Author: Steve

How do I know? Cause he forgot to disable the myspace function that tells your friends whenever you are online.

He is on so much I have high hopes he he also looking at other stuff that might make him wake up to the truth about mormonism, or at least looking at some porn. ;-)


Subject: You have a good plan and 4 months to figure the rest. :-) No to byu.
Date: Nov 15 09:52
Author: Tiphanie

Congrats for seeing The Truth!!! :)

First, byu will NOT give you your diploma NOR happily transfer any credits you may have already earned there IF they find out you've seen The Truth. So, if at byu, you maybe should transfer to another school before "coming out" about your new belief system.

One point to consider reiterating to your fam is that they claim you have the right to "worship how, where or what you may." That may become your "theme song" for any of the emotional games they pull on you. You can keep quoting that back at them along with how honorable is it for them to claim that, yet hassle you about your new beliefs. You could try saying that the more they hassle you about your new beliefs, the more they are driving you further and further away from Mormondom.

For now, maybe see which school you want to go to/transfer to and get that taken care of? Know that everyone here is pulling for all you guys AND that there are a lot of cool exmos in Utah ... maybe you could get in touch with them so you have an IRL support system when you get back. :)


Subject: Sorry, but saying BYU will not transfer your credits is nonsense
Date: Nov 15 16:46
Author: Winter

For starters, the school one leaves has no say in whether credits are transferred - the school being tranferred to makes that decision - period.

Claims that BYU will not release transcripts to students who leave LDS Inc are urban legend. It is not true. They will only refuse to release your transcript if you owe them money. They can refuse to enter the courses for the semester that one leaves/gets tossed out of LDS Inc, but all earlier coursework, degrees granted, etc, are not affected, nor is access to transcripts.

Chad Hardy is not a counter-example. His degree had not yet been officially granted. He may be able to force BYU via lawsuit to grant his degree, but they did not take it back. They never granted it.

Winter, trying valiantly to kill this "BYU won't give you your transcript" false exmo doctrine. :)


Subject: So all the people who got shafted by byu were not being truthful??
Date: Nov 15 23:06
Author: Tiphanie

There've been quite a few people here and elsewhere who came out about their new beliefs and got the byu-shaft.

'Sup with all this??


Subject: Hey Wade04. Welcome.
Date: Nov 15 13:27
Author: JJ

I've been reading all the posts. And personally I'd stick it out for the last 4 months. It will be easier on your family. They already will be broken hearted, but it might be easier, especially in Utah, "to return with honor." In the end though, you must do what is best for you. Remember what is best for you, not for your family.

As a BYU grad, I heartily agree with everyone here that has said no BYU for you. Get out of Utah. Also, I would definantly take advantage of those support groups in Utah that have been previously mentioned. Leaving Mormonism is hard! That's why this board exists, but there are a lot of RMs who have left. They are not like the ones in your mission. They know the truth and can no longer live a lie, because that is what your friends will be doing the rest of their lives.

In the end you know yourself and your family best and how to handle the rest of your mission and breaking the news to your fam. Best of luck and welcome to freedom. Remember, the truth will set you free.


Subject: Maybe hold off on telling them, then go to school out of state, and then quietly go inactive. nt


Subject: Good for you!!
Date: Nov 15 13:47
Author: Eric K

A simple suggestion. Take the time, your remaining 4 months, to gain real expertise in the language. You will never have a better opportunity. Talk to people about their lives, their customs, history or anything of interest to you. This will be a time of education for you. You will not learn just the language. You will learn a great deal about life.

I am excited you discovered the fraud early. There many of us RMs who wished we had been as astute as you.

Good luck


Subject: Re: Current mormon missionary doubting the church...
Date: Nov 15 13:51
Author: No Moniker

You've been given some good advice from people who have been there.

Finish it out, fine tune your foreign language skill, appreciate the local culture, come home with honor and then ease out. Don't go to a church college. Find a major that BYU doesn't offer and insist on going to a college that does - you can always change once you're there.

I wouldn't be too sure about your companions. They may say they don't believe, but the guilt can be overwhelming and one may decide to out you to ease his own guilt.

I'm reading 'The Keystone of Mormonism' and I was struck by something the author, Arza Evans, wrote in the introduction:

When writing about the family pressure to return to the church a friend was experiencing, Arza wrote: "I empathized with my friend's delimma because my mother, even on her deathbed, make this very same request of me. I found this extremely painful. She wasn't asking for my time, my money, or my love which I would have willingly given. She was aking for my honor and integrity, I just couldn't do it. She was asking too much.'

Like Baura wrote - the use family relationships to make everyone toe the line whether or not they believe and that makes it's cult.

Good luck.


Subject: I had a brother on a mission who doubted
Date: Nov 15 13:58
Author: jenra

My brother was out on his mission for about 4 months when he decided that he wanted to come home (he's also from UT). All my other TBM family members basically talked him into staying. My heart broke bceause knew that if he stayed that he might become brainwashed and if he came home early he could be disowned, shunned, or name your other mormon poison.

Like others on this post have said, since you only have a few months left stick it out and when you get home, try your best to get out of Utah and/or get involved with the support groups. There are lots of RMs who have left (my DH included). However, should you decide to leave earlier, there are plenty here on this board willing help you find a way out.

Wade04 - we're here for you. Keep us posted.


Subject: Congratulations on your integrity...
Date: Nov 15 14:06
Author: Merovea

and your desire to not live a lie. You seem to have intellingently analysed your situation very well. I also think that staying and finishing an "honorable" mission will serve you better in the long run. Try and keep your new discoveries to yourself for the time being, the less "black marks" on your early life will ensure keeping people to think of you being "frivolous". I am also an RM but took a few decades to find out what you now know! Good luck to you Wade and keep in touch with your new friends who are now your support system, I like their advice.


Subject: I've gone over this in my mind a thousand times what I would do in your position
Date: Nov 15 14:17
Author: mootman

And I WAS in your position, dragging my sorry ass around everywhere pushing a load of stinkky shit. Pardon my french but even after all this time it's hard not to be angry at being lied to and coerced to waste 2 years of my life.

I've gone on to make a good life and career but I still hate and resent that more than I can say, as I think any reasonable person would.

Here's what you do: Get up from this computer, get on the next bus to your mission office, DEMAND your passport, and go home.

That is what I would do if I could do this over again.

Now, having said that, SOMETIMES missions have imparted good things to people. For example, my best friend served in Taiwan and got to be highly skilled in Mandarin and has used that to his great advantage in his career.
If you can still foresee gaining advantage from just being there a couple more months, do it.

Otherwise get the hell out of there. Seriously.

Go out with a flare.

Don't worry about "interviews" with the President or whatever. Just make a stand of what you want, don't flinch, and dont' allow him to question you. You're going to have to be a Man now. YOU tell THEM what the situation is. Not the other way around.

You know, it's actually very IMMORAL AND UNETHICAL if you think about it, that they have your passport and dictate what you do, what you wear, and where you go. It's called false imprisonment in American law.

Anyway, just be a man and go home. That's what I would do. You'll have your whole life to sort it out. Somewhere along the line you'll have to make a stand--

would to God that I had figured it out like you have at this point.

LET ME PREVAIL ON THIS POINT: IF THEY REFUSE TO GIVE YOU YOUR PASSPORT, THREATEN LEGAL ACTION FOR FALSE IMPRISONMENT. I'm dead serious. If they still refuse, don't discuss or negotiate or bother telling them about the Book of Abraham or whatever, that will be utterly pointless. Walk out and go to the American Embassy and tell them your story and get the hell out.


Subject: Re: I've gone over this in my mind a thousand times what I would do in your position
Date: Nov 15 14:34
Author: Gay Philosopher

Hi Wade,

Mootman's advice doesn't apply for everyone. I admire the courageousness of his convictions, but there are practical concerns at play. Don't underestimate what your parents will do after the initial wailing and crying and gnashing of teeth fails to have any effect on you (that is, to keep you in the church). They could become quite vicious, and even disown you.

Before you let anyone else know, be sure that you can afford to pay for an apartment and support yourself indefinitely. Act from a position of strength, not vulnerability. As another poster said, use your mind. Think.

You know that it's all a lie. Play the game for now. Finish the mission. Situate yourself back in the States. Get a car of your own, make enough money from some kind of job to afford to be able to move, and then get in that car and drive and drive and drive away to freedom.

Remember: no one ensnared by the church will help you. You can count on no one to rescue you but yourself and--if you're lucky--non-Mormon friends. Your journey will be very difficult. Some family members may never talk to you again. The pain and suffering will continue for years, quite possibly, but they will end, and you'll have freed not only yourself, but your progeny from the church.

I'm sorry that you have to go through this--terribly sorry. I understand why your companions have chosen to remain in the church, even though they know that it's false. No one knows what's right for you. It's easy to second guess yourself.

If you leave, please be careful and plan long and hard. Don't do anything rash. Be methodical, make as much money as you can, and get in that car and drive away. Then, get yourself situated in college and stay there for a long time. After that, I'm confident that everything will work out all to your advantage.

Good Luck, Wade,



Subject: I like that advice, but mine will make a way better story 20 years from now!!! ;)
Date: Nov 15 14:40
Author: mootman

It's way more "rock n roll"

Stick it to The Man!!

And your story will get out to the other misshies and it will have a ripple effect-- it will give many others the courage to stand against the Juggernaut


Subject: After reading this I'll never view
Date: Nov 15 14:42
Author: Charley

missionaries the same again. I never thought of apostate missionaries before. Good luck Wade. I'm afraid things are going to be rough for a while but given time will mellow out.


Subject: Re: After reading this I'll never view
Date: Nov 16 00:44
Author: Baura

Charley wrote:
> missionaries the same again. I never thought of apostate missionaries before. Good luck Wade. I'm afraid things are going to be rough for a while but given time will mellow out.

There are tons of apostate missionaries. When I was studying in Europe long ago in my TBM days I spent a lot of time in the mission home. I was surprised to meet a lot of "problem elders" who were reigned in because they didn't believe a word of it. They still were pressured to put on a suit and tie and play missionary all day long. One would gladly tell you he was an atheist if you asked him his beliefs. Another told me "the best two years of myt life...why did I have to spend them here."

The atheist guy was told by his father on the phone [they allowed that to try to talk him into staying the full time] "we don't quit what we have started." I'd like to play poker with his Dad!

The "best two years of my life" got a phone call from Spencer W. Kimball (this was way back before Kimball was the prophet) who asked him if the "problem" was his testimony yadda yadda. He ended up borrowing money for a plane ticket and flying home without telling anyone.

What is amazing is the intense familial and social pressure to continue the facade even after they are convinced it's totally bogus.


Subject: Congratulations on learning the truth, and following your heart.
Date: Nov 15 17:06
Author: Trust No One

Several of our neighbors have dis-owned and/or dis-inherited their children for leaving the cult. You do need to plan for the worst. I like the advice of the posters here, many who have been through this themselves, or have known others who have been through it. My sons have many friends who found out on their missions that they were trapped in a cult.

This is what they did. They all finished the mission. One missionary said he continued going door-to-door, but he did not criticize other people's religions, and he did not try to break up religious families by converting someone away from their family. He would talk about things like the weather, the culture, etc. He created an English class, and spent a good deal of time teaching English to the people, instead of preaching at them.

These missionaries all left the church when they got home. They were instructed to give their homecoming talk on a specific Mormon subject, but some of them just went ahead and talked about the country, the people they met, interesting experiences they had, and did not mention Mormonism or Joseph Smith at all. A couple mentioned Christ. They weren't kicked off the stand, or anything.

Don't go to BYU. I graduated from BYU, but liked the other universities I attended much better. Away at a university, you will have freedom to live your life, get to know really good, genuine people, investigate other religions if that interests you.

Above all, TRUST NO ONE! That worries me most about your situation right now. The other missionaries will have their own battles to fight later on, and they can contact you after you are all home again. In the meantime, you MUST leave it alone, and keep very quiet about this. Don't let anyone know you are on the internet, either. You know that missionaries are trained to rat on each other. These are people living a false life, and planning to keep living it falsely forever. These are people under extreme duress. No, you can not trust anybody.

If you do leave, no matter when you leave, put everything IN WRITING, and keep copies. The Mormons will gossip about you, and rather than admit that someone doesn't believe, they will throw that person under the bus. That's the way cults operate. I gurantee that if you leave your mission, the Mormons will say you were sexually promiscuous, or were a sinner in some way or other.

Good luck to you! After you dig yourself out of this pit, you will have a much happier life oustide the cult. It will be worth it.

You are lucky to find out the truth now. All my children were born and baptized Mormon. We got out, but the cult still has my daughter, who is struggling with depression at BYU.


Subject: I was in your shoes but didn't know it on my mission.
Date: Nov 15 17:21
Author: Steve

They didn't have teh internets back then. I was not at all conscious of the fact that I was on my way out yet. But my subconscious must have known. I baptized about 70 people the first 16 months of my mission. 3 in the last 6 months. And zero in the last three.

More important than your decision as to whether to stick it out or not. . . and that is important . . . is now that you know, you must not screw up anyone else's life by implanting the mormon meme in their lives. I think if you can do that, everything else may not be easy, but it will work itself out. Just dont add any more guilt by bapping up more innocent people.

Good luck


Date: Nov 15 17:38
Author: wade04

I see im not even close to the only one thats ever been in this situation and thats a great feeling. I really appreciate all the advice. What im thinking right now is...

Im going to stay till the end of my mission (4 more months) and go home and slowly get out. I might as well milk mom and dad for all i can before i get kicked out and disowned. Im not positive that will happen but i should probably be prepared for it just in case. Im far from miserable here. Ive got some good friends that are also sincerely questioning their faith in this cult. We spend most of our time living like normal teenagers. Just get online all day, flirt with girls, eat and sleep. I think i will just do my best to enjoy this time, perfect my spanish and figure out exactly how im going to deal with all this when i get home. I wont go to BYU. I have a friend in mississippi that is of another faith and has been trying to help me out of this for a while. I will probably attend school in mississippi with her (yes, her. possible marraige canidate haha.) and that should make things a lot easier on my life im hoping. I dont plan on trying to pull anybody else into mormonism and screwing up their lives. I havent knocked a door or taught a lesson in about 3 months anyways and i can keep from doing it for the rest of my time here. Thanks again for all the advice and your support in helping me make this decision. I dont doubt i will be a regular on this site from now on. I will let you know how things work out.


Subject: Not that I side with TBM's, but think about this:
Date: Nov 15 23:10
Author: dp

>"...milk mom and dad for all i can before i get kicked out and disowned..."

Who says they'll kick you out and disown you? And is it really fair of you to "milk" them all you can?


Subject: This should be archived. Great ideas from all, take them all with a grain of salt and do what works
Date: Nov 15 17:47
Author: Rev. Ex-Necrodunker

best for your situation.

I'd stick it out the four months due to the obvious character assasination that is guaranteed to occur if you leave. You will come back a hero to your parents and extended family. You will have the opportunity to increase your dating pool by over 50% (if you are in Utah) and those 50% will look at you as a hero(ideally date Jack Mormon girls whose parent's will love you for your RM status). If you end up with one of them you can take her out of the church (like I did) and work together on your entire families as a team. I am all for living an authentic life, however, I know by experience that TBM's are insanely cruel to those who dare leave and I believe that it is more important to be happy than right (temporarily) especially since they could destroy your future.

Our parent's would only pay for BYU and we graduated ASAP, got kick ass jobs, then let the cat out of the bag and basically went through WWIII, got disinherited for a few years etc.. Now we are doing fantastic and our families have to be nice to us because we have the only grandchildren.

Peace Elder
Make the most of the Mission now in a fun way.
I worked the entire time, did everything by the book, baptized more than anyone on my mission. My greatest regret is not going to sporting events, traveling and doing what everybody else people in their 20's are supposed to be doing. I was always with tattletales etc.


Subject: Be careful.. your comps may turn you in... it's taught in the cult! n/t
Date: Nov 15 20:12
Author: anonatar

Companions love to turn on their own in the mission field. It's what gets them higher up the ladder. Be careful.
Answer questions with a question and keep your cards close to the vest so to speak. Just a few more months and go home and Don't give a welcome f-ing home speech.
I was never released from my mission been thinking on my own ever since . Going on 30 years now.
good luck.
cover your tracks on the laptop as well.


Subject: Wow, you got away with reading non approved info and YouTubes... And nobody turned you in?
Date: Nov 15 21:54
Author: SusieQ#1

Or are other missionaries doing the same thing?

I see some at the library using the computers on P Day. Maybe they are not just writing emails home! hmm...
This is a good sign. I think.


Subject: You will never regret living an authentic life!
Date: Nov 16 00:29
Author: Eddie

Kudos to you! I agree with Eric K. Finish your mission & take full advantage of the experience of living in a foreign country. It's the best (only) remaining gift I have from my mission. I didn't wake up until about a year after my mission finished -- long before the Internet opened all those skeleton-filled closets to those who are willing to look.

Have the courage to live your convictions. Others will learn to respect you for it.

Happy for you, I am



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74. Missionary Companions

76. Crazy Mission Rules 

85. Regrets of LDS Mission II 

 94. New Missionary Standards

99. Missionary Farewells 

120 Missions Promote Lying 

116 Met with Missionaries

142 Regrets Mormon Mission III

151  Saying  'No' to Mormon Missionaries 

154  European Mission Experiences

181  1st Presidency on Missionary Work

205  Missions - Future Apostasy 

209  Control at the MTC 

214  Breaking Mission Rules 

241  Suicides after a Mission 

244  Some Mission Rules 

257  Mormon Grandparents are Stalkers

289 Not Allowed to Serve a Mission

298  Mormon Malignancy Seen in Missions

299 "Get the Fire" PBS Film - Missionaries

309  Happy that Your Mission was Finally Over?

328 Mormon Parents Rat on Missionary Son

361  Missionaries Pressured to Marry Soon after Missions

364 Breakdown of a Mormon Missionary in Japan

404  Missionary Program and Immigration Fraud

395 More Mormon Missionary Abuse

425  More on Mormon Missionary Abuse II

431 More on Mormon Missionary Abuse III

454  Depression and Mormon Missions

477  A Missionary's Food Budget is Reduced to $130/mo

522.  Nightmares of Being Called to a Second Mission 555  Japan Mission under Groberg - a Cruel Experiment



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