Subject: Mishies were here, too
Date: Mar 31 13:25
Author: Harbinger

What's up with all the unsolicited missionary contact over the weekend? Is Easter another one of their golden opportunities, like funerals are?

I was in bed with the flu and a fever. Someone knocked on my door (rather than ringing the bell - odd). I pulled the covers over my head and hoped whoever it was would go away. They continued knocking, and finally POUNDED on the door. Well, I've got a disabled neighbor who can't reach the bell, and with all this insistent pounding, I figured it had to be him and he must need some help.

Nope, it wasn't my friendly neighbor. ;-P

They tried to hand me literature and began their spiel without so much as a "hello".
Me: I guess nobody's told you fellows that there's a No Contact letter on file.
They: Really? Whatever. Well, anyway, we were just wondering if you were enjoying your Easter weekend.
Me:I was until now.
They: Is there anything we can do for you?
Me: Look, I said no already.
They: Are you sure? Elder So-and-So here is pretty handy with a toilet brush!
Me: I don't think so.
They: Really, we'd love to help you with just about anything.
Me: Not interested.
They: Well, could we just talk to you for a while?
Me: How many times do I have to say NO?
They: But....but....this is only the first time we've ever been here!
At this point, I said 'bye and shut the door.

My daughter was upstairs, laughing. She wondered if the fact that they wouldn't go away had anything to do with the fact that I was standing there in sweats and a sweater.....braless. ;-P

Gak, I've had my name removed for over 2 years, and every time a new set of mishies rolls into town, they show up wanting to know if they can do anything for me, or if they can do some "free genealogy research" for me, since I'm the descendant of some "very awesome" people. (Huh??) They're aware of the no contact thing - the sister mishies let it slip that they were "inspired" to come over and they knew I didn't really mean it when I wrote the No Contact letter.

I wish I had known who it was before I answered the door so I could have done something a little more productive than just saying NO over and over, hehehe.

~ Harbinger

Subject: Re: Mishies were here, too
Date: Mar 31 13:29
Author: wisedup
Mail Address:

Pardon my thinking - is it against the law to open the door in the nude. Elder shield your eyes quick. Could you imagine the Elders explaining this to the mission president.

Subject: Hey, I would have loved to......
Date: Mar 31 13:59
Author: Harbinger
Mail Address:

...but I thought it was my neighbor. ;-)

Subject: Good grief.. how annoying
Date: Mar 31 13:30
Author: Makurosu
Mail Address:

Hope you're feeling better.

Subject: apparently NO CONTACT letters expire.. short shelf life !! :-)
Date: Mar 31 13:42
Author: SusieQ#1
Mail Address:

Looks like a resignation letter is needed. Or else keep a copy of the NO Contact letter handy to have them read back to you if they show up again.

Subject: Re: apparently NO CONTACT letters expire.. short shelf life !! :-)
Date: Mar 31 14:01
Author: Harbinger
Mail Address:

The No Contact thing was part of my resignation letter - I'm already out! The bish sent me a polite letter back saying no problem, they'd honor that. ;-P

~ Harbinger

Subject: pardon my confusion - I get it now - how very odd - you are not
Date: Mar 31 14:17
Author: SusieQ#1
Mail Address:

a member and they are contacting you anyway! Very strange. I suppose they could call it an accident of random door knocking! :-)

Subject: Dobn't worry, I'b godda be just fide! (sniffle) ;-)
Date: Mar 31 14:03
Author: Harbinger
Mail Address:


Subject: but are you feeling better
Date: Mar 31 14:09
Author: J.
Mail Address:

rom the flu and everything? hope so.
i like the idea of handing them a letter and asking them
to read out loud to you how you've been released from
purgatory, thank you.

Subject: I think my family and mishie situation is similar to yours.
Date: Mar 31 15:58
Author: Cheryl
Mail Address:

Your experience reinforces my theory that mormons systematically use mishies to continue to harass those who leave, particularly those from certain long standing, extensive mormon families. It's happened to me and to one of my brothers. Both of us are no longer members. We continued to get almost as much unwanted attention after leaving as we did before.

Take care of yourself, and feel better!

Subject: I read in my local Sunday paper that Easter is the best time
Date: Mar 31 16:06
Author: vickilynn
Mail Address:

to establish ties with members of the community and to get new members coming to your church. This was an article on new churches (here in the Sacramento area they've had many new churches start up in the last five years) but I think it applies to all VT came by with an Easter plant for me yesterday...and I am on a no contact status...they didn't seem to know that.

Subject: Easter is also a good time to have a lesson on the martyrdom of Joseph Smith n/t
Date: Mar 31 17:47
Author: Makurosu
Mail Address:


Subject: Us heathens with dirty toilet bowls....
Date: Mar 31 16:27
Author: nonyabiz
Mail Address:

Happy Easter Harbinger, it's me, nonya. Living in Washington State now. How've you been?

It probably was the sweater. Anyhow, I about fell over in my chair when you mentioned the toilet brush. Did I mention I got a call a while back asking intimate details about my personal life? Your story just confirms to me that I will not ask to have my name removed, it doesn't make a difference unless you hire a lawyer and make a federal case of it. I was pretty shocked with some of the visits I have had, unannounced and quite judgingly at my lifestyle.

The last time they called, my TBM sister was here at my house with my nephew and two nieces. That makes 7 kids under 9 running around. This persistent young gentlemen, well meaning, but obviously as naive as I was when in the church, had not a clue that he was being rude to me. My sister was also quite upset by the visit when she overheard the missionary, whom I brought cold water to, say to me that I knew that my lifestyle choice was a fornication before God. My sister knows me, has all my life, and not once has she ever seen me be a "fornicator", and believe it or not, she laid into him. Told him to go back to his Bishop and tell him not to bother me anymore. I should probably mention that Dave and I are getting married this summer. That's what the whole stink was about. They felt that I should just go down to the church and have the Bishop do it for us in the chapel, we had other plans.

It takes all kinds. We without the LDS God, besides having dirty toilet bowls also engage in fornication if it's not a sanctified marriage. Regardless if you have been in the same relationship for 3 years without anyone else, have a marriage commitment and etc. Why am I taking my time with the whole marriage thing? Because I allready felt married, it's just a matter of health insurance and taxes at this point. Screw God's opinion on the matter.

Everyone considers Dave a part of the family here, even the TBM's. They are subtle in their suggestion we get married, but we have been enjoying things how they are. It would be nice to have the big wedding, but with kids to take care of, there just always seems to be something else more important. I wouldn't be suprised if we just didn't go down to the courthouse.

Our little man is now 15 mo old, blonde, blue eyes and bright smiles. I hope for everyone else to be as happy as we have been.

Subject: I have been out for over 20 years and have a sign on my door
Date: Mar 31 18:14
Author: sandisu
Mail Address:

"No Door to Door Religious people" and I have not have one at my door UNTIL I took the sign off one day to replace it with an other, not more then a hour after I took the old sign off, here were Mormon Missionaries at the door. I could not believe it, it was like they were watching our door every day they went by and saw that sign was gone and they jumped on it, and then when I told them I had once been Mormon and had my name removed they wanted to know why and I told them some of the reasons but it was like talking to a wall, they just kept saying I was always welcome to come back and could they come and visit and they wanted to invite me to a program over at the church on such and such night and I told them NO! They kept saying I was welcome as they were walking down the walk way.
I came back in the house and found a fresh sign to put on the door as they were walking down the street. I Made a bunch of them on the computer so I would have fresh ones on the door at all times. Next time I will have one in hand as I am taking down the old one !

Subject: It might be the "awesome people" background...
Date: Mar 31 20:43
Author: kymba
Mail Address:

I know with dugski- that was part of the problem.
A local "Friendly" TBM was gracious enough to tell me, "You have quite a man there, kym" (heheheheh- don't tell me what I already know!) "I researched some geneology for him, if you're interested I can stop by one night. Anyways, he comes from good stock!"
I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the church kept pestering us even though it is OBVIOUS that dugski is more into his visible naked women tattoos than his invisible undergarment condition. No, I didn't ASK this nice lady what the "stock" was, lordy knows I didn't want the two hour made for tv movie version, Grandma had mentioned something about it to him when he was a teenager, and he just shrugged it off.
Just our luck, he is ggggg spawn of JS himself or something.
(Whoooooopie! Now isn't THAT something to share on "show and tell" day?)

Another thought- (this also happened to dugski), his GRANDMA kept asking the local ward to have missionaries/VTS- whatever- drop by, just to see how we were doing. She's gone now (waiting in the grave for her husband to die then call her out by using her magical name), so between the OUT letter and the passed on Grandma, we have been left alone for quite some time.
Also, I did threaten to open the door naked- that might have had something to do with it. (My reputation does not lie- if I say I will do something, I DO it.)

Good luck, H, and take care of theeself.

Subject: Any Excuse will do
Date: Mar 31 20:59
Author: Gail
Mail Address:

They try and contact anyone on their list: "Teaching
pool" for mishies or anyone listed in their database.
Apparently, requests for removal of names is not
something they honor. How appalling. Kymba and
Cheryl are my hero's. And Jerry the Aspousetate is a
god among men! Oh and the Cadbury Bunny is a real
chocolate delivering wabbit! I say this in the name of
sugar overload! A Woman!

My story: I left that cult back in late 1997. At first they
called and harrassed my roommates who told them I
had moved and no we don't have a forwarding address.
Since that didn't work, they tried calling my parents. My
never mo parents were amused at first. When a
morgbot called my mom at the WRONG time, Mom
threatened to call the cops and get a restraining order if
they ever called back. She and her friends considered
the calls to be stalking. I got one or two cards (no
return address) with a VT message and a "We miss
you" message. After that, nothing for almost 4 years.
Thankfully, the locals don't have my information. The
phone is not in my name and they aren't looking for evil
apostate types in my area.


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