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I need to confess something 17 GayLayAle01/19/2011 12:27PM
Since our resident TBM HAS decided to hijack all my threads... 20 GayLayAle01/19/2011 12:44PM
One other thing (and I'm not trying to stir the pot here) GayLayAle01/19/2011 12:53PM
For Cl2 ExMormonRon01/19/2011 11:53AM
OT Question for those of you who like dream interpretations. 33 Rebeckah01/19/2011 01:23AM
Took Picture Of FLDS Girl Wearing 5 Inch Stiletto Shoe GadiantonRobber01/19/2011 12:19PM
HUGE epiphany today 20 lily01/19/2011 12:45AM
The "sealing power" amos01/15/2011 03:16PM
If you can stay awake through this First Vision link Thread Killer01/19/2011 11:59AM
Hopefully this is still allowed here. Facebook shoutout :) 37 GayLayAle01/18/2011 08:27PM
I'm Curious. Time Spent on RFM and Similar Sites?? 16 openeyes01/19/2011 03:57AM
And I thought that only exmos here had an obssession with Mormon housewife blogs GenY01/19/2011 12:18AM
for non-polygamous multiple-divorced hetero exmo men only ziller01/19/2011 11:20AM
To "just believe" or not to "just believe", that is the question. Utahnomo01/19/2011 11:22AM
The Wholely Ghost Quit Striving with me 37 edmarc01/19/2011 09:18AM
The anti-placebo effect Stray Mutt01/19/2011 10:44AM
My friend from HS wants me to call her 21 gemini01/18/2011 07:47PM
Hooray for Board Unity! (n/t) 33 Raptor Jesus01/18/2011 06:19PM
Imagining is how I'll get by. anon12301/18/2011 11:46PM
According to The New York Times, new document shows the Vatican discouraged mandatory reporting of abuse. robertb01/19/2011 02:07AM
Facts On The Book Of Mormon Witnesses {LINK} Aussie lurker01/19/2011 09:53AM
What are your thoughts on prayer and meditation? 29 SusieQ#101/17/2011 05:15PM
Being Interviewed Tomorrow 10 Lori Crandall01/17/2011 10:29PM
What am I doing? 30 gilgamesh01/17/2011 08:11PM
You can still be gay and be a member of the church. 30 Rubicon01/18/2011 04:58AM
The Traditional Values of Sex Offenders and Their Victims: What the Research Shows 17 robertb01/18/2011 03:28PM
Honest answers only please (continued) 30 edmarc01/18/2011 01:32PM
OT, but, anyone in MA want tickets to the AG swearing-in? puck01/19/2011 01:17AM
Hollywood Unholiness: Edgy Host of "Golden Globes" Publicly Thanks God He's An Atheist--and All Hell Breaks Loose . . . 32 steve benson01/18/2011 03:47AM
Is it wrong to "play with your little factory" if you are married? (possible adult content) 33 anon this time ;)01/18/2011 09:41PM
What's in it for the apostles? 29 gilgamesh01/18/2011 03:49PM
How has your journey away from the church heightened your sexuality? 20 Rowell back01/18/2011 04:49PM
Family Home Evening 22 edmarc01/18/2011 06:46PM
It's OK! Jesus died for you AND YOUR DOG Freevolved01/18/2011 09:32PM
GayLayAle mentioned Moniker. Has anyone heard from her lately? (n/t) Queen of Denial01/18/2011 09:36PM
The Solitary Journey 10 SLDrone01/18/2011 03:15PM
I didn't know this tid bit Pil-Latté01/18/2011 05:12PM
Best Christmas decorations ever! (link) MJ01/18/2011 01:37PM
Speaking of missing persons... 14 GayLayAle01/18/2011 09:39PM
Cleaning/Church Kitchens Mormon Observer01/18/2011 11:02AM
Spencer W. Kimball - Miracle of Forgiveness 20 edmarc01/18/2011 05:56PM
I saw missionaries buying groceries today--all they bought a lot of cereal and milk. 24 robertb01/17/2011 10:01PM
child molestation 33 unforgivable01/18/2011 02:30PM
So in all seriousness, does anyone have an extra copy of No Man Knows My History? GayLayAle01/18/2011 09:33PM
HEY edmarc . . . I did ask Boyd K. Packer 38 cl201/18/2011 05:13PM
Why does everyone THINK you left the church? 32 shannon01/18/2011 08:52AM
Here are some fun lyrics that have been swimming through my head today for (probably) obvious reasons. Raptor Jesus01/18/2011 08:57PM
I'm Free!! angsty01/18/2011 07:38PM
Wow, I'm hijacking the board today, but I have another on-topic question 30 GayLayAle01/18/2011 05:32PM
OT - lost my best bud 20 Heathen01/18/2011 07:46PM
The irony of church callings and forever families... kdog01/18/2011 07:26PM
I think there's going to be a problem in my nevermo family augiedogie01/17/2011 09:18PM
I don't think the interiors were the UT capitol. (n/t) mav01/18/2011 07:18PM
A word to the wise... Queen of Denial01/18/2011 07:30PM
While I know it won't be read by the "Powers that Be", for better or worse, here is my resignation letter. (very long) 21 GayLayAle01/17/2011 03:21PM