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I finally get it! I really do. 32 wendell01/21/2011 10:23AM
Narcicistic Personality Disorder.... 46 SILKROSE (NOT LOGGED IN001/24/2011 11:53PM
Truth or Dare. 33 665 N' 1/201/24/2011 07:18PM
Why should not I be able to just ..... Lucky01/25/2011 12:45AM
I went to church yesterday SayHi2Kolob4Me01/25/2011 01:11AM
Do People Who are Nevermo's really CARE about LD$? 31 BananaPancakes01/24/2011 01:37PM
the b.o.m.b. 22 carthagegrey01/01/2011 01:25PM
I've heard that people here beat up TBMs here. 35 wardbecks01/24/2011 08:18PM
"Mountain of the Lord" Movie; Hoodwinked again! (Language) Major Bidamon01/24/2011 11:22PM
Video on ebay about Joseph Smith the Bible and Mormonism Don't know01/24/2011 11:15PM
Exmormons are against book-burning gatherings; we are intellectuals! 665 N' 1/201/24/2011 10:48PM
Something is curiously missing from the "Word of Wisdom"--Exercise! (Jack LaLanne, 96, just passed away.) 23 Fetal Deity01/23/2011 11:30PM
Who here exists through polygamy from ancestors? 50 experienceheals01/23/2011 11:00PM
My math must be off.... 25 omen01/24/2011 02:44PM
Contest....NO prize unless you count self esteem..... 16 get her done01/24/2011 10:21AM
Membership in the Corporation jan01/24/2011 12:06PM
Do you think the internet will destroy the morg???? (n/t) get her done01/24/2011 08:19PM
Could someone post any birth-control related church quotes? AngelCowgirl01/24/2011 06:20PM
Anger is nothing but an emotion. It doesn't work as an accusation. 33 Cheryl01/24/2011 03:24PM
Monson @ April 2011 Gen-Con Prediction..."Due 2 RFM's Clout U Know & I Know It's All A Sham...I've Ordered LDS Inc Accountants 2 Immediately Divest & Disburse The Morg's Wealth... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/24/2011 06:31PM
ExMormon Pagans/Heathens? 23 vasalissasdoll01/24/2011 04:02PM
Child-free by choice donesn't sit well with most of Morgdumb = we're selfish. But spouse + i think the epitome of selfishness is found in 22 anon-forever&ever; amen&amen01/22/2011 07:00PM
GLA, is there a Reader's Digest condensed version of your story? wine country girl01/24/2011 06:20PM
Only the church can bring pure joy. 27 Finance Clerk01/23/2011 09:43PM
Book of Mormon the Musical SweetZ01/24/2011 08:08AM
Almost $80,000 to avoid the law of man and God. 18 londonuk01/21/2011 07:40AM
Come fish off of Nephi's boat! 12 Stillanon01/23/2011 10:46PM
I Guaran-Dang-Tee U That LDS Inc Still Counts EVERY PERSON From 1830-Present (Including U) That Was Ever On Their Membership Rolls 2 Get This Inflated 14-M Figure... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/24/2011 05:33PM
LDS is growing and a major religion per desnews 30 wellsville01/24/2011 06:27AM
Another OT attempt to get attention and sympathy... 24 lostinutah01/24/2011 11:09AM
Participate in a legit survey about sex post-religion Stray Mutt01/24/2011 06:03PM
What does OT mean? wondering01/24/2011 07:44PM
Just deleted EVERY mormon on facebook. 19 Oh HAAAY GIRL!01/24/2011 01:48PM
Deseret News Building now completely empty 10 bender01/24/2011 03:00PM
A very important video 10 Stray Mutt01/24/2011 10:16AM
Someone asked me: If you don't believe in the claims of the LDS Church, what do you believe in? 31 SusieQ#101/23/2011 06:17PM
OT - Question for the Texans on this board 38 CA girl01/23/2011 07:55PM
I came across Jeff Lindsay's page for the first time 14 Boilermaker01/24/2011 05:35PM
Saviorjoe had the greatest idea I've heard in a long time. 12 Raptor Jesus01/24/2011 05:40PM
What are the differences in relational abuse from LDS parent to child? 665 N' 1/201/24/2011 05:56PM
Spiritual Promptings and Blessings blacklisted01/24/2011 05:13PM
The temple president in L.A. told me the 5 points of fellowship.... get her done01/23/2011 08:41PM
I'm losing my nerve caitieq01/24/2011 02:31AM
Dose any one know what is going on with the Provo Tabernacle. rgrraymond01/24/2011 04:36PM
As I understood personal revelation Pil-Latté01/24/2011 11:45AM
When does a Prophet speaks as a man? Brigham's own words.. Nina01/23/2011 11:41AM
I need some advice from the more seasoned veterans of 29 brandy01/21/2011 04:30PM
Sort of OT. Something that doesn't get talked about much in the mormon realm (STD related) student01/24/2011 01:07PM
Can you think of any songs that remind you of mormonism?? (n/t) 16 get her done01/23/2011 08:50PM
You guys will all be happy to know and should be rejoicing.... 11 ultratbmmegalord01/24/2011 02:01PM
One of the blessings of exmormonism (ever so slightly adult) bender01/24/2011 03:30PM
Why people find Mormonism fascinating and keep going back (swear word) experienceheals01/24/2011 03:28PM
Completely OT: fun 80's flashback ;) intellectualfeminist01/24/2011 02:41PM
LDS Front Page News in Indy 12 winnip01/24/2011 10:04AM
No more porn at new Marriott hotels. just a thought01/24/2011 01:30PM