Notes of June 23 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast

jiminycricket June 2013

While streaming the broadcast live on my windows media player, I sat at my wonderful new IBM clicky-keyboard and wrote the following. Every so often I would get bored and would look over to the video to see the deathly panic in the eyes of the apostles speaking. This was truly a VERY BORING - UNINSPIRING BROADCAST.


EDIT: This broadcast is two fold:

First: It's about the re-activation of members and using the members with the full-time missionaries to keep them (the missionaries) so busy with referrals that there is no time for them to knock on doors.

Second: To apply principle one to your neighbors and friends.

This is the EXACT test program that was instituted by Elder Ballard of the Q12 in May/June 2011 for the entire San Jose California Mission. Back then they were told this was the ONLY mission in the church that would test this program - no more knocking doors. Period. Ballard stated, "We want the members to get to like the missionaries first, and then have the members bring in their non-member friends and less active members.

Tonight's broadcast had to be the biggest let down to all the TBMs crowded into the surrounding stake center buildings in the San Jose California Mission boundaries. Those folks heard nothing new. The stakes in the mission are: Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Jose, San Jose South, Fremont, the Tri-Valley area Pleasanton-Dublin-Livermore, Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Monterey, etc. Note: these are very wealthy areas of California.

****** My notes of the meeting******

1. As the camera panned the choir during the first musical number all I could think was how none of them are being told the true history of the church. All are deceived. The top 15 know its not true, and the indoctrination of the correlated crap is creating these armies of kids who have no idea of the great deception. If only everyone would just go to and get the true facts about Mormonism.

2. Hearing Holland’s voice, makes my blood curdle, because he knows he won’t show respect or even answer TBM’s tough questions throughout the world, like Tom Phillip’s.

3. Opening prayer: typical, could have been done in a district meeting in some ward relief society room.

4. Holland, bragging about an elder on his way to Mexico named Elder Ludlow – making everyone laugh.

5. Holland talks to a MP in Washington. It sounds and seems so juvenile. Look at our technology folks - isn't this so great.

6. Holland speaks Spanish to some MP in Peru. What a buffoon. Holland states, “What a wonderful day to have a live transmission from Peru to Provo. There’s something poetic in that.” [Good grief this has been going on for years - nothing new here.]

7. Holland speaks to a bishop in Hawaii representing his ward council. Holland asks, “How’s the weather in Hawaii. We love you bishop.”

8. Holland says, “As the Lord reveals his will to us, there will be continued improvements in missionary work.”

9. Holland bears testimony, “This is Heavenly Father’s work.” He does not say Joseph Smith is a true prophet, the Book of Mormon is a true historical account, the current prophet is the authorized true spokesman for God on earth. His testimony is non-descript.


Next Elder Perry of the Q of 12 - [I can’t stand his crooked mouth – just looking at him screams - You crooked apostle.]

1. Says parents have “reared up a special generation.”

2. Says missionaries will preach the restored gospel in this NEW DIGITAL AGE.

3. The message will be of the atonement of Christ, BoM, and living prophets.

4. Talked about speaking with contacts on the streets or knocking doors was yesterday's approach.

5. Today, people are in a hurry. Their main point of contact is often via the internet. The work of a missionary must then change to the internet.

6. Missionaries will use computers in ward houses or member’s houses to get referrals, and teach Preach My Gospel. Access to the internet will be phased over several months into the next year.

7. We will be in touch with you when it is time for you to use these tools.

8. Safety is essential. MP’s will monitor missionaries while they are on-line.

9. LDS INC. will open meeting houses to have guided tours to investigators so they can be taught and invited to Mormonism in a place that has the spirit. They will use computers.

10. They invite today's youth and children to become Face Book friends with the missionaries in their area and become involved in missionary work themselves.

11. LDS INC. has created 58 new missions, totaling 405 missions worldwide. They have called 173 new MP’s – the most at any one time. THAT IS WHAT MAKES THIS BROADCAST HISTORIC!!!!!

12. Now, the Lord is calling us to serve along side Him in this work.

13. Members must change how they think about missionary work. The way to fulfill that responsibility must include adapting to a changing world. There must be a better way to missionary work than door to door knocking.

14. Reiterates Joseph Smith saying, "After all that has been said the greatest duty is to preach the Gospel." Nothing has changed since JS's time.

15. How do we preach the gospel? We become one in purpose. Have a common goal. In missionary work (MW), the full-time missionaries are to invite persons to come unto Christ, to be baptized, to receive Holy Ghost, and endure to the end [means paying tithes and cleaning buildings forever].

16. Each of us is commissioned to invite others to come unto Christ and be baptized. GBH stated, “We can let the missionaries try to do it alone . . . but the harvest will be meager . . . as members we can assist them in finding investigators.”

17. We hope the invitation to others to join us will be accepted. If not, we will show Christ-like love as an example.

18. The Lord’s church is a church of order and it will move forward with the proper Priesthood keys. The ward will develop a plan with specific goals and activities to help particular auxiliaries. The ward council works with the bishop to identify those who could receive an invitation to be taught by the missionaries and who in the ward is the best person to make such an invitation.

19. The High Priest and Elders Quorum Presidents are to work with members to guide families back to the church – THE LESS ACTIVE - I repeat - THE LESS ACTIVE.

20. The ward mission leader’s and ward council are to fill the missionaries’ planners with investigators. Missionaries should be accompanied by members who have a relationship with the investigator and they are encouraged to bear their testimony.

21. There's a current problem: too few of the most recent baptized members are not receiving “new member” discussions.

22. Now he's telling a pointless story about some guy named Scott. The temple in Las Vegas is beautiful. The Mormon faith is a great religion. The BoM is a great book.

23. As Visiting Teachers and Home Teachers we don’t need an assignment to bring the less active back into full activity. We want them to come back to the temple and receive those blessings. [that means tithing]

24. We have a responsibility to help with inspiration and love to REACTIVE the less actives.

25. Now, he quotes from BoM about the Zoramites [you know - the work of fiction]. He talks about Alma. [I just cringe at any apostle quoting the BoM. We have to thank the fiction and give credit to Sydney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery and JS for his head and stone in a hat). Now we need to pray like Alma of old. The Priesthood will be strengthened and we will have great success when ward councils and full time missionaries are united in the Lord’s purposes.

26. Surely, there isn’t a more exciting time. May we be ever so united. Be a light and beacon to all of God’s children.

[How many times does TSCC have to repeat "there isn't a more exciting time?"]

Note: He did not say the church is true. He did say the church is a church of order.


Musical number: “I’ll go where you want me to go.” (no view of the choir or organ, just a video of people doing all sorts of activities – hey we are normal Mormon’s bringing you cookies). (Choir and organ with a pizzicato pedal base - sounds like more than two hands.) Men sing 1st verse. Women sing 2nd, men join in harmony. Combined choir in harmony till the end. This was called a video segment.

EDIT: On this piece, I'm 99.9% sure this is the conference center organ with the Tabernacle Choir - it was a pre-packaged video.


Holland says, "Missionary work is something we fear. We don’t want to offend. However, an invitation that is born sincerely is never seen by the Lord as offensive. (Now Jeffrey is crying right on cue.) We ought to be eager to bring joy to the Lord."


Next, Elder Neal L. Anderson from the Q of 12

1. It’s a pre-taped video of Anderson talking. [Gee it sounds like a 3rd grader's script.]

2. Ours is a spiritual work that begins on our knees.

3. We work in faith and unity. The Lord will guide our steps.

4. Now he shares three “true” stories about ward councils. We approach our ward councils prayerfully and then revelation comes.

Story one: is about Sister Kane. There was unity in the ward council to invite Brother and Sister Kane to join the church. They felt the member’s love working as one. The ward welcomed him and he felt the spirit through our love. There’s a big change with the ward members. We’re all imperfect and we know the Lord won’t let us fail if we do our part. When we are on the Lord’s errand we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Nephi said he was led by the Spirit not knowing beforehand what to do. The Lord leads us. He is a God of miracles and works according to our faith.

Story 2: From Tampa Florida stake. A number of people came to a new baptism. Oh, dumb story.

[Oops I just screamed and scared the neighbors across the street. Anderson is telling sugar coated stories. How the heck is this historic?]

He continues about Ammon in the BoM, blah, blah, blah [that fictitious stuff].

Story 3: A bishop telling a story how the spirit of the ward blossomed. The missionaries could see the difference in ward members. Wow said the missionaries, the members were calling and texting and calling us every day. Spiritual moments started happening all the time: people in the ward wanted to have spiritual moments working with the missionaries it was amazing. Trying to help people COME BACK.

Anderson says many are working in faith and love to hasten the work of the Lord to bring people back to the church. [I can’t help but think how the top 15 know they are loosing big $$$ and membership.]

Hearing Anderson share a testimonkey of his certain witness of Jesus – nothing ESPECIAL - nope nothing especial. No testimonkey of Joseph Smith's stellar life, the historicity of the BoM, the sure knowledge that the church is true, the validity of the first vision. Nope nada.


Next musical montage of hymns with a video: Kids singing “I hope they call me on a mission” accompanied by FULL ORCHESTRA – done by some computer software music program – not the real thing.

Second song: I don’t know the name. Singing about the army of Helaman [the fictional BoM character invented by Joe Smith, Sidney Ridgon and Oliver Cowdery.] Nobody is sad in the videos. Everyone is either praying with their head down or just so very, very HAPPY to be in the one twoooooo church.


Back to Holland.

Thanks to the rising generation. 70,000 already in the missionfield. The first step is to get someone into the waters of baptism. [Yup they want numbers to replace those resigning as they leave and learn the truth of this massive fraud.]


Next, Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Q of 12, chairman of the missionary council.

1. This event is historic - blah, blah blah. There are 173 new Mission Presidents coming from 19 countries called to serve in 58 new missions throughout the world. [The top 15 are going to get busier and busier with second anointings.]

2. Nelson now interviews Sister Marriott and her conversion to the church. [It's all feeling, feel, felt - oh my - I just feel, feel, feel.] She liked the missionaries teaching her about the Plan of Salvation and the pre-existence as an investigator. She recognized those words from a prior life. She laughed as she first realized herself saying, “I think the BoM’s true.” She heard a voice in her heart as she was praying saying the church is true. So she called the missionaries the next day wanting to be baptized. [I just looked at Nelson’s face. It’s a con-job. I can see it so clearly. He's just enduring the interview with Marriott to get the sound bite for this broadcast. They must really be bleeding in people and tithes – oh my is it obvious how hard they are trying.] Nelson says, she’s a better mother because she is “anchored to the Gospel.”

3. He talks a lot about “could YOUR FEEL the love.” [It’s all emotion.]

4. Those on the other side of the veil shout praises when their descendants return to the Gospel.

5. Our Heavenly Father expects us to love one another. Nelson tells a parable about a "father at bedtime."


NOTE: [I’m thinking at this point 1:19 minutes into the broadcast, WHERE’s the BEEF? Where’s the historical monumental announcement? What’s the big deal? This is SO BORING and pointless. I want to quit and turn the internet streaming off. But, I want to post this for RFM. Crap, I'll endure to the end – ug – ug – ug.]


6. The most effective missionaries act out of love. Opportunities come in many ways. Many are missed [wow what a revelation Nelson!]

7. I’m hearing words like: beloved, eternal, good-bishop, please, dear mommy and daddy, my hopes were dashed, pleading, truly converted and sealed to their children, loving father in heaven, etc.

8. Member missionary work to re-activate members with full time missionaries. This is a rescue work to bring them to the table of the Lord and back to their previous covenants. WE ARE TO SAVE THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO HAVE STRAYED AWAY. [O.K. that's the big message here.]

9. The Bishop and Ward Mission Leader (WML) set the agenda. They teach and encourage the doctrine of missionary work. They set an example to find individuals for missionaries to teach. The WML coordinates all missionary ward work. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah……………using all resources of the ward. Members can go on exchanges. Provide transportation for missionaries. We want the WML to rise to this new opportunity. We want them not to have any time to knock on doors trying to find someone to teach.

10. Focus on part-member families, friends, neighbors. Handbooks tell us what to do, but it does not tell us how to do it.

11. Good leaders and parents take action when there is love.

12. The WML is the connecting link between the missionaries, members, and ward council.

13. The ward council is to be the driving force not the missionaries. So the members are being told they have the burden to do the work, and keep the missionaries’ calendar full.

14. A video: Here this ward unit has a new goal, 20 member-present missionary lessons per week. Now the video is all about letting investigators see how Morg families live.

15. I hear this quote, “There’s no judgment in the LDS church.” [What in the hell did I just hear from this new convert family?] This is the work of the Latter-day Saints to share the Gospel with as many people as we can.

16. Each member will now want to help by inspiration - motivated by love. Our efforts are exerted out of love for others.


Video of Elder Boyd K. Packer on the subject of teaching.

[Oh my Gawd, He looks awful. He’s ready to croak – oh please go – croak now, please NOW - hurry. Wait, many want you to out live TSM. The world would scrutinize every blasted statement KKK has ever made - and that would do more harm to TSCC.]

He says you have to trust the spirit. If you get up to the pulpit with nothing to say, then revelation starts. Everyone then becomes a teacher. The greatest teaching done in the church is done by the mothers – it’s a sacred teaching. Most is done outside the classroom.

He's just RAMBLING. [This is a world-wide broadcast - and it was pre-recorded! Couldn't they have gotten a better script.]

Now it’s obedience. Train your children to be obedient. Now its repent. You have to backtrack to the point you got off track and then go forward. Now, it’s the atonement – how marvelous it is for our sake.

There isn’t anything you can’t repent from [Gee, that’s not what Brigham Young taught with blood atonement.]

Trust the scriptures, as you do you will grow and the challenges will be for your good. These last 70 years have taught me a lot, and I have a lot to learn. And when this is over, I’ll go to a new realm and keep learning. Bears testimony.

[How sad to see what this video portrayed - a dying old relic that is totally useless - NOTHING of INSPIRATION - just like the fake Book of Abraham/Mormon - oh my this is sickening.]


Back to Holland. The Lord is calling us as individual members of the church to do far more. Now we will hear from our Profit who will talk about "Faith in our Missionary Work."

Now, TSM wants to add his voice to this broadcast. Listen to his video council here and FEEL the spirit of his message.

[Feel, feel, feel - you know like how great it would be to be like Harry Potter flying on his broom - do you feel it - feel - feel.]


TSM video:

1. Thank you for your kindness in the loss of my beloved wife, Francis.

2. Missionary work has always been a part of our lives.

[He sounds ill and looks horrible, slurry-slurry speech – hardly a smile – grumpy looking – his mouth sounds like its chuck full of food. He is ailing fast.]

[Obvious someone else wrote this talk.]

3. Missionary work is best done through the members. Now is the time for members and missionaries to come together and to work together. The Lord has prepared the means for us and will assist us in our labors if we act in faith.

[He doesn't want facts, just faith in the made-up tall-tale.]

4. Tells a story. Audience keeps laughing.

[Gosh it’s almost over – I can’t wait to turn off my windows media player.]

5. Now the story is almost over and music is now playing on this younger-voice video. [Wow, what a contrast to his death-droned voice today.]

6. He says the principle of missionary work remains true today as it was 50 years ago. We must act in faith. I implore you to exercise your faith as to which of your family, or friends could meet with the missionaries to hear the story of the restoration. This is our sacred duty to rescue our Heavenly Father's children.


Closing hymn: “Called to Serve” [The most boring version available – the organist sounds like the keys are jammed with taffy and he's on drugs – horrid, how totally uninspiring - the choir is so vanilla sounding - absolutely the lowest point of the evening.]


No news about Ipads (only that changes are coming). No change in missionary service from 12-18-24 months.

O.K. folks - I returned and reported-ed-ed-ed-ed!


Last edit: You guys/gals are welcome for the information. RFM has been so good for me as this BIC, RM transitions out of the Morg. I want you all to know that it's been one year since I was in my home ward for any meetings. I can't stomach general conference anymore nor watch the top 15 continue the massive institutional misrepresentations. Listening to this entire broadcast was horrible! I know the truth and LDS INC. doesn't have it.

I want to thank all who have contributed to MormonThink and for its stellar place on the internet for providing truthful information to the world. I now see the total hoax which I was fed by apostles and so called prophets. Talk about being baptized by the internet and having all my sins washed away.

Today's hearing of the select 15 MisrepresenTestators was a bit miserable, and quite the tortuous experience. It's over and I hope there isn't a need to do it again for a very long time. Adieu for this post. (BTW, that word is such a crock in the BoM.)

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - They are saying the closing prayer right now
I didn't read clear through, but did they really say for children to be FB friends with missionaries? There's a disaster and lawsuit waiting to happen when one of the children gets molested.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - They are saying the closing prayer right now
Not really, kids are molested all the time in the church, snd nothing is done about it. :(

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - They are saying the closing prayer right now

Thanks for the outline of the latest revelations from The Lard...

You saved me!

...from pain, suffering and heartache...

You are my Savior

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - They are saying the closing prayer right now
Well, at least we can be sure that these tours of the ward houses will turn off prospects before they get too deep. We should make nice plaques for each ward entrance that says "cleaned and cared for by the congregation." Then, when they smell the nasty state it's in, they'll get a clue and flee.

Also, I can't believe adults believe this @#$%&. God's work!

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - They are saying the closing prayer right now
Focus on part member families? Please no. Guess I'll know what is really motivating my old friends if they start suddenly leaving me notes or showing up at our door.

They never actually told anyone to do anything
so maybe we're safe. :)

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Thanks, Jiminy!

Exactly the summary I had hoped to find.

Thank you for enduring to the end.

Blech. And thanks.

Nice, thanks.
I'm sure those who missed the earth-shaking yawning festival will appreciate your notes.

I have that song on the brain now. ♫ Forward, pressing forward, as we glory in his name! ♪

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Thanks for enduring to the end on that. I'm sure when I talk to my mom tonight she will tell me how powerful this meeting was and i will have a better idea of the depth of her delusion.

As predicted by many here on the board.
A lot of fluff and pomp and posturing over - absolutely nothing.

Jesus I'm glad I don't have to suffer through 3 hours of drivel every week, week after week after week. And my goes out to those that do here on the board - it must be insufferable at times.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Thanks for that summary, jiminy.

They probably realize they can't keep anyone off phones or the Internet and gave up trying to keep them away.

I think it is interesting that while they were trying to keep everyone off the internet, the exmormons like us were thriving and exposing the problems with the church.

I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. As usual they are late to the party.

They probably noticed people can get fast and accurate information at their fingertips from exmormons (and others) about Mormonism on the Internet. They thought people were going to request missionaries and pamphlets and not investigate both sides? People can just find out whatever they want instantly on the web.

I expect the church to spend big bucks trying to keep their church-friendly sites at the top of Internet searches.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
"6. Missionaries will use computers in ward houses or member’s houses to get referrals, and teach Preach My Gospel. Access to the internet will be phased over several months into the next year."
"7. We will be in touch with you when it is time for you to use these tools"

In the Scientology cult, they give the members software tools which automatically filter out any anti-Scientology sites in their web searches. It's part of their information control.

I wonder if these LDS missionary "tools" will have a similar filtering system built in along with a monitoring system on their web searches so missionaries won't feel free to look up the true history of the church on the Internet.

The LDS church wants to control the missionaries access to information so that this won't come true:

"I'm going to backtrack a bit..... The plan to get missionaries on the internet can hardly avoid the law of unintended consequences. They had better have some sophisticated monitoring of what all these missionaries are reading/typing. It takes an inquiring person a few minutes to start to question the correlated message of the church. The church might want to google "French mission apostasy" before they move ahead with this. I guess there is potential for "historic" there."

Dave the Atheist
"4. Holland, bragging about Elder Ludlow – making everyone laugh."
Was it that really nervous laughter like a north korean listening to a joke told by Kim Jong-un ?

Devoted Exmo
Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
I will say one thing about this that surprised me. They didn't make it just a fundraiser.

Bob Barker
Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Are the missionaries going to preach the gospel online? That is AWESOME because, as we all know, nobody on the interwebs is cynical or sarcastic. I'm sure that millions will flock to hear the missionaries right after they send $1,000 to that guy in Nigeria.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Man these apostles look so fake and cheesy when they talk and do these videos.

Utah County Mom
Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
My daughter and I go horse back riding every Sunday. As we drive by the LDS chapel, we say,"ah, you poor suckers!" We laugh and enjoy our day--it's a new family tradition!

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
OH GOOD GRIEF! It was just an open meeting for new mission presidents.

From lds dot org

"Ward and stake council members, their spouses, full-time missionaries, and other interested Church members are invited to participate in a special session of the Seminar for New Mission Presidents entitled “The Work of Salvation,” which will be broadcast from the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah, on Sunday, June 23, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. mountain daylight time. The program will be subsequently rebroadcast to many areas of the world. President Thomas S. Monson, President Boyd K. Packer, and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will share messages about how members and missionaries work together in a unified effort."

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
My nevermo wife asked, "If this announcement from the Moron leaders is so earth-shaking, it's bound to get front-page stories on all the papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, right?"


Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Thank you for taking a bullet for us.

So they are going to redouble their efforts to reactivate the
"less active." I'm sure we're all thrilled to hear that bit of news.

anon for this comment
Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
This is a veiled ra ra meeting. They are expecting the members to do MORE. Send your teenagers to the church to handle, while you stay home and support someone elses teenager. Drive them around, feed them, let them use your computer,encourage your younger kids to make friends with them, and if you can, house them. That ALL costs members money.

If they think that chasing after people that left is a good idea, they'll be very disappointed. I predict we will have more stories to tell than the mothers in F&T meeting. They are sending the kids out to total strangers who know the truth about the church. Once again they are assuming this is a good idea.

I think the people on RFM should take this golden opportunity to use the teaching moments that the church is about to provide us. We don't even have to leave our front door step. They're sending these kids to US! Think of it. X-mormons are going to be given a historical moment. We will have access to lonely, broke, hungry, Mormon kids who are away from home for the first time. Who knows how many of them don't even want to be on a mission. What is the church thinking? Apparently they didn't believe John Dehlin's survey results.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
jiminycricket Wrote:

> 8. Safety is essential. MP’s will monitor
> missionaries while they are on-line.

How many missionaries that are killed or maimed on their
missions have it happen while they are on-line? Will they be
monitoring who is near the missionaries? Will there be body
guards to protect against attackers?


Or will there be software so that the MP know exactly what each
missionary is doing online? Is this a question of CONTROL being
essential while SAFETY is secondary?

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
I will predict that they more they do to get the less active back to church the more their resignation (name removal) numbers will go up and up and up!

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
They don't have enough hours in the day to monitor all the missionaries on line. But it will make them better tattle-tales!
EDIT: Or better liars!

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - They are saying the closing prayer right now
Oh God, no, No, NO, NNNNOOOOO!!! Focus on part member families?!?!?! How many Mormon missionaries do I have to tell to get the F&@# off my property!?!?

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Thanks, jiminy, for the overview. Nice job and strong stomach!

Uh ... er ... I would like to say something POSITIVE about the broadcast ..
I tuned in late when Elder Knott A. Dodo introduced President Monson and then watched until the end.

1. I had no trouble connecting and streaming the content with Windows Media Player. Whoever the Church paid to manage the technical details did a great job from my perspective.

2. The technical quality of the production was excellent. I noticed that when Elder Knott left the pulpit, that it looked he faded away into black fog. Very nice effect. Plus the fog was the right color.

3. The cutaways to faith-promoting video clips were all seamless and well-produced. The content unfailingly portrayed all TBMs and missionaries in videos as super stalwarts and spiritual giants who almost walk on water ... in a class far above the average, low achiever TBMs watching the broadcast.

4. The appearance (form) was quite flawless as usual.

I have to stop now, because this is a POSITIVE sounding post. If I write #5 thru #99, I will have to change the subject line. Bye.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
All I can say about this is Thank God I resigned 4 years ago so I wont have to worry about people knocking on my door. I really think this is going to backfire big time

Uh ... er ... I would like to say something ELSE about the broadcast ..
The Church has attempted to build a missionary fire under the members since way before I was bic'd in 1950. Every single effort has ultimately fizzled dismally for the following three reasons:

1. Members would rather eat broken glass than pester non-members to attend meetings the members themselves can barely stand to sit through until that last Amen signals blessed freedom and fresh air.

2. Members would rather eat broken glass than pester non-members to attend meetings the members themselves can barely stand to sit through until that last Amen signals blessed freedom and fresh air.

3. Members would rather eat broken glass than pester non-members to attend meetings the members themselves can barely stand to sit through until that last Amen signals blessed freedom and fresh air.

Instead of refreshing and updating their dismally unattractive product offering, the Big 15 are trying to guilt their unpaid sales force to sell more of what nobody wants.

All that will happen will be TBMs and local leaders feeling yet another layer of inspired guilt, followed by even deeper depression when they acknowledge their inability to muster a shred of excitement or motivation, yea, even the smallest jot or tittle of enthusiasm thereof ... to follow the prophet's professionally packaged voice with flawlessly produced cutaway video content.

Re: Uh ... er ... I would like to say something POSITIVE about the broadcast ..
beyondashadow Wrote:
> They most often do a good job on the technical effects. That part is on target.

It's what they are talking about and why that is, in this case, going to be problematic.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Glad I resigned! I wonder if this kind of stuff is why my mother is friendly to me now.

Just like a sales meeting at a failing company . . .
Instead of looking at what the customer needs, or improving their overpriced, outdated and defective product, they put it all on the sales (missionary) force to improve sales.

The thing that sucks for the members is that most of them don't WANT to be missionaries. Pushing religion on your friends is rude and invasive, and most NORMAL people know this. Members are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they push their religion, they risk rejection and risk alienating friends. If they DON'T push their religion, they get pressured and guilted by the church. They just can't win.

I'm tempted to take the initiative to notify family and the local ward that they can count me off of their missionary contact list.

This is bad...
Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
I hated my mission. Two years of door-knocking and stopping people in the streets helped cure me of ever wanting to spread the gospel ever again. And then these @#@%ers want to get gen-pop members to do MW! Oh sh@t, I better un-friend every non-member on my facebook before some arrogant, condescending, snot-nose, 18 yr old starts popping them the 'golden question'.

Oh god, hear the words of my mouth! I hate missionary work!! The last thing I want is to con another person to join in this misery!! Oh being a NOM is so sucky!

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
jiminycricket Wrote:

> Holland says MW is something we fear. We don’t
> want to offend. However, an invitation that is
> born (now Jeff is crying) sincerely is never seen
> by the Lord as offensive. We ought to be eager to
> bring joy to the Lord.

THIS is why Mormons do not respect boundaries. They are told
it's OK to be offensive if your doing it for the Morg because
it "is never seen by the Lord as offensive."

Basically Holland is giving Mormons a license to be offensive,
like James Bond's "license to kill." The normal desire not to
offend is supposed to be overridden by the desire of the Morg
to have you be it's salesperson.

And then they say when someone leaves, "oh, they must have
been offended." Well Duh!

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
I hated my mission too. Eighteen months of hell, interspersed with occasional decent moments and people. Then years of guilt for the poor sods you convinced to join because they liked you personally. Really, nothing new here. What a joke of a "momentous occasion. " About what was expected from the con game. Yeesh.

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Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
I feel asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until 3:17. Got in on some of it with Dodo. They sure make those videos pretty snazzy with the actors and muzak.

I couldn't stomach the whole thing. I knew I could read a summary here. I'm enjoying everyone's comments.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
I agree, raiku. I think that the "new program" will hope to train the missionaries to use the internet without looking beyond the approved and assigned material, so that they will never wander to MormonThink, or other such ungodly porn.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
Members should invite their Nomo friends over to the ward to scrub toilets. That should do the trick.

The fact is: If you have a bad product to start with, the worst thing you can do is demonstrate it to everyone.

My mission was OK ... net POSITIVE in hindsight.
I was lucky ... got to live in a foreign culture (Argentina) for 22 months ... learned Castellano fairly well (etched into my brain and still there over 40 years later) ... got my appendectomy paid for by the Church (British Hosiptal in B.A.) ... saw some spectacularly beautiful scenery (Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes) ... lived 2 blocks from the beach all summer in Mar del Plata and walked the beach holding a REPENT sign (English) ... got to "walk" down the Rio Negro near Neuquen (is it still walking when your feet don't touch the river bottom?) ...

The missionary work itself just sucked. Molesting strangers on busses with the GQ was never pleasant. Teaching English to locals was fun, until we had to burst the bubble and let them know why the English lessons were FREE.

Overall, I chose to paint it as a rich experience for an otherwise clueless white trash Mormon kid.

Anyone else out there rate your mission as net positive?

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
Funny thing is this site isn't blocked at the ward house. I was watching this post during the meeting today... :)
Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
Eeeeeexcelleeeeent! Let's use this fancy new "world wide web" to preach the gospel.


Go to YouTube and just search for "Mormon".

The Internet is the cult's worst nightmare.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast
That is funny. Some missonaries have serious computer skills and will figure out how to game the system quickly. I do an end run around the chapel filtering systems all the time. It is called a vpn. My teenager knows all about it.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
This has got to make all the active members feel like they've just gotten conned into selling Amway...

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Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
Thanks for the overview and watching by proxy so we didn't have to.

Hey, Ballard was/is a used car salesman. He and Packer have
joined at the hip as a sales team. Here's a photo of their efforts:

Thanks for the return and report. I hope this broadcast has cast a spell, pox and curse of doom over the body of the faithful. The truth is the real gut check the TBM's must be taking while outwardly denying that want the Brethren to just leave them alone.

There will be much empty pontificating in church meetings about how someone else or some other auxiliary should be doing more about missionary work and reactivating.

I predict this whole endeavor will have the impact of a BB against the hull of an air craft carrier in changing the course of Mormonism as it circles the drain into the black whole insignificance.

Re: Notes of June 23, 2013 - World-wide Leadership Broadcast - NOT HISTORIC!
I guess technically Crystal and I are a "part-member family." Let them visit. It would be fun. Last time we were visited, she opened the door in a house dress with nothing underneath and not as buttoned up as could have been. This caused stammering and stuttering, to my great amusement.

This stuff they are doing is all old stuff. They were talking about it when I left the church 25 years ago. Research into the conversion process shows that it is primarily social at first. So the member-missionary program makes sense. The full-time missionary program doesn't from a proselytizing standpoint.

If the missionaries aren't going to knock on doors what are they going to do during the majority of hours that members don't have someone for them to teach. I think a member-based program like that of the Jehovah's Witnesses would be more efficient, although I don't know that Mormons are as motivated.

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