Mormon Church's exagerated membership claim in Brazil

Luke June 2012

The results of the Brazilian 2010 Census were released today.

And lo and behold: self-identified Mormons in Brazil are only 226.509 !

And the cult boasts over 1 million! LOL

In the previous census (2000), Mormons were 199.000.

Yes, phenomenal growth!

Other inconvenient facts for the LDS:

* Population of Brazil: 190 million...

* JW's: 1,3 million

* Adventists: 1,5 million

* Catholics: 123 million

* Baptists: 3,7 million

* Assembly of God: 12,3 million

* Spiritualists: 3,8 million

* No religion: 15,3 million

Fastest-growing religion?? Fast-growing religion?? Yeah right.

And let us not forget the cult considers Brazil one of its most successful areas...

Eric K

It was depressing to discover that the Mormon church lies incessantly

Here is a very obvious lie - Brazilian Mormon membership claim. This claim is easily shown to be false through the census.

Let's look at the JW's in Brazil:

From their official web site -

2011 Peak Witnesses: 742,425
Memorial attendance: 1,748,226

That compares favorably with the census of JW's in Brazil of 1.3 million.

Hell, the JWs are more honest than the Mormons.

The Mormon church can not effectively argue that the census understates its numbers. Why are the other similar groups not under counted such as the Seventh Day Adventists?

Mormon church claim: 1,173,533 as of Dec 31, 2011 Census figure: 266,506 The Mormon church is quite bold in its lying. That is far too large a difference to be a statistical error. A factor of 4 times can only be construed as a big lie.

Re: Brazilian 2010 Census - 226.000 Mormons!
That's about what I'd expect. I would imagine a significant number of self-identifying Mormons are not active, so that means the activity rate is probably somewhere in the teens.

The church sucks at membership retention.

Mormonism: World's Fastest-Shrinking Religion!

Re: Brazilian 2010 Census - 226.000 Mormons!
This also means that the folks at overestimated membership by some 30,000 members.

All is well in Zion
All is well in Zion. Yea !

Re: Brazilian 2010 Census - 226.000 Mormons!
The only thing that surprised me is how big the Ass of God has gotten there.

A friend who went on a mission to Chile said that "numbers" mean nothing down there anyways. In some of the more left-leaning South American countries, being baptized into a minority religion brings some financial incentives, so they'll get baptized and stay long enough to get their official paperwork and you'll never see them again.

TSCC sucks at being something worthwhile. 

Re: LOL!
If it were a wang, they jumped into one very cold and chlorinated swimming pool.

over 1 million in 2007
Official news from the church says:

"Church membership in Brazil now exceeds one million, making Brazil the country with the third-highest number of Mormons — after the United States and Mexico."

Precise count is 1,173,533 as of Dec 31, 2011

Re: Brazilian 2010 Census - 226.000 Mormons!
I can't even tell you how much this makes me smile. I'd love to start seeing the numbers for other countries.

The 2000 census found 205,229 members.

The church was claiming 850,000 at the time, with 12 temples.

Similar Results for Mexico
"The LDS Church claims over a million members in Mexico...
As of year-end 2006, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) reported 1,082,427 members, 207 stakes, 1,434 wards, 495 branches, and 6 temples in Mexico...

2000 Census figures however report only 205,229 Latter-Day Saints"

Re: LOL!
Does the chlorine make a difference in shrinkage?

Re: Similar Results for Mexico
According to the 2010 census, the number of Mormons is 314,932 (of which 146,813 are men and 168,119 are women).

The increase in Mexican Mormons according to the census numbers from 2000 to 2010 is 53.5%.

Mexican Census 2010
Results of Mexican 2010 Census as reported in Wikipedia under the title of Mexico:

Direct quote from Wikipedia: “The 2010 Census reported 314,032 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though the church in 2009 claimed to have over one million registered members. About 25% of registered members attend a weekly sacrament service, although this can fluctuate up and down.”

Church membership in Mexico as reported in 2010 Census:

Catholic 82,7%
Evangelicals 5.2%
Pentecostals 1.6%
Other Protestant or Reformed 0.7%
Jehovah's Witnesses 1.4%
Seventh Day Adventist 0.6%
L.D.S (SUD) 0.3%
Non Christian 0.2%
No religion 4.7%

"Recovery from Mormonism -"