Subject: At what point do you ditch the garments?
Date: Jun 13 18:25
Author: Anon
Mail Address:

I've had it. I don't believe in this crap anymore. I feel like a fool for having believed this bs all the years I have and that I have never questioned anything coming from the church in my life before.

My wife is on my side. We are ready to let it all go, but the problem we have is when and how to ditch it all. Up to this point, we have made excuses for not going to church on Sundays. we are in the middle of Utah and we are not sure how to go about it, as we're scared stiff. I told my wife that it will all be over when we stop wearing our garments for good. I have tried to go without them and keep finding reasons not to wear them but it is just too weird and all I keep thinking is that I need to let go of the church control. I stopped by the store the other day on the way home and bought boxer briefs in different colors exept white! I feel ready to do this and told my wife we're going shopping for some decent underwear for her this weekend--That'll be my father's day present! :), but we feel like teenagers who should not be doing this and it is sickening.

Is there hope for us? At what point did you ditch your g's?

Subject: The garments were the first thing I ditched...
Date: Jun 13 18:32
Author: Booger King
Mail Address:

Well, I ditched regular church attendance first when I was developing serious doubts. But as soon as I realized that Mormonism was a fraud, the garments were the very first thing to go. Hey, if Mormons were to ask me what kind of underwear I had on, I would say they were out of line. I stopped wearing garments long before I had my first cup of coffee. I have to admit that after all the years of conditioning I was a little nervous at first that an anvil would fall on my head or some other accident would befall me because I didn't have my magically protective Mormon underwear on. I knew it was irrational, but it takes a while to overcome the subconscious effects of being raised a Mormon.

Subject: Re: At what point do you ditch the garments?
Date: Jun 13 18:33
Author: Helper
Mail Address:

Wow I thought my wife and I were the only ones that had a problem with this when we left the church.
We did the same thing, left together. My wife had no troubles ditching the g's. I, for some mind control reason did. It was wierd. I ditched the bottoms and went to boxers after about 4 months of leaving. Then, for some really stupid reason which i have no answer, I wore the tops for another 3-4 months. Finally my wife said ENOUGH! and bought some regular tee shirts. That was three years ago and to this day I were tee shirts under my shirts. I guess the 20 years of wearing garies was a habit.
My advise! Just do it!! Starting this weekend. Besides, ifyou wife is like mine she will look a lot sexier without them!!

Subject: Now! You're ready!
Date: Jun 13 18:37
Author: hello kitty
Mail Address:

A couple of months ago I had my "I've had it" moment. Suddenly it was clear and obvious to me that my longtime suspicions were right -- that the church was not true. I took off the garments that night and never put them back on. I put all of them in a pile on the floor, and about 3 weeks later put them into a trash bag and threw it away. I don't miss them, and it basically feels like I never wore them at all, except when I'm reminded of them here on the BB. I don't live in Utah. But I've since worn sleeveless shirts around TBM friends without any problems. I'm looking forward to doing so with TBM family later this summer.

Subject: Sunday before last
Date: Jun 13 18:39
Author: mravel
Mail Address:

I went to Target and bought some regular underwear. Except that it looks kind of like G's -- lol. Unlike you, Anon, I bought all white -- boxers, boxer briefs (the ones with half-legs) and regular briefs, along with some white t-shirts. It was partly a matter of necessity since my old G's were beyond worn out -- holes and tears everywhere in the bottoms -- it was pathetic. I just needed new underwear, and I had no inclination to go buy the Beehive Clothing Magic Masonic underwear. I bought the underwear on Sunday, which made the experience all the more a repudiation of the morg.

Problem is, my wife's not buying it -- that Mormonism is a fraud, that is. She's still mostly a believer who wears her Gs most of the time (thankfully not ALL of the time ;-) ) and goes to church every Sunday. So I must confess that the white undies I bought were partly a cop-out to the morg so as not to shock my wife too much and so they wouldn't stand out so much if they showed to the morgbots I'm surrounded by.

On Memorial Day weekend I spent the whole weekend without morg underwear and shorts. That was liberating! I'm gonna do that a lot more.

Subject: About a year ago...
Date: Jun 13 18:49
Author: going, going, gone
Mail Address:

I started going inactive/apostate about two years ago. Although I didn't believe anymore, I wore the damn things. I bought boxers right before vacation last June and over the next week I weaned myself off garmies.

I waited until TBM wife was at church one day and chucked them out. I gave no thought to removing the stupid symbols like I used to during TBM days. Hell, I should have saved them to wax the car on Sunday since our driveway is easily seen from the relief society room.

It's so much nicer now. Those things were so damn uncomfortable. I remember wearing them on summer vacation in Florida a few years ago. They were so uncomfortable.

Subject: I stopped wearing them several months ago
Date: Jun 13 18:56
Author: daily
Mail Address:

Hubby never commented on that (he's on his way out too). Soon-to-be-released mishie son will notice, I'm sure. I had lunch the other day with a TBM friend (former bish's wife) and wore shorts that were almost knee-length, but not quite and she never said a word. She knows, mostly, how and what I feel. I have to admit, tho, that just last week I put the garmmies in a bag and tossed it into the trash - no cutting and burning of symbols! It feels so good to dress like a normal woman again!

Subject: Hated garments from Day One
Date: Jun 13 20:01
Author: Kim
Mail Address:

My first trip to the temple was in the hot summer and I thought I would die wearing the damn things. There were only one-piece garments then. I wore them on my mission and bought some of those nylon mesh ones that were two-piece. Although I didn't suffer the heat as much in them, they rubbed against the tops of my legs and pulled the hairs on the front of my legs out, which was very uncomfortable too. I guess I wasn't into suffering enough to be a good mormon. I wore the bottoms rolled up for a short time to alleviate the hair torture but that wasn't very comfortable either.

I did wear the garments only on sundays for a few months while I still attended church, but I soon stopped that farce. I was only attending to be the Sacrament Meeting organist, which I still enjoyed. (My bishop and I had an unspoken agreement to not "push" any more onto me because he didn't want to lose me as the organist. The elder's quorum pres. was quite shocked when he told me I was "called" to be a home-teacher and I said NO....the bishop then told the elder's quorum president to lay off, probably with no explanation.) Eventually I stopped caring if anyone would "know" I wasn't wearing my garments. I knew they would talk behind my back anyway and I'm sure they did. We all know the nature of mormons and talking behind backs. I think you just have to be able to not care.

I still have my old garments though. You never know when they'll come in handy for a halloween costume. Now THERE's an interesting phenomenon...wearing and making fun of temple garments on Halloween. People REALLY get upset! Most interesting though is that others who no longer have any belief in all the mormon stuff even get very upset! I gave a couple old pair of garments too to an excommunicated friend to use in an anti-mormon art exhibit. I'll probably be condemned to Hell for that, but I've probably done worse things...besides it's gotta be tough for struggling excommunicated mormon artists to acquire temple garments! My only condition to him was to not tell anyone to whom those garments belonged. The yellow armpit stains were embarassing.

Subject: OMG
Date: Jun 13 20:25
Author: gemini
Mail Address:

This is just too close to son leaves on his mission in 3 weeks. As I write this, he is in the temple for the first time.

I feel a great knot in my stomach and tears just below the surface in grief that he is now giving up his freedom to wear his tank tops, his shorts, sleeping without a top and everything else that garments constrict. I feel like a grieving parent for all he is entering into, but mostly the clamp down he is now entering.

In an hour I am meeting them all (the TBMs) to go out to dinner to will be so hard to listen to them go on and on about all this.

Ditch the garments right now....they mean nothing, those so called temple oaths mean is all just stupid and silly. Don't be afraid of one is going to smite you and the freedom you will feel is indescribable.

Subject: The ability of Church to control is frightening.
Date: Jun 13 22:48
Author: Mortimer
Mail Address:

You're buying underwear, you're not committing a crime. Yet, I remember 3 years ago when my wife brought home a pile of boxers for me. It was not without a bit of shame and even fear that I threw my graments away. I didn't even cut out and burn the marks! Man, looking back I can't believe how superstitious I was about my underwear!

Garments are about control. As the covenant goes, "to serve as a constant reminder". I cannot believe I let another grown man ask my wife and I what kind of underwear we were wearing and volunteer the information with a cheery smile. What was even more sick is that I believed in a tyrannical God that cared about what kind of underwear I was wearing.

Garments are very much a social marker in Utah, a Scarlet Letter for those who are not part of the elite clan. It takes a lot of courage to wear normal underwear. I believe it is a tremendous step in the recovery process. As a couple, you should wear those boxers and panties with pride.

Subject: Re: At what point do you ditch the garments?
Date: Jun 13 23:21
Author: Stray Mutt
Mail Address:

Sounds like you're concerned that others - even
strangers - will notice the lack of that distinctive outline
and treat you badly. Yeah, it could happen. Maybe you
should take some time to really look around to see how
many other garment-free people there are in your
central Utah town. I'm guessing there are more than
your think and they're living just fine. But I know it's hard
to keep from thinking everyone else is checking you out.
If you can't bring yourself to make the big leap within the
next few months, you could wait until cooler weather
when layers of clothing hide the lack of tell-tale lines.
Then, by the time it warms up again, you will have
adjusted to regular underwear and not give it a second

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