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Note from Eric (webmaster of These are actual unedited letters from Mormons. To read other recent letters see: [ Letters 9 ][ Letters 8 ][ Letters 7 ][ Letters 6 ] The text in bold below are my headers or excerpts from the letters.

"I am just a piece of garbage"

I recently converted to Mormonism, and have never been happier. They've
helped me repent of all my sins, and lead a new life. I never knew life
could be this good. You are an insecure, jealous, frustrated, bitter,
piece of garbage. Only a completely insecure idiot would devote as much
time as you to such negativity. I don't need to read all the crap
you're putting out there, because I know it's not true. First of all,
where did you get your facts? From some other hateful moran? Your
going to be judged for your actions. I love God for all he's done for
me, and he brought me to the mormon church. You're just like all the
rest of the mormon-bashers. You see how happy we are, so you're jealous
and have to do all you can to knock us down. Secure people live and let
live, but I guess you wouldn't know anything about that, because you
hate yourself. Why don't you shut up, and quit doing the devil's work.
You worthless piece of garbage.


This site,, is an example of religious intolerance

Your ex-mormon web page is a perfect example of religious intolerance and
extreme bias scare tactics that are completely false and strictly
opinionated. Are we to believe that because we cannot prove absolutely
with historic and archaelogic evidence that the Book of Mormom is true,
that is isn't? Most of the Bible cannot be proven without a doubt,
including the exodus. According to Egypt arcaelogist, the exodus never
happened and if there were Hebrews living in Egypt at the time, there were
at the most about 1,200, not the hundreds of thousands mentioned in the
Bible. The Apostle John the Beloved wrote the account of Jesus' ministry
some 40 years after it happened and each gospel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John differ on the events and the words Jesus spoke! Do we base our
testimonies merely on written records? No. Some prayer and faith is required.
Try attacking corrupt politicians or child abusers, don't spend your time,
money and efforts attacking a religious group who's commited to living
clean, descent lives. Leave the Latter-day Saints alone.

She has read the Book of Mormon not once - but twice more.

i was searching your website along with many others about information on the
lds church. knowing a few and investigating myself, i felt compeled to search
the internet also. i read the first entry titled "why i left mormonism". i
found that these accounts were very distasteful and quite wrong. if this
young woman had search, found them to be true and even went on a mission,
what would even make her wonder?! her logistics on the actual history of the
Book of Mormon is absurd. her being a missionary and a member should have
seen the symbolism of it all. i have read the book myself and ave truly felt
something special, something special enough to make me read it not once but
twice more! you can take my word or hers but i wish a website that claims
legitimacy would take fact over opinion. thank you for your time.

The author of this letter is 18 years old

I find your page interesting. When I was reading it I felt the urge to
share with you some of the miracles that I have seen. I began reading the
letters from other Mormoms and relize that if I were to share these stories
with you, many involving my father, they would be posted and mocked. I
don't think that I have been given these expirences so that they could be
mocked. My message then shifts to those who you would try to prevent from
joining the church. This site might say we are wrong. This site might call
us a cult. This site might say that we were founded by uneducated men who
have no place in theology. I wonder what this site would say if it had been
here in Christ's time and looked at these fishermen and a carpenter trying
to put one over on the people. You are probably looking at this web-page
because you have felt something and want to know more about it. I pray that
if you come across any doubts, you will want to hear both sides and decide
for yourself what is right. The missionaries would love to hear your
concerns, as would I.

From outside of the US

Great! What should I start with?
My native language isn't english, so please forgive the mistakes.
I went through this quiet interesting site. I don't have much to say and
don't expect any answer, actually.
Many things were said here about the church; things that I already knew,
others that surprised me. I'm not saying that they are all wrong, they just
surprised me. One of the main accusation is that the LDS church hid and
changed facts & history. Well, I don't know if I should trust everything
that is said here, since you changed and hid facts yourself. For example:
somebody mentionned that there was a contradiction between polygamy and
what's said in Jacob (BoM)... But don't tell me that you didn't know that
the explanation was two verses further. Many other things presented as facts
are just personnal opinions from personnal experiences... maybe that should
be reviewed and corrected.
Whatever might be said here against the church will not change other facts:
my spiritual experiences and those that hundred of thousands - may I say:
millions - felt and experienced. And those experiences are more convincing
to me than anything you might say. Did you ever feel the Spirit testify with
an incredible overwhelming force the truthfullness of the Gospel, of the
Book of Mormon, etc? I did and I can't deny that or I'd be a liar.
The fullness of the truth about all this will appear someday. May it be so.

So what is a hoax?

In one of the stories a women tells how she read things that prove Joseph
Smith was a hoax. Well did she ever think that those "documents" were a
hoax as well? Anyone can doctor something up or twist things around to
say what they want it to say or to find their own meanings. I have read
anti-mormon literature many times before and almost 99% of the time they
are only telling half truths that lead people to believe things that
aren't true. Also don't people ever think about the fact that many times
this stuff is written by people that have never been Mormon so how would
they really know what's going on?

This site reminds him of what Nazi Germany did to the Jews

i recently discovered your page. Actually i saw it as i was researching
for injustice due to religious conviction. your page fit that search
quite well. most people do not know much about mormonism. your page
not only does not fully explain mormonism but it puts it down and
degrades it in a such a way that people that know nothing about
mormonism begin to despise as the writers of this page do without being
allowed a correct idea of it. This page reminds me of something Nazi
Germany would say of the jews. If you choose not to be Mormon that's
fine but please do not take away someone else's right to decide what
religion they want to choose. - sunday D'Arcangelo

A testimony of a 17 year old

Hello Eric,

I just want you to know that I am a 17 year old member of the church. I was just recently baptised into the church about 6 months ago and I can honestly tell you that I have not been institutionalized or brainwashed by the church to think that It is true.

I, like all of the other LDS members who have written you, feel very sorry that you are now working for the adversary. Regardless what you say or how you think or feel, Our Heavenly Father still loves you with all of his heart and is sad that you have left the church of his beloved son.

Now, If you think that I was brainwashed, you are clearly mistaken. I am encouraged by everyone around me to ask any question that I have concerning the church and I do ask all of them. Ever since I started talking to any mormons, even when I had an unfair predjudice agains the religion, all of the questions that I had were answered truthfully. Every single answer that I got just seemed clear to me and I thought in my head: "How could I not get this before?" Everything was made clear to me and I can honestly say that I dont feel bad when I sin because someone told me that I should.

Before I was baptised I had a New Year's resolution that I was going to find a religion that was right for me. I pondered the little that I knew about the Catholic beleifs and thought that I might try to find out more. Then I took a look at the LDS faith and took the little that I knew about it and something told me that I should find out more. I started talking to some friends and they all told me that I should come to church and I said that I would go. I then started learning more about the church by my own decisions, with out any type of peer pressure and decided that it was the truth. I made a conscience effort on my own behalf to find out the truth and the truth became clear in my head through the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that you think that this sounds typical and that I was influenced somehow and I can honestly say that I was influenced. I was influenced by good, intelligent, hard-working, and moral people and to me, I can't say that that is bad influence. After I made my decision about the church, I decided that I would not continue to find the truth when I already knew with all of my heart that I had found it.

First of all, to me, I would never go to someone of one faith and ask them what another faith believes in, it just wouldn't be the truth no matter how you see it. I mean if someone right now came up to me and asked what the Church of Nazerene believed in I would tell them what I knew but in the sense of proclaiming my own faith. I also would never ask an apostate of the church what the faith believes for the same reason.

My very close friend's dad is an apostate of the church and is also a very smart and manipulative man. He is an active participator in your little webring or whatever you like it to be called. He has gotten two of his four children to believe that the church was false and I feel terribly sorry for his children because they have to go through that. I feel that nobody should ever teach negative things. If he, or anybody thinks that the church is untrue and wants to share his views with others, DO NOT teach that things are false, teach what you believe is true. If you believe in another faith, teach them that. If you haven't found another faith, teach them what you beleive to be true, not why the LDS faith is wrong.

My sister is a non-member and I wish with all my heart that she could just open up her eyes and see the truth in front of her. However, I am thankful that she is an active participator in another faith that teaches about Jesus Christ.

I don not believe you or anyone will do anybody any good to stray them away from the church. Regardless of your own beliefs, the church teaches good moral values and honest lifestyles and that will not do harm to anyone.

I, like others, know that the LDS church is the truth and I know that if anyone really opens their hearts and minds and realizes that mortal man cannot explain things through history but rather through the scriptures, they will have it in their hearts to pray and know the truth.

To me, the reason that people have to "recover" from the mormom faith is because their lives are never going to be complete again without the church. They will lose the gift of the Holy Ghost and their lives will become miserable because they allowed their thoughts to overcome the truth and that is a very sad time. I hope that you will all come to the ultimate conclusion that the church is true but I know that many of you wont. I pray for all of you ....

I say these things humbly, in the name of Jesus Christ,


The explanations on this web site ( are shallow

I have just read your web page on mormonism. I am very disappointed in the easy way you have found to try and dismiss this. I don't know the real resaons as to why you left but's that ok.

I am perhaps one of the most open mormons you can meet. I have always said to anyone very openly. If you can simply disprove the book of mormon then i will leave. Your explanations on your web page are shallow and dated in their answers.

Especially concerning the book mormon. All of the points you have raised have answers...But I still challenge you to honestly disprove it. I promise I openly study every consideration as to disprove morminism more importantly the book of mormon.

sincerely Troy Nantais

People writing to this site are shallow

Real nice that you make a mockery of the lord. It disgusts me that
people writing into this site can be so shallow. It seems peoples
failures, laziness and lack of understanding are dismissed as
inadequacies of the lords teachings. The central problem here is lack
of faith, equally combined with scripture illiteracy. Study your
scriptures diligently, pray to understand them, apply their teachings
and anyone can have a life of perfection, or near to it. Don't make
excuses or self made patterns to live your life by. Follow the straight
and narrow, and you will succeed.
I love you all.
Mr. T.C.

How can millions of people be wrong?


I feel very sorry for you and all the people who have written on your web site. It sounds like you really have a chip on your shoulder about something that happened to you or something that someone did to you, with nothing to do about the gospel. You have made this website so you can aid satan in trying to lead people away from the true church. You get weakened or confused members, or angry exmembers and and use them to try to persuade people to your side of the fence. I have been a member my whole life and wouldnt change a thing. Without the church I would not be where I am now, I would not be happy or be sealed to my wonderful husband. I would probably be drunk, high, pregnant and homeless or even dead if I didnt have my religion and beliefs.

As for needing to know the truth, I dont need to know ALL the answers, its not important for us to know all the answers to every single little question in this world. When we need to know the answers they will be revealed. We dont need to know all about the evolution and about 6000 years ago, its IRRELEVANT for today.

All the signs and predictions to say that the coming of the Lord is nearing are coming true. I feel sorry that satan has managed to get into all your minds and lead you away from the truth. I hope that when the saviours second coming comes (and it will very soon) that I will be worthy to go with him in the morning of the first ressurection. And hope maybe that you will have realised that the church is true, and that you will be worthy to return with him as well. But if not then I dont want to see the look on your face when you realize that you were wrong, and that you have mislead many other souls from their divine destination.

PS: remember Lehi's dream? He saw you and people like you in his dream who partook of the fruit of the tree but then fell away and wondered off towards the spacious building. Hopefully oneday you'll find your way back to the iron rod, and bring back with you all the people your site helped mislead. And your negative feelings towards the church, your beliefs and situations have helped me make the decision to hold as tight as I can to the iron rod, to press forward in faith, to ignore the persecutions and persuasive words of the people of the spacious building, so that I wont be one of the many people who easily give up and let their spirits be lost.

There have also been many people like you in this world. For example Alma who went around preaching that the church wasnt true and mislead many people and then he saw an angel and was struck dumb he later repented and saved his soul. What will it take for your eyes to opened?

The church is TRUE. How can over 8 million people be wrong.

Tare down?

To Whom It May Concern:

I respect your right to think and believe anything you want. I just find it
interesting that anti-Mormons try to convert Mormons only by tarring down the
Mormon Church. Can't your doctrines and principles stand on its own? Why does
your message have to tare down? I don't believe your church is true and if I
have the chance I would convert a baptist to a Mormon, but I wouldn't tare
down the baptist church to so it. I would hold up the plan of God that I
belief in and let it speak for itself. I just think that with all the
problems that we have in the world with intolerance, prejudice, and hate that
true Christians wouldn't run around tarring apart anyone who doesn't believe
just the same way they do. Have some respect for your fellow human beings.
Christ himself didn't tare down others beliefs to teach them the true Gospel,
why don't you learn form his example and teach the gospel with the spirit of
the Lord, charity, love, and kindness not bitterness and animosity. Theses
last two items are the only things I feel when I read the kind of stuff like
you wrote. Even if my beliefs are wrong and Christ himself was teaching me
"the truth" I know I wouldn't feel evil feeling like the ones I felt when I
read your martial on the Internet.

I can't believe that you guys made a huge website to bash mormons and
keep people from joining. I think it is cool and all if you don't
believe the teachings of the church but who are you to judge others and
say that they are wrong. If you think all of these ideas in the website
are coming from God to save everyone from joining Mormonism then you must
be on some weird drug. I sord of got a kick out of all the false ideas
in the website. Anyway talk to ya later,



I am 15 years old. Your website changed my life. Thank you so much.
When I first surfed on to your site I had never considered anything besides
the mormon church to be true. The idea of being brainwashed by testimonys
that say the same things over and over really hit home. I started thinking
"Have I been brainwahsed?" "Have I been deceived?" and this one was really
scary to me "have my encounters with the spirit of God been simply my
overactive emotions?" I wanted some answers and was willing to look
anywhere. After much searching I found My own testimony:

Dear Friends

As a child we all had faith in God. We believed because our
parents taught us. Then we grew up a little, and became teenagers. As we
grew older we began to think praying and reading the scriptures were
childish and not worth our time. We had all these new ideas introduced to us
that we had never considered. We began to question the very thing we have
been taught all our life, Is there a God? When I was about 13 years old I
started thinking this way. At EFY that year we were constantly challenged to
take Moroni's promise. Everyone bore their testimony at EFY that year, even
me. But when I would pray I would pray in anger. I was angry that God had
not given me the "burning of the bosom" as so many others have described in
there testimony. I began to think maybe God doesn't care. Maybe there is no
God. For the past year or two I have constantly had these doubts in my mind.
But when I went to EFY this year I began to think hard on this matter. When
I saw the movie "God's Army" I began to consider if my faith was strong
enouph to serve a mission. In God's Army one of the missionarys leaves
because he reads a book called "The Truth About Mormons" which is a real
book. I wanted answers. I looked just about everywhere for them. The Book of
Mormon, The Holy Bible, Anti-mormon literature and even anti-anti-mormon
literature. I'm sure you all have heard of having faith like a child. When
Jesus was on the earth he called the little children to come to him because
their faith was so strong. If only we could keep the faith we have as
children throughout our lives. But for most of us a time will come when we
have fears and doubts. I pray that we will all find that child-like faith we
once had and keep it with us throughout our adult lives. As for logical
deceptions they are many. But a book called "Take Heed That Ye Be Not
Deceived" cleared those fears and doubts out of my mind. The other kind of
deception is that there is no God. This was not a very comforting thought.
For the past two weeks I beleived that too. I became a total atheist. The
past two weeks have been the worst time of my life! Having had the light of
Christ so strongly in life to that point and having it all go away was like
being blind and deaf and losing all emotion. It was the most depressing
feeling in the world. I wasn't very fun to be with. I hated everyone. I
hated God for not answering my prayers. If there ever was a time where
someone could have persuaded me to commit suiside or do something against
the values and standards I have been taught all my life it was then. There
was a point where I became a total Atheist. I had to get rid of this feeling
of hopelessness. So I started reading the scriptures. I started reading the
words of the prophet. I started praying, not in anger, but in pleading. I
found what my problem was. Praying and pondering was not enouph. I had to
have Faith in Christ. I pondered and prayed every day and night. I looked
for answers where ever I could. Finnally one night I prayed, and I felt the
spirit of God in the most undeniable way. I felt it so strongly I felt my
body grow weak and fell opon the earth and wept like I had never wept
before. I knew then that I was a child of God. I knew he loved me and that I
felt so unworthy of his love. I now understand why serving a mission can be
so hard. No one can convert anyone else to Christ. They have to convert
themselves. I am so filled with joy now! I love my God! I have strengthened
my faith by losing it and finding it again. I am ready to light my light
shine and be an influence to the world. I have dedicated my life to Jesus. I
am so greatful for my life and there are not words enouph to thank God for
how much I have been blessed. I pray that all of you will find this peace
and happiness that I have. Don't let the doubts of the world steal the
child-like faith and joy in your life as I did. I pray for all of you. I
love you all more than I can say. Don't let my testimony become your own.
Find out for yourself the truth. Thank You very much.
Love, Stephen

...There it is. My Testimony. I hope you don't mind. I want to quote someone
else who emailed your site. he said:

"Personally, I'm glad to see your page. You will probably be able to deceive
the weak in heart, however, the elect will read what you have to say and it
will inspire them to search to find the truth. On their behalf, let me say
thank you!"

I want to personally thank you for your site. It really strengthened my
faith. I pray you will find the truth for yourself and not settle for the
easy way. Thank you.

If you were to send me hard proof that what you say is true, not some link
to a site created by your drinking buddy Bubba, then I would be willing to
give your statements some thought. Without proof you are just a pathetic
loser trying desperately to gain power in a way which deprives people of
possible enlightenment. Your so-called "objectivity" is based on
unsupported, fallacious statements. Maybe if you had actual reports from
numerous reliable sources you could claim to be objective. Instead, all you
are doing is creating slander in an arena where you do not belong. No one is
challenging your beliefs, I respect that you are anti-mormon. However, in
return, I would expect you to respect other people, including myself, in
their beliefs. I think it is wrong for you to be creating lies about the
Mormon religion, especially when you *know* you know you can not validate
your claims.
I know that you will probably read over this email and think , "she has been
seduced by the 'dark-side,'" or something quite similar to appease your
conscience. Don't worry, you aren't a terrible person just because you make
up false statements and spread lies. That doesn't make you wrong in any way,
your cause is just. You are just trying to help people. Maybe you should
reevaluate your position because if you find you have to make up "facts" to
support your beliefs, then they are probably not true. I don't know, just
some food for thought.

This is in all caps


Letter removed by author. He no longer believes in Mormonism. June 2007

Another 18 year old

well I guess I should begin from the begging..............I don't know who you all are but if you think you are victim's of Mormonism then all I have to say you brought it on yourselves. I am a Mormon and I don't think it is right to go out there and preach false doctrine......just because you guys had a rough time in your own personal life and the church didnt bend over backwards for guys didnt last in the church because you didnt want to. you didnt like the rules of the church or something, so you all got it into your head that was bad or false. Well I guess it don't mater what you guys lie about on this thing but hey if you want to believe that this is a false church even after you admitted to it being to true then you are the ones going to reap what you sow..I don't care if you add my story or not it is just sickening to look through and read some of those lies. but as many stories as you have there more than that convert to our church in a day so lucky for us we don't have to worry about the few that turn there backs on us!!!!!!

oh by the way I don't care if you email me back I would love to hear what you have to say and what you just read came from an 18 year old , who is true to the church

I find many of the "facts" stated (on the website
about the truth behind the Mormon church quite amusing. I wonder how many of
them you have ever actually researched, from un-biased (either pro- or
-anti-Mormon) sources. For that matter, if so many of your claims are true,
then why have so few of the Mormons themselves even heard most these beliefs
that you ascribe to them? I think you might be surprised what you find out
when you actually go to the source of it all, the Book of Mormon, and
cross-check your claims against the "keystone" of the LDS religion.
As I said before, quite amusing, but also saddeing. You people really
must have very meaningless lives, to spend so much valuable time trying to
frighten people away from something so harmless, instead of trying to
discover for yourself what IS true. Pehaps Mormonism is true, perhaps it is
not. I would think the same goes for all religions, yet you target Mormonism
with such antagonism -- to what end? I really am puzzled why you feel it is
so important to break down the faith of others as opposed to discovering your
own great truth. The Mormons believe they have found theirs, why not let them
enjoy it, even if they are wrong. Why not find your own? What harm can come
from letting them believe as they choose? This has always puzzled me about
ex- and anti-Mormons. I would appreciate if you could speak with your
associates and add a page to your website explaining why you do what it is
you do. Thank you for your time. May you find your own truth.

It's sad to see that people put so much effort towards trying to lead people
astray from the one true church. All of your ex-mormons need to get over what
ever little problem they had with church officials, or whatever other selfish
problem they had with the church, and follow their hearts back to the one and
only true church.

I find it absolutely fascinating that there is such an extensive attempt to
dispel the doctrine and in fact the existence of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints, as your organization purports. It's really quite an
honor to have so many dedicated souls attempting the impossible. (how many is
it by the way?) It must be quite frustrating when you look at your feeble
attempts in light of the exponential growth of Christ's true Church restored
on earth again! At last count the LDS Church is nearing 11 million members.
Of that group I'd like to know how many folks you have 'gotten right with
God' in your endeavor. How much money do you expend annually in such an

I am blessed and fortunate to be a member of the LDS faith. You could say I'm
a 'card holding Mormon'! And proud of it! I'm grateful for the truths of the
gospel as taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It
really is true guys! You can do and say all you want to but there's
absolutely nothing you can do to change that. It's sort of like your kicking
against the pricks as the Savior told Paul in Acts 9:5. There is even some
truth in your organization -- just not very much of it -- and the vitriolic
froth you get yourselves worked up in is very demeaning don't you think?
Well, keep the faith, work hard and expend all that good money. I'm sure your
printers and web servers are grateful for your business. I'm all for free
agency but you're sure misdirected. Too bad, but good luck anyway.

Curt M..
Mesa Arizona


hi, I found your site through some friends of mine. I am LDS, and have
been m entire life. I will say that you are allowed to your opinion, and to
share it, but I have a few things i would like to say.
I am 17 years old. I have lived my life both ways, following the teachings
of the church, and not at all. I have made mistakes in my life changing my
views on everything forever. Knowing both sides, faithfull, and not
faithful, I can honestly say that living my life righteously has given me
more happiness than anyone my age ever has. I have had trouble, been in
trouble, but with the lords help, i am a faithful member, and happier than
I wonder what you were thinking when you made your site. If you were a
true member of the church, you would never have doubted and turned against
it, or you just plain couldn't handle the fact that people talk about
mormons badly and ridicule them, so you conformed and turned.
I'm not bashing you and saying that you are a bad person and should die, I
am just saying that I don't understand why you would want to ruin, confuse,
and change peoples lives. people are entitled to their opinion, yet there is
such a thing as going too far.
where have you gotten your info, that you call facts? these "facts" have
been contorted and twisted to serve your purpose of mormon ridicule.
No, I don%27t live in Utah, we don't have a trampoline, or a van. these
things are taken and used to stereotype mormons, and you are doing the same
what possessed you to make this site about mormons, and not catholics, or
jewish people, or methodists?
Trials make you stronger, and your site is a trial. You have only
confirmed my faith, that I am glad for what I have, and the happiness the
Church of Jesus Christ gives me. I don't have much else to say, except that
I have a testimony of this church, I love the lord, this gospel, and all
that it has helped me get through. Without this wonderful church, my life
would be so different, or i wouldn't even be alive, and I know that for a
Thank you,
Darci Kim W


Recovery from Mormonism